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Dark Secrets of Westminster: Challenging British Elite Paedophile ‘Ring of Silence’

21st Century Wire says…

It is one of the most heinous and nasty crimes imaginable, yet, it’s been sanctioned and protected at the highest levels of the police, judiciary, corporations and in politics. It is also one of the most effective methods used to control politicians and bureaucrats through institutionalised blackmail and coercion. Children are the first casualty in this seedy game, followed by the public – who suffer from dysfunctional political decision-making done under duress.

It’s what we’ve feared all along, only now it’s confirmed. This story ran across all mainstream British press today:

‘BRITISH security services infiltrated and funded the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange in a covert operation to identify and possibly blackmail establishment figures, a Home Office whistleblower alleges.’

We discovered this week how taxpayers’ money was used to fund the notorious paedophile political lobby – embedded in Westminster for years, known as the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), who openly campaigned to legalise sex with children, while many of its members continued to indulge in their dark behaviour behind the political facade they were running. A whistleblower has now claimed that payments were made to PIE – at the request of the Metropolitan Police’s Special Branch, further fuel speculation as to the police’s role within a much wider network.

“It emerged late last year that PIE was twice gave amounts of £35,000 in Home Office funding between 1977 and 1980, the £70,000 total equivalent to over £400,000 in today’s money.”

In addition to this, the UK Home Office has been asked to handover safe guarded information about paedophile rings which may also include some details regarding Westminster political and bureaucratic elites. 

Now, David Cameron ‘child advisor’, Claire Perry, a Government whip, has spoke out regarding the covert old boys (and girls) club in Westminster. Is she genuinely interested in stamping out this generational institutional cancer, or this just another PR pressure-release measure designed to manage public outrage? Time will tell.

From the initiation in elite boys public schools, to organised paedophile rings in and around the corridors of power in Westminster, eventually the establishment’s desire to cover-up and protect paedophile activity in their midst will be overcome by simple awareness…

Prime Minister and the Paedophile: Jimmy Savile was knighted by the Queen, but was also a regular in the Tory Party’s inner circle (pictured here in a loving embrace with Margaret Thatcher). Westminster elites have been running scared every since the extend of Savile’s network became public (Photo source: Telegraph)

Westminster ‘chumocracy’ protected their own over paedophilia, MP says

Peter Dominiczak and Christopher Hope

A Westminster “chumocracy” has “protected their own” and prevented investigations into allegations of paedophilia, David Cameron’s child abuse adviser has said.

Claire Perry (photo,left), a Government whip, said that Westminster still consists of “too many people with the same interests and the same out-of-touch sense of entitlement coming together to protect their own”.

Her comments come after a series of allegations of sex abuse by politicians and other members of paedophile rings.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, this week launched an inquiry into child sex abuse allegations that will examine organisations including churches, the security services, the BBC and political parties.

A separate review will also focus on failures in Westminster to properly investigate allegations of sexual abuse.

There has been widespread public concern about historic sex abuse cases following the revelations about Cyril Smith, the former Liberal MP who has since been exposed as a paedophile.

Celebrities including Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris have also been at the centre of abuse scandals.

Miss Perry, the MP for Devizes, welcomed Mrs May’s decision to launch the inquiries but questioned why it has taken so long to take the allegations seriously.

In comments first reported in The Sun newspaper, she said: “Why has it taken so many years for allegations to be believed and action to be taken?

“Part of the problem can be traced, in my view, to the ‘chumocracy’ that for too long has been at the heart of the so-called Establishment, consisting of too many people with the same interests and the same out-of-touch sense of entitlement coming together to protect their own.

“It is this sort of persistent ‘otherness’ that so many of us are determined to change, to make the system more representative, more real and more normal. Some may say we have not succeeded yet but we will keep on trying.”

Miss Perry added: “The other, and more worrying part of the problem is the way that the voices of victims were ignored for so long – children told to keep quiet, ridiculed, or threatened – with tragically the most vulnerable of all being more likely to be targeted for abuse…

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READ MORE CHILD ABUSE COVER-UPS AT: 21st Century Wire Savile Files



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  • Lou Collins
  • Happy Bird

    Auniin, Hello

    Please use your intuitive discernment to measure the truth of what is written here. Then measure this against the intuitive feeling you get from those who profess to be protectors of your community.

