‘Nulandistan’ in Ukraine: Cross Talk guest Patrick Henningsen explains how the West spins

21st Century Wire says…

Western politicos and media repeaters are on extra spin cycle regarding the facts and context of events surrounding the Ukraine. Beyond Washington and London’s hollow rhetoric about ‘freedom and democracy’, there is a real long term agenda to reshape the geopolitical chessboard in that region.

21WIRE founder and commentator, Patrick Henningsen, joins host Peter LaVelle, along with guests Marcus Papadopoulus and Vladimir Suchan to cross talk the Washington and NATO’s latest nation-building crisis in Ukraine…

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  • claudine long

    the last points made by Marcus made me go cold, like that moment when you turn in the dark and find there really is a monster behind you…

  • Anarchy Sam

    Journalists who support war, especially with false info should face the possibility of being tried for war crimes.

  • Anarchy Sam

    Hey Patrick, the wig finder general, John “Long Devil” “Kerry, has just criticized RT, calling it a “bull horn of propaganda”. Strange… another bull word springs to mind every time I hear or see that Skull and Bones turd.

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