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Snowden: ‘Training Guide’ for GCHQ, NSA Agents Infiltrating and Disrupting Alternative Media Online

21st Century Wire says…

Ed Snowden’s latest leaked documents open the lid on what is perhaps the most vindictive and disgusting aspect of the government-corporate joint surveillance state seen yet…

This is Britain’s  GCHQ how-to guide for Online Covert Action which, according to Glenn Greenwald (see links below) has been shared with US agencies like the NSA. Upon review, it can only be described as government-sponsored subterfuge of domestic society.

According to these latest documents, there are paid government agent/contractor persons on social media posing as someone they are not, whilst on the payroll of the government. Their job is to befriend members of the alternative media, embed themselves in the ebb and flow of day-to-day communications, and then to engage in elaborate subterfuge – by any means necessary. The training exercise below uses terms like “befriend”, “infiltrate”, “mask/mimic”, “ruse”, “set-up”, “disrupt”, “create cognitive stress”, “use deception”, “ruin business relationships”, and “post negative information on appropriate forums” – all of which is not only illegal and morally bankrupt, but also runs completely contrary to the very fundamental ‘values’ and indeed founding principles, of a modern free democratic society or constitutional republic.

Government targets in this malicious operation appear to be bloggers, activists, journalists, social event organisers and anyone else deemed to be a ’emerging leader’ or voice in the public sphere, or alternative media online.

This obviously extends way beyond the practice of employing paid ‘trolls’ to pollute comment sections and redirect forum threads – which still exists under both government and corporate umbrellas.

Thanks to whistleblower Edward Snowden, the public – as well as moral individuals within government and the judiciary, might fully realise just how these sort of underhanded, and unlawful operations have sunk to the lowest possible levels.

It’s not enough that the governments of both the UK and US are blanket spying on each other’s populations and then swapping data, but now we see how they are aggressively targeting individuals in secret, undermining them and eventually setting out to destroy them – and all the while employing organised deception (with the full backing of the state security apparatus) to achieve a series of  said ‘outcomes’.

That’s conspiracy to defraud, and it’s against the law in any modern civilised society.

One has to pose the question: is this type of government sanctioned gang-stalking and conspiracy to defraud civilised? Most people would answer ‘no’ of course, but unfortunately most people are not making the decisions regarding these new malicious soviet-style programs in Britain and the US.

It’s so comforting to know that the governments of Great Britain and the United States have allocated public money not only to spy on their own innocent citizens, but also that ample public money is also being spent to actively undermine free speech, derail small businesses, to entrap and intentionally defraud and defame unsuspecting citizens that are deemed targets by some secret committee – all carried out in an extrajudicial (outside of the law) way.

Sounds very much like those horrific East German Stasi tales we all point to as history’s archetypal low-point of modern society.

Those who know their history, know that this type of aggressive state attack against its own citizens has nothing to do with ‘national security’ or ‘terrorism’, but is merely a case of the state using its muscle against those who are shining a spotlight on its shortcoming and internal government corruption and criminal behaviour.

By (almost) anyone’s metric, it’s a shameful chapter in history.

Hat-tip to the team at The Rundown Live for compiling this comprehensive and important report…

New Snowden Leak: Documents Expose Government False Flag Internet Strategy


Kristan T. Harris
The Rundown Live

New Edward Snowden leaks have surfaced showing us how American intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online behavior even going to the extremes of setting people up using what the  GCHQ calls ”Honey Traps“. They then go on to force you into behavior you may not otherwise of been in and use the information to discredit American patriots who oppose the current establishment.

Glenn Greenwald who leaked the information has stated:

“Over the last several weeks, I worked with NBC News to publish a series of articles about “dirty trick” tactics used by GCHQ’s previously secret unit, JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group).

These were based on four classified GCHQ documents presented to the NSA and the other three partners in the English-speaking “Five Eyes” alliance. Today, we at the Intercept are publishing another new JTRIG document, in full, entitled “The Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operations”.