    This writing will likely offend the corrupted judiciary of pedophile protectors, or ‘holy self-righteous’ or the ‘all forgiving new agers’…so be it. It is because of their distorted teachings, cowardice and lack of action that the children today, continue to suffer at the hands of the “non-upright human beings”.

    As an Ojibway man, whose whole community suffered at the hands of these ‘organized pedophile rings” and “non-upright human beings” for over a 150 years, i can only expunge a deep sense of remorse at the inaction of the common and valiant citizenry of England and Scotland. My intent here is not to speak down to anyone who reads this but the hope is that by knowing my own truth of it, this will help the reader to find courage and grace. Here in Canada these organized pedophiles will no longer go after our children so easily…

    ….”because we warned them by taking a few of them deep into the bush, stripping them naked and cutting them on the face, with the ‘mark of the molester’, so all would know their crimes against the community. These “non- Upright Human Beings” were then tied to trees and The Great Mother had her way with them for three days. Their mangled barely living bodies were sent home afterward, for their families and communities to see, and be warned. So, they were allowed to live and walk in shame with the mark of the ‘Molester’ on their faces…The Red Wolf did these things, and would quickly do it again, should the need arise.” (Ojibway Grandmother-1998)

    This occurred in the late 70′s and now the ‘non upright human beings’ seem to focus their attention on kids of their own families (race) which is still a sad state of affairs. But, it takes a community to do such a thing, and my hope is that some will find it within themselves to act, on behalf of all these innocent little ones who WE ALL owe a ‘blood debt’ to now, for not protecting them in the first place.

    Some may accuse me of ‘inciting violence’. So be it; I have no fear or concern for the machinations of those ‘two faced cowards’ either, because what is being done to (y)our children is a violent act, in and of itself. It is the corrupted cowards who stand in defense of the “snakes who crawl though their own feces”, and by doing so, perpetuate the violence.

    And so, we remain, despite their best efforts to destroy our children.

    Know what we know then; the police will not help us/you, the lawyers will lie against us/you and politicians will laugh at us/you behind closed doors, while the Priests blame you and your family, for their own failings. Why? because they are the ones doing it; ALL of them. I say that thing (ALL) because they are all part of the same police brotherhoods, BARS, politico’s and religious cults.

    Therefore, the complacent inaction of the so called ‘innocent ones’ within these groups, makes them just as guilty. By your own legal standards this is so, and not just mine and my peoples; ‘unworthy cowards’ we call them. Best, they Stand Upright Now, once and for all or be judged harshly by their own families and friends.

    For posterity; by the law of your own lands, and by their chosen associations, these others who profess innocence, are just as guilty.

    The above could just as easily apply to the men and women of the families of these children. It was very hard for us to face the truth of our own failings (many could not) but many others did it anyway, through sweating and crying and so then, for the benefit of our future community we are healthier now, and healing well. Even a healthy global community, must start at home. In my home and my community it was the women who first said ‘enough’.

    And so I say; Women, you must give your men permission to be and act as they are obligated to by Natural Law. Tell them you “will always Love them but that here and now, there are children who are suffering by the hand of cowards and creatures…they need your help and protections”. Be prepared to lose your man in the spiritual battle ahead, but stand at your door with children and food so he is reminded of what it is he fights for; wait for his return. Remind him that “the best warriors…live to fight another day.”

    Men, find courage then, and set aside fear of death. Create within yourself a space for anger and action and ask your community members to bless this space, by any manner you see fit so that you will know you are not alone. Should you choose to act as the lone wolf and hunt as such, you will know that your ‘community’ of ‘upright human beings’, and your women, stand with you. Use Her grace to move about, use the will of the people to set your pace and your ‘center of action’ to think quickly and act decisively – the best warriors live to fight another day.

    And so then see them there, the ‘molesters’, they are all standing in the open now and exposed for all to see because their ego based needs, leaves them wanting to put on air’s and titles of power or nobility and therefore, they are “so easy to pick out of the herd’. They might do well to just retire from their homes and places of work and/or their own miserable lives, never to return or better yet, just ‘eat a bullet’ of their own making in restitution for all their failings.

    Remember, they have no guilt and do not want to change – they are a detriment to the healthy growth and long term survival of the community, and must be dealt with in equal measure to the suffering they caused, and the whole lives they have ruined.

    The elders here, tell us now and today, “that the days of prayer and the days of talking are done; the eagles have left those mountains and will not return soon. All that remains then, is ‘action’”. And so, be full of courage and rage, empathy and grace, but most of all, “be well” in your heart and mind and spirit. In this way your actions will be balanced, and ALL will see you then, acting for the benefit of the whole community.

    In our homes we must turn off the porn channel and kick the son’s ass for watching it in (y)our home – then begin to teach them to respect women. Shut down the need of the young girls to buy the ‘needful things’ by which they objectify themselves- and teach them to respect themselves for what they are, The Givers of Life. Stop placing value in ‘adult-child’ games where grown men chase a cows ass around a field, and instead teach all young people how to hunt, fish and protect their local communities resources.

    I say all these things now because the ‘World is Turning Over’ and all the secrets once hidden, will soon rise to the surface; it matters not if our belief systems or fears would have us be ready to face them; in the ‘near coming days’ the Truth will be known.

    To those pedophiles I say to them directly…”The Upright Human Beings are coming for you now and death will not protect you or your families blood stained names, from the Truth of your terrible existence.”

    “The River of Creation moves very quickly now and The Spider Woman weaves a new web” (Seventh Generation Prophecy of the Council of Three Fires).

    “You, are the leader you have been waiting for” Hopi 2011

    “I WILL fight no MORE, forever” – Chief Joseph

    miigwetch – miniiwanigoshii benashii

  • Georg Dirr

    Lets not forget that shady jewish billionaire epstien that had underage sex slaves
    on his pedo island that was visited frequently by bill clinton no less then 15 times and other high profile politicians and other bottom feeders.

    • Please do not dilute this important BRITISH matter with unrelated American gossip.

      This Westminster Paedophile Trojan Horse can go one of two ways; blow lid off the establishment or get buried like the Chilcott inquiry.

      Stay focused.

      • Joseph Jesus

        James are you a troll facilitator limiting the scope of the discussion ? “Please do not dilute this important BRITISH matter with unrelated American gossip.” what rot Mandelson had a number of entries in Epsteins black book which makes it very relevant. Many of the nonce rings are of an international nature and the blackmail honey trap methodology of control crosses borders and intel orgs.

        • Interesting point. If we can tie in Mandelson into to the Westminster Paedophile Trojan Horse, great. However, you should cite the proof. What about Tony Blair because he is acting as if he has gone mad through blackmail?

          I am not a troll, but I am weary of Americans and their convoluted conspiracy theories.

          • Spychiatrist

            “Convoluted conspiracy theories”

            Are you kidding? Like what? Fluoride? Chemtrails? Fed Reserve? etc.

            Holy Hell, man, according to the establishment this article is a “conspiracy theory”.

          • Actually this article is proving to have legs. Saville’s evil is leads a trail to the establishment. Also check out the British papers over the last week. Politicians are quitting, police are being called in, GCHQ is snooping on the population for indications of discontent, the government is frightened of the nation’s reaction to the systematic rape of children by the Westminster Paedophile Trojan Horse.

          • Allen Victor Cox

            As a Parent these Scum should be hung from nearest Lamp post

          • John Derbyshire

            I think Blair been blackmailed for years. A lot of people know the reason why he was open to blackmail and then used by other people. Why do you think he got the job of leader of the labour party in the first place.

          • Allen Victor Cox

            Worry about your own Trojan Horses 9-11 being only 1. JFK & 9-11 still awaits Re-investigation this is the Shame USA? Let alone other bombings Remember this was 2nd attempt on WTC,s WTC7 WAS A DEMOLİTİON AS WERE 1&2 So now bring the Perps who carried this Out to Trial.

    • TimWebb

      A great friend of prince andrew, too.

    • jackson carter

      The same was true in Iraq, lots of politicians liked staying a bit to long. British values no values, Saudi, America to Iran, and shh Israel too man no sides in this just evil everywhere, and everywhere else. A PEDOPHILES PLAYGROUND IS THE WORLD. CONNECTED AND THEN SOME THEY ARE, DEATH TO THEM ALL NO MERCY NO QUARTER. SKI MASK ON THE PLANETARY PATRIOT IS TAKING OUT THE TRASH. — https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.698886933473946.1073741846.490844610944847&type=3

  • John Paterson

    Our friend Greg Hallett was murdered on the orders of David Cameron. If you want proof, it’s all on my YouTube channel.

  • Mark Page

    Times may get a bit difficult for that former Sec. State for Wales who, in the 90s, hobbled the inquirey into the North Wales peadophile ring by limiting it’s investigation to only that abuse which occured in childrens homes when it was known that senior establishment people were travelling to Wrexham and having the victims delivered to a hotel, now what was his name?

    • TimWebb

      William Hague, who recently resigned as Defence Secretary.
      Perhaps he knew what was coming his way.

      • Mark Page

        They never ever willingly resign, unless they have a bloody good job offer. I doubt the aforementioned qualifies for a bloody good job offer as he has a distinct lack of real world experience having been groomed by the Conservative Party elite from a very young age to hold peni… power, the power to protect their own backsides from justice of course; no likes a nonce inside, ask Archer or anyone of a dozen tories that have done time in the last twenty years. UK MPs are statistically far more likely to be imprisoned than a voter.

  • Spychiatrist

    Looking back through history the elite have always used the profane as their toys, whether it be in wars or in dungeons or in movies and entertainment.

    They look at us as cattle. They loathe us as they kill and rape us.

    Furthermore, they tell us exactly what they’re going to do ahead of time to assuage their guilt. That’s what their movies are for, a predictive programming twilight language and an occult outworking to let the goy know who’s really the boss.

    And we just let them do as they wish..

  • Fraizer Josefski

    From the Norman conquest – serfs were chattel .Aristocrat Male only Boarding Schools ,Maternal separation at adolescence , inculcation of prejudice vs. the poor , .old boys network .Psychopaths gravitate to power . Deference and fear by staff vs. politicians / celebrities . – Write to your MP ..blatant evil has got to stop .

  • Fraizer Josefski
  • Freedom Talk Radio

    Does anyone have any evidence that saville went in to the city of york ever ? freedomtalkradio2013@gmail.com in particular with the police or york officials Andy

  • Jude Robertson

    What does the average pauper in the UK get up to when they are not feasting on fast-food, farting away on their sofas watching X Factor etc or screaming at each other like savage hooligans at football matches? Come up with bs conspiracy theories like this. Shame on 21stcenturywire for publishing rubbish like this. Most of this is old news and nothing but hallucinations of people who had too much alcohol or drugs. As time passes the conspiracies get more and more wild, the latest being that honourable politicians such as Lord Brittan and Sir Cyril Smith were/are part of a satanic paedophile cult. The supposed ninth circle satanic cult of which these honourable gentlemen were/are part of is supposedly sponsored by the noble European Royalty and Catholic Jesuits. We are told these noble people apparently organise sadistic child hunts, rape and murder on their private grounds, all the while being protected by Royal guards, secret service agents and police! What a load of bull. There is even a disinformation video about this nonsense on youtube.

    And to pour salt on the wound, some of these conspiracy nuts allege that the real ringleaders of these supposed satanic cults are Kabbalistic Jews. Apparently the Jewish Talmud makes it completely lawful for Jews to commit sadistic acts against and even murder ‘goyim filth’ and their children. We are supposed to believe that the noble European Royalty and most of the elite are actually descended from Khazar Jews and not Christians and they have used Christianity as a mask to hoodwink and control the Christian masses of Europe! Take a close look at the faces of honourable politicians like Lord Brittan and noble European Royals, do they look evil? Do they look demonic? Do they look like they are cursed? Obviously not.

    • Larry

      I think it won’t be Sir Cyril for long… good Queen Bess has a pretty poor track record with her honours. Who’s next to fall? Oh yeah, Sir Cliff maybe?

    • corpus vile

      Right. So it’s all… the Jews fault. Sorry make that THE JEWS FAULT!!
      Gosh, what with 9/11, the illuminati and the international banker conspiracy, those Jewish folk really keep themselves busy, don’t they?
      Why are many conspiracy theorists also raging anti Semites?

  • Larry

    What is it about so-called powerful British men & paedophilia/sex abuse. Does being rich and powerful in Britain cause spontaneous erections or something?

  • Larry

    Cyril Smith was a fat piece of crap…

  • Allen Victor Cox

    This Scum that runs our Country need to be held accountable end of story ıts all a Blatant Cover up