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Meet the only man that George W. Bush ever ‘pardoned’ – but why?

21st Century Wire says…

When George W. Bush was governor of Texas, something very, very bizarre went down, and to this day, neither the mainstream press, or the alternative media have made much headway on this strange turn of events…

The investigation focuses around what links Bush, his family or inner circle, had with the convicted serial killer and self-proclaimed cannibal and satantic abuser, Henry Lee Lucas (photo, left), who received an official stay of execution by then Texas governor George W. Bush – even though the governor was notorious for rejecting clemency requests – having executed more people during his tenure than any other state governor.

This is a story worth digging in to…

Brasscheck TV

Some may consider it water under the bridge, but George W. Bush executed more people than any other governor in American history.

But there was one exception – and it was totally bizarre.

Bush’s apparent lust for state executions should have disqualified him for the presidency, but it was virtually never brought up and the story of his one and only pardon was definitely not made into a news item…

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  • Dually

    Well, there’s 3 minutes of my life wasted….

  • Tired of Stupid Liberals!

    Bush should have executed more! Damn bleeding heart assholes! The murderers in prison did not give their victims a chance to live! Kill’em all and let GOD sort them out!

    • Tom Sullivan

      I agree with you, with one proviso. If any conviction is ever found to be unsafe, i.e. if anyone executed is subsequently proven to be innocent, all those involved in their conviction and execution should immediately be given the death penalty without right to appeal, and that sentence would include a governor that has refused a stay of execution. How does that sound to you?

      • sderax456 .

        sounds good to me!

      • traveler25

        I’m a serial killer and I approve this comment!

    • Matt Kraft

      You are soooo dumb.

      • scout

        idk, but for sure you are. You support abortion baby killers.

    • davecad

      the problem with your solution is fine except that god does not exist never has never will . media, money and religion are the way the rulers of this planet have us under their control . bush is just a idiot and these rulers used him as their puppet .

  • scout

    Only behavior that I agreed with Bush was putting to death killers. Usually killers like killers. Not Bush, he only admires special killers. Bush was ordered by Shadows to save the Satanist. I suspect he was gonna name names one day before execution.

  • TheRR
  • TheRR


    Lucas was garbageman for Texas and Florida Elites with other Spellbinder MK programmed “serial killer” networks and Lucas was tied to the occult Bush Clan.