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UK Column Live – March 18th – Guest Patrick Henningsen discusses Crimea and ‘Western Oligarchs’

21st Century Wire says…

UK Column News hosts Louise Collins and Brian Gerrish and joined by special guest Patrick Henningsen for a closer today’s global events, focusing on the Ukraine, Crimea and Russia…

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  • Lewis Bogbeagle

    Scotland will be soooo much fun. They want to keep their oil … they don’t want nuclear weapons.

    So, Cameron will have to abandon that money/oil/gas and give up the independent nuclear deterrent ……….OR, he can try to compel the Scots to stay in the Union.

    The only way to compel the Scots is to point guns at ’em; exactly the behaviour that he supposedly decries in the Ukraine.

    Mind you, it’s well past time for a Civil War in this country. Scotland could be the spark.

    ps. What happens to the Queen’s massive estates in Scotland?