The files (below) show how shill agents infiltrate the internet to manipulate, stage and attempt to corrupt reputations. Is it OK for the NSA (or GCHQ) to use tax payer dollars and technology that was intended to prevent foreign attacks to discredit American citizens?  Are these extreme tactics of deception by our government honorable?

These documents show how the GCHQ trains and engages in “false flag operations”  to purposely deceive and set individuals up (online)…

“The Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operation”
















READ MORE NSA NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire NSA Files



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  • Manny Buggers

    We have to get the list of these treasonous conspirators working for this illegal NSA, when the reckoning ensues we need to weed out this contaminate, this mental disease of conspiracy and treachery.

    • Steve Wickenden

      Hi Manny, The real issue is illegitimate authority, no moral compass from our civil service employee’s, that is a clear indicator of APD [sociopaths and psychopaths]. 1% of the population have Antisocial Personality Disorder APD [ref DSM5] that is 230,000 psychopaths in Australia alone. Worldwide 70,000,000. APD [psychopaths] is why we are always at war, they are genetically flawed, disposing them to be criminally and morally insane. So where are they all, Terrorist States, ISIS, socialist states, civil services? Seems psychopaths gravitate to positions of power it is their nature. Please ask the [our] government 1. Do they employ psychopaths in civil services? 2. How many psychopaths are employed in or civil services? 3. Why are they employing psychopaths in civil services? 4. Have they warned the people they are employing psychopaths in civil services?

      • Si

        What does APD mean really? If your personality is not ordered to the social norm you must be a psychopath or sociopath? It reminds me of the Krishnamurti quote who said, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Fucking right I have an anti social personality. That does not make me a sociopath or a psychopath. It just makes me very aware of how messed up and messed with our societies have become. One does not beget the other. Empathy, compassion and a willingness to look in to the shadows and own our collective, as well as individual, patterns of denial and avoided responsibility is the only way forward. The psychopaths are those that are unwilling to do this though even though they are aware of this, the sociopaths are those that aren’t even aware of their own denial. Just a thought. . . But you are right, our world does seem to be increasingly run by Psycho’s. . .. quest que cest?

  • Maxine Holloway

    Do they illegally enter your home and gas you take things from your home and stalk you in an effort to destroy you? Do they also try to drive people crazy when they talk about it and get doctors to diagnose you as being crazy like they do here in Canada especially to Black and minority immigrants?

    Maxine Smith

    • EyingTheLies

      Yes, yes, yes and yes again!

  • Waldo Lydecker

    Contrary to 21st Century Wire’s deceitful headline, the subject document is not a “Training Guide for GCHQ, NSA Agents.” It is solely the product of GCHQ’s Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG). Please read carefully what Glenn Greenwald wrote: the four GCHQ documents presented to the NSA were recently published by NBC News. He does not claim this newly disclosed Training Guide was, as 21st Century Wire charges, “shared with US agencies like the NSA.”
    Please get a grip and stick to the facts. We already have enough unfounded hysteria surrounding the Snowden story, thanks very much.

    • Sorry, I’m trying to understand: you’re saying that “presented to” the NSA is not the same as “shared with” the NSA? Or that the NSA didn’t find out about these documents until Greenwald/NBC published them?

      • Waldo Lydecker

        Greenwald did not say the JTRIG training guide was shared with or presented to the NSA. Indeed, he was very careful to not say that. 21st Century Wire’s headline calls this a “Training Guide for GCHQ, NSA Agents.” That is false. It was prepared solely by and for GCHQ. There is no evidence, nor has Greenwald claimed, that it was ever used to train NSA agents.

        • Greenwald’s words:

          ‘Over the last several weeks, I worked with NBC News to publish a series of articles about “dirty trick” tactics used by GCHQ’s previously secret unit, JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group).
          These were based on four classified GCHQ documents presented to the NSA and the other three partners in the English-speaking “Five Eyes” alliance. Today, we at the Intercept are publishing another new JTRIG document, in full, entitled “The Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operations”.’

          • Waldo Lydecker

            Exactly: the four classified GCHQ documents presented to the NSA were published by NBC News. Greenwald’s new story at The Intercept is another (i.e., different) JTRIG document.

            Obviously NSA received a copy of this GCHQ training guide, which Snowden unlawfully downloaded & passed to Greenwald. But nowhere does Greenwald allege that NSA agents were trained according to the JTRIG guide, nor does he report that the NSA implemented any of the ideas contained in these British slides.

          • jimmy sun

            These documents were not unlawfully obtained, illegal activity cancels any legal protections, that one would have had. Any deaths contributed to this harassment, being felonious activity, would be the responsibility of the perps.

          • Tonya-Clay Davis

            So what’s your point? Since they were only presented, we should believe that in the name of Constutionality and moral obligation the NSA didn’t use them? Or that the presentation of the documents doesn’t constitute proof they were used?

    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      Seriously Waldo? You need to get a grip on the facts – there’s no way anyone who is moral or opposes a Stasi-style police state can rightly defend that diabolical power point presentation above. It’s twisted, and a blueprint for psychopaths. The shame of it.

      • It all targets conservative U.S> Patriots rather than the Islamic Jihad terrorists Obama keeps appointing to high ranking positions in government.

    • MrWell

      Hysteria, founded or unfounded, is the result of the “Five Eyes” alliance machinations. The last major false flag operation (911) prompted these insidious programs that scapegoat the citizenry while overcompensating for government (visible and deep state) unscrupulousness. Picking nits in this scenario suggests you are a dupe or tool. If you’re so terribly concerned about the certainty of facts, I would suggest analysis of the inconsistencies in the intent of those who infiltrate and those who are infiltrated.

    • Bill Sanders

      even if ur right, what difference does it make? The authors and promoters of this stuff should be jailed.

  • Bert Trim

    Evil will never survive. We must know that it will not survive. Evil will collapse, implode on itself if we fight with the Truth. We must be the messengers of the Truth. Whistleblowers must come forward denouncing evil. Only then can we be freed of this Tyranny.

  • Gus Mueller

    “”Conspiracy to defraud”? Keep stamping your tiny feet! Don’t worry about sounding silly.

    • jimmy sun

      How does revamped cointelpro operations sound?

  • CMRedwood

    The bottom line is no matter how varied the tactics and sophisticated the language and concepts used to persuade and bamboozle, it’s always based on false constructs and outright lies, therefore, once you get the hang of it, it’s typically a straight forward and relatively easy process to deconstruct the work of professionals thus exposing the propaganda and providing a teaching moment.

    • Meltonmark

      Yes but we need to do so in our millions, not a few thousands here and there. So, HOW do we do that?

  • CMRedwood

    BTW, this is nothing new. These tactics have been used for a very long time preceding Operation Mockingbird from the 1950s (look it up on Wiki), the formal government operation to co-opt the media.

  • Carl Jones

    I have been a victim/target of GCHQ and the NSA since 2001 when I started using the BBC Today forum. They destroyed my rather expensive Gateway computer. Comment text would frequently vanish from my PC screen from within the posting window. Or it would freeze. Eventually my computer packed up from all the attacks.

    In 2001 I was posting about the COMING DESIGNED financial collapse. I posted about rigged US elections…Bush 1 and 2. In fact, during US elections, the BBC stopped and censored all comment for around 2 weeks! I posted about the RAF C130 that was shot down by a US fighter jet 20 miles Northwest of Baghdad killing the crew and the 60 or so SAS soldiers that were refusing to fight with the Amerikan soldiers, because of the war crimes they were committing in Iraq. Tony Blair made a lunchtime tv statement where he had/was blubbering about the staggering loss of life! The statement was never seen again! The Daily Telegraph was actually going to run this story, but it was pulled.

    I posted about the RAF Nimrod that was shot down by the Talibunnies in Afghanistan after a US commander sent the plane in dangerously low. Apparently, Canadian forces were dropping like flies. The Nimrod was a Cold War submarine hunter designed to fly very long stints over the North Atlantic and the plane was designed to carry on flying even after suffering an engine fire!!! The engine compartments were able to be sealed and fires put out in the air…however, the RAF Nimrod in Afghanistan succumbed to an engine fire…wow!!lol It is amazing how much info you could actually find in those days…after around 3 hours research, I found detailed plans and explanations of the VERY advanced magnetic detector that was built into the tail section. This magnetic aray was so advanced that Talibunnies dug in deep, like 50ft deep, could be detected with anything metal. This is why the US commander sent it in so low and that is why it was shot down. I provided links with this, but I was still surprised that it wasn`t pulled.

    Despite being constantly premoderated, I was openly threatened with serious harm by government trolls. Against the BBC`s own rules, I was banned by the BBC and I am still to this day.

    I was banned by the Newstatesman…the Editor could not give a reason…the SIS forcing them I suspect.

    I was banned by bilderberg.org (Tony Gosling), because I pointed out that his moderators were working for the other side! Tony Gosling had a 9/11 site which I posted on. When I complained that active posters were posting very old established material “as new”, I complained, this got me banned.

    Propagandamatrix also banned me when I discredited their (and others) theory that “thermite” or nano thermite was used to demolish the WTC. I am not saying that thermite was not used, it just didn`t bring the WTC crashing down!! The building was so large that thermite could not go through a firing sequence and burn the WTC into a pile of twisted metal and dust in less than 10 seconds. I also postulated micro nukes and Propagandamatrix banned me from their forum…proving to me that they are a disinformation organisation like their mother ship Prison Planet.

    All the major newspapers have banned at sometime or another and the Guardian has me a full-time moderation. The Daily Mail moderates and only publishes around 1 in 3 comments.

    I also have the feeling that many of my emails never arrive and often the replies are from GCHQ and the NSA posing as the receiver!!

    I have only touched on what I have experienced over the last 13 years. I have also tried to get involved with groups who claim to be interested in the truth movement…very frosty, almost as if the leaders are working for the NWO and don`t want any threats in their disinfo operations.

    I used to think that the internet was free…its not, it never was, “they” were always on the game and “conspiracy theory” was always part of their strategy to turn off the 80% who have absolutely no interest in anything that is not indorsed by the BBC, Mail and Telegraph.

    • Phil Freeman

      Carl, I have access to alternate media. If you’d like to have a chat let me know. Pax aut bellum, omnis moriar.

      • Carl Jones

        You can email me at carl_s_jones@talk21.com. and I’ll reply

      • Carl Jones

        So you don’t want a chat?

        • Phil Freeman

          I just sent you an email.

          • Carl Jones


    • And I suspect that you are one of the GCHQ trolls paid to make these discussion forums look like a bunch of kooks discussing the return of Christ or that Obama is the antichrist etc.. etc..

      For one thing, Gateway has never made an expensive computer.. Gateway is a tier zero computer system (aka it is junk) If your Gateway gave out it wasn’t because the CIA was attacking it.. lol

      Please elaborate on the war crimes that you say American soldiers were committing in Iraq that caused us to shoot down an RAF C-130. I have worked with SAS guys and they are a great bunch. The fact is that the fog of war along with failed IFF transponders etc are the reason for most friendly fire incidents.

      It is one thing to discuss the corrupt administration politicizing government agencies to fight against Patriots but it is a different ball game when you begin talking smack about my brothers-in-arms who make up the majority of patriots in this country willing to stand and fight for America’s continued freedom.

      You were banned from so many places because you are obviously a practitioner of the socialist/democrat four D’s (Deny, Disrupt, Degrade & Deceive) in addition to being an outright idiot.

      • Carl Jones

        You are quite a sad person. When I purchased my Gateway, it was a leading brand and it was expensive. But the cost is besides the point. I have at four computers destroyed