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MISFIRE: The Burning of Captured Jordanian Pilot, Staged Propaganda & Coalition Airstrikes

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

We’ve been told that Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh has been burned alive by members of ISIS. However, upon closer review, the latest heavily produced ISIS ‘death scene’ is once again tailor-made for Western audiences – revealing a carefully engineered narrative in its wake…

The apparent burning of captured Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh should be treated with suspicion, as his death has all the signs of being a choreographed event. Along with other high-profile ISIS killings, the ‘fiery death’ of Kasasbeh, appeared to depict a very stylized affair, one with multiple camera angles, modern Hollywood-like editing, all packaged in a gripping social media campaign, complete with ISIS members being clothed in pristine military-issued outfits, holding weapons that look as though they’re props and have never been fired.

As this report progresses we’ll discuss some of the most telling aspects surrounding the newly emerged ISIS firebrand…

IMAGE – ‘Captured’ –  Moaz al-Kasasbeh after his alleged plane crash, is said to have been nabbed by ISIS militants. Notice that Kasasbeh appears to be in good condition healthwise, walking away from a crash site, as ISIS members gather in clean wardrobe outfits for another staged photo-op. Have authorities been able to identify those actors who are unmasked in this photograph? ( Photo link ibtimes.co.uk)

Falling into the hands of ISIS

While on an airstrike mission on December 24th, Moaz al-Kasasbeh apparently crashed his plane in the city of Raqqa, Syria, after conflicting reports as to how his plane was downed according to Jordanian officials.

The Jordanian pilot is said to have met his end due to a failed swap of Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi, who was convicted in the suicide bombings at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Radisson SAS Hotel and the Days Inn in Amman, Jordan in 2005. The attacks claimed 60 lives, injuring over a hundred at all three locations. During the time, CNN stated many expressed doubt over al-Rishawi’s involvement in the suicide bombing plot in a report from November of 2005. The apparent jihadist al-Rishawi, along with one other were promptly executed by the Jordanian government in retaliation for the burned pilot.

Jordanian pilot Kasasbeh was held captive by ISIS militants before being allegedly burned alive on January 3rd. Then, exactly one month later the news of Kasasbeh’s ‘death by fire’ was released through social media channels. Kasasbeh’s tale is a harrowing one for sure – but a story which could very easily be used to disguise the culpability of the US government in the rise of masked Sunni extremists and in particular, the clandestine training facilities said to be located in both Turkey and Jordan that have ties to ISIS.

Here are still images depicting Moaz al-Kasasbeh’s much propagandized and overly produced burning video…

IMAGE: ‘Death Awaits’ Jordanian pilot Kasasbeh stands in front of members ISIS, in what appears to be a staged scene. Notice the shadowing of the picture plane from front to back. Does this indicate post production? (counterjihadnews.com)

IMAGE: ‘Caged Pilot’ – Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh allegedly held in captivity by ISIS, before supposedly being engulfed in flames. SITE intelligence gives this latest ISIS ‘terror act’ their seal of authenticity. (Photo link india.com.)

IMAGE: ‘New Angle, Same Story’ – Here’s a different camera angle of the Jordanian pilot supposedly being burned alive. Notice the Site Intelligence Group logo in the upper right portion of this still image – always there to distribute new terror messages. (Photo link nydailynews.com)

IMAGE: ‘Trick of the Eye’ – Kasasbeh appears to accept his horrific fate – was he really burned alive? (Photo link buzzpo.com)

IMAGE: ‘Another Angle’ – The fire seems to surround Kasasbeh in this image. Notice the staged ISIS militants in the background. ( Photo link foxnews.com)

Beheadings, Burnings & Extortion

There was a very real shift pull public perception over countries dealing with the new ISIS firebrand. 

Once again the timing and predictable reaction regarding the seemingly inconclusive fire based video appears to fall in line with other botched beheading’s by ISIS – continuing the designer terror threat for a larger Western agenda.

According to reports, a 22-minute video depicted Kasasbeh walking at gunpoint into cage, at which point was set on fire once inside the cage via powdered explosive. As with nearly all ISIS videos, this latest video was pulled from social media platforms in under 24 hours, just long enough for a specific message to sink in, so as to avoid scrutiny over the highly produced video. Jihadi John, the masked militant seen in six propaganda videos before, was noticeably absent from this latest video production with Jordanian pilot Kasasbeh.

The video was a flashy quick edit MTV-style production titled “Healing of the Believers’ Chests,” which was said to have been released through social media on February 3rd. However, Jordanian officials revealed that Kasasbeh was killed on January 3rdsomething which will prove to be a bit of a quandary for US authorities, Jordan and SITE, as they try to explain how this was already known for one month.

US media outlets quickly sprung into action, glossing over the broken timeline as a mere ‘insignificant detail’.

Another question to consider: Why would ISIS militants wait to disclose the death of Jordanian pilot Kasasbeh for a whole month, as they regularly dispense their propaganda at will – with little regard to apparent victims or Western nations?

Back in September, many independent experts examined the alleged brutal beheading’s of both James Foley and Steven Sotloff which were believed to have shown elements of camera trickery and post-production.

It’s worth taking another look at an unnamed forensic company’s analysis, with regards to Foley’s apparent beheading in early September:

In a news release from the UK’s Telegraph, writer Bill Gardner, remarked on the peculiar Islamic State video that allegedly featured Foley’s death:

Forensic analysis of the footage of the journalist’s death has suggested that the British jihadist in the film may have been the frontman rather than the killer.

The clip, which apparently depicts Mr Foley’s brutal beheading, has been widely seen as a propaganda coup for Islamic State miltant group.

But a study of the four-minute 40-second clip, carried out by an international forensic science company which has worked for police forces across Britain, suggested camera trickery and slick post-production techniques appear to have been used.”

After enhancements, the knife can be seen to be drawn across the upper neck at least six times, with no blood evidence to the point the picture fades to black.”

Example of probable green screen set-up used for the first six ISIS videos (Source: Conspiracy Club)

The recent beheading’s of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto and fellow captive Haruna Yukawa, displayed much of the same diabolical media trickery we saw in most other ISIS executions. The stark difference appears to be that the scene looked to be shot on location similar to the apparent burning of Kasasbeh, without the assistance of a sound stage or green screens which were used in previous beheading videos. However, the whole episode turned into a complete media farce with an egregious extortion plot, when ISIS pirates demanded $200 million dollars for the two Japanese men.

In a report from Fox News
 in part compiled by ‘correspondent’ Catherine Herridge, who acts as a govt media agent, as she regularly dispenses information from the Pentagon, Western foreign policy objectives are made clearer in the wake of recent ISIS related events:


CIA and counter-terrorism analysts noted the tape follows a pattern familiar in ISIS clips. It features news clips of the Jordanian king with sound of coalition strikes and ground operations. Sources told Fox News it demonstrated the highest production values of any tape to date, suggesting it took considerable time to shoot and produce.”

“Release of the video follows days of intense protests by Jordanians outside King Abdullah’s palace over the government’s refusal to agree on a prisoner swap with the terror group. Many Jordanians as well as the pilot’s family are faulting Amman – not ISIS – for allowing their country to be drawn into a “war” they claim is one between the Islamic State and the U.S. and its allies. Demonstrators outside the gates of the royal palace have cried out, “Abdullah, why are we fighting?” while other Jordanian protesters have taken to social media, creating an Arabic hashtag on Twitter that reads #NotOurWar.”

“The horrific footage surfaced just a day after top Islamic State leaders warned against social media disclosures of the terror army’s activities that were not sanctioned by ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi or the group’s spokesman, Mohammad al-Adnani. It also came just hours after Secretary of State John Kerry met with King Abdullah and Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh in Washington.”

The report may have unintentionally disclosed that many Jordanian’s are not in support of the West’s fraudulent war-theater in Iraq and Syria, and that some of these new ISIS events may not be sanctioned by their own proclaimed terror leaders.

This then begs the question: who is releasing material on behalf of the group, if it is not sanctioned by ISIS leadership?

There are so many unanswered forensic questions surrounding the ISIS executions, and even a basic assessment of an alleged death has yet to be proven forensically.    

IMAGE: Japanese journalist Kenji Goto holding a picture of caged Jordanian pilot Kasasbeh. The photograph Goto is holding looks to be a still image from the 22 minute video just released – putting the timeline of events into question. In addition, this image has been clearly photoshopped using digital software, and the pilot’s face has likely been dropped in to the frame. Is any of it real? ( Photo link cloudfront.net)

Training Terror in Secret

In March of 2013, Germany’s Der Spiegel, along with Britain’s Guardian outlet, revealed that the “US had been training Syrian anti-government fighters in Jordan,” while receiving additional support from other Western allies, including their valued partners within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). In addition to the typical Western cohorts getting in on the act, it was revealed that Jordan was also culpable, as Jordanian intelligence services were said to be involved in the program, aimed to build, “a dozen units totaling some 10,000 fighters,” within the FSA facility in Jordan.

The Spiegel report also stated that the US Defense Department declined to comment, along with the French foreign ministry and Britain’s foreign and defense ministries.

In 2012, at the height of the ‘chemical weapons’ allegations swiriling in Syria, a chain of events was revealed that exposed the connection between FSA rebels, ISIS and the Turkish guided rebel paramilitary group Front Victory.

Front Victory had experience using chlorine as a chemical weapon and many of the groups founders came out of ISIS – who were first installed in Syria in 2011. As we’ve covered before here at 21WIRE, human rights investigator Nizar Nayouf via SyriaTruth.org, revealed that Jordanian intelligence services had a much greater role in the in the growth of the ISIS.

The following was translated from Arabic to English:

“Jordanian intelligence proceeded to facilitate the smuggling of chlorine gas from Jordan to the organization known as “Islamic State of Iraq”, the first to use chlorine gas technology (with the help of Jordanian Intelligence and Saudi Arabia) as a “chemical weapon” – a taboo issue in the media in the context of covering genocide”

“Given the fact that the “first generation” and “second generation” of the founders and staff of “Front Victory” hailed originally out of the “Islamic State of Iraq” organisation, they were the only ones among the insurgent Syrians who are schooled in this technique. In addition, the organization “Islamic State of Iraq” deliberately to be the first installments of his gunmen who were sent to Syria as of fall 2011.”

IMAGE: ‘Propaganda Pusher’ – Terrorism analyst Rita Katz founded the Bethesda, Maryland based for-profit SITE Intelligence Group. (Photo link hpub.org)

SITE Arrives Again

In 2002, Rita Katz and Josh Devon founded Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) Institute, which eventually developed into its current incarnation, as a propaganda outlet for high-profile terror groups.

The terror monitoring group SITE, is something we’ve discussed ad nauseam here at 21WIRE, as the intelligence group is directly  linked to both the CIA and Israeli intelligenceIn 2006, SITE discussed how they procure various terror plots and terror videos by joining jihadist message boards, as reported in a New Yorker article entitled, “Private Jihad: How Rita Katz got into the spying business”:

Katz has a testy relationship with the government, sometimes acting as a consultant and sometimes as an antagonist. About a year ago, a SITE staffer, under an alias, managed to join an exclusive jihadist message board that, among other things, served as a debarkation point for many would-be suicide bombers. For months, the staffer pretended to be one of the jihadis, joining in chats and watching as other members posted the chilling messages known as “wills,” the final sign-offs before martyrdom. The staffer also passed along technical advice on how to keep the message board going.

“Eventually, he won the confidence of the site’s Webmasters, who were impressed with his computer skills, and he gained access to the true e-mail addresses of the members and other information about them. After monitoring the site for several more days, the staffer told Katz that one of the site’s members, a young Muslim man in a European country, had just posted a will. “It was obvious that he was planning to become a martyr very soon,” Katz said.”

“Katz called officials in Washington, and was met with institutional resistance: “They said, ‘Oh, Rita, I’m not sure you should even be communicating with them—you might be providing material support!’”

How does SITE avoid any potential charges related to their organization, given that they’ve admitted to providing advice to those plotting potential attacks?

Perhaps there is a better explanation.

Here’s another look at a CNN interview with SITE founder and Israeli operative, Rita Katz, who admits, “we had that video beforehand and were able to beat them with the release”. Notice how the intelligence group founder Katz, conveniently and calmly discusses acquiring the ISIS videos by claiming that the terror group needs a place to disseminate its exploits:

Why would ISIS care to go through the intelligence group, when they could just as easily upload videos to a plethora of other social media platforms on their own?

Additionally, if SITE knows the alleged location where ‘terror videos’ are being uploaded as stated by Katz in the CNN interview above, why wouldn’t the US government be able to track and find those involved in producing such terror?

As we’ve acknowledged before, SITE and it’s ‘sister organization’ at Intel Center, have both been repeatedly accused of (and caught) distributing completely fake al Qaeda videos,

The apparent ISIS ‘executions’ have been used by Western media to sway public opinion, preemptively prepping the public for future western-backed war theater. Site appears to have garnered exclusive ‘publishing rights’ to the video deeds of various terror puppets like al Qaeda, Boko Haram, al Shabaab, and now ISIS.

IMAGE: ‘Death from Above?’ – Kayla Jean Mueller had been working in Turkey and Syria before allegedly being held captive by ISIS. ( Photo link usatoday.com)

Jordan’s retaliation & an American aid worker

After Jordanian authorities quickly moved to execute several purported militants in retaliation, like clockwork an airstrike campaign quickly ensued.

A 26-year-old American aid worker Kayla Jean Mueller of Prescott, Arizona was allegedly taken hostage by ISIS, while working with Médecins Sans Frontières aka ‘Doctors Without Borders’ (MSF) in August of 2013 in Aleppo, Syria – well before Washington and US media began marketing the ‘ISIS’ terror brand. For reasons unknown to the public, her identity was heavily guarded until recently. Oddly, there were no candlelight vigils, not calls for her release, and almost zero media coverage of Kayla’s supposed ‘kidnapping plight’ in either local or national US media until after the Paris Shooting story was pulled out the news cycle in late January 2015.

Coincidentally, Arizona Senator John McCain was in the exact same area where Mueller was allegedly working – at roughly the same time in May 2013, when McCain himself had sneaked into Northern Syria via Turkey, to meet with what he claimed to be ‘rebels’ but who we now know were in fact terrorist fighters and privateers.

Interestingly, MSF was the NGO who had also sneaked into Syria and pre-positioned itself in the exact area of Ghouta, outside of Damascus – just prior to the failed False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack on August 21, 2013 – an event which Washington and London hoped to blame on the Syrian government but was later proven to be the work of John McCain’s own US-backed ‘rebels’.

WSWS confirmed: “The group [MSF] was well aware that their prominent announcement of chemical weapons deaths would be immediately seized upon by the Obama administration to claim that Syrian President Assad had crossed the “red line” and to stoke the drive for war. And it was [2]. At the time, the MSF was admittedly working “under the auspices” of US-backed anti-Assad militias. Several days later, the group back-tracked, issuing another statement to the effect that they couldn’t know the source of the neurotoxin involved in the purported gassings. But the impact of its August 24th statement remained. In fact, the US Center for Strategic & International Studies approvingly noted that the MSF made a “risky, tough call” in issuing an immediate pronouncement, particularly since MSF doctors were not even present at the scene. A month after the fact, the New York Times belatedly mentioned that doctors are often “notoriously wrong” when assessing chemical weapons injuries. [3] Most recently, journalist Seymour Hersh has demonstrated that the US government and President Barack Obama were knowingly lying when they claimed that the Syrian government had carried out the sarin gas attack last August (See: “Seymour Hersh exposes US government lies on Syrian sarin attack”).”In addition, aid worker Mueller, was said to have worked with humanitarian aid groups in Darfur, Sudan, Northern India, Israel and Palestine. Given the fact the that many aid groups have been connected to intelligence operations, we have to consider the possibility that Mueller’s case is connected to western intelligence agency work as well.

According to a recent news release from the LA Times, Mueller was drawn to Aleppo by, “the plight of families fleeing the violence in Syria drew her (Kayla Mueller) to neighboring Turkey in December 2012. She worked with the Aid groups Support to Life and the Danish Refugee Council.”

US authorities have been scrambling to confirm whether or not the young aid worker was killed from airstrikes carried out by the Jordanian Airforce, following the apparent execution of their pilot Kasasbeh.

According to SITE Intelligence Group, ISIS disclosed that the death of Mueller was caused by the Jordanian airstrike campaign via a social media account on Twitter.

According to USA TODAY Jordanian Interior Minister Hussein Majali stated that:

“They tried to cause problems internally in Jordan and haven’t succeeded.” 

Then adding that:

 “They are now trying to drive a wedge between the coalition with this latest low PR stunt.”

According to USA TODAY:

Jordan’s military has a high level of confidence that the hostage was not killed by a Jordanian airstrike, a Jordanian government official told USA TODAY. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the official is not authorized to speak publicly on the issue, did not elaborate on how the military drew that conclusion.

“Mueller’s identity had not been previously released by American officials or her family out of fear for her safety. She is the last known remaining American hostage held by the group.”

The timing of the Jordanian pilot incident and the apparent airstrikes which followed seemed to be choreographed with that of Jordanian King Abdullah’s visit to the White House.

Reuters announced yesterday that Jordan has carried out 3rd day of air strikes, as a US-led coalition has conducted 11 air strikes in Syria and 15 in Iraq over the past 24 hours.

How much longer can those in Washington and SITE continue the ISIS charade before there is a mass public awakening to the decidedly Western propaganda?

Look for several other possible plots against Jordanian pilots and a British journalist said to be captured by ISIS in the coming days and weeks.

More details to come as the ISIS saga continues…

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          • Ash

            That is not wax or plastic and he is not a mannequin. Unlike the beheading videos by ISIS (where the deaths were done off-camera and the scenes on-camera were staged), this video shows the death as it happened, it was not staged. That “wax” is coagulating blood dripping from the nostrils after boiling up and out of the body. Extreme heat causes blood to coagulate, and it looks like wax, if you didn’t already know. And by the way, I have seen plenty of real burning videos of real people on DocumentingReality.com and I can tell if a burning-death is faked or not and I assure you this burning-death is not faked.

          • Eimeara Volodchenko

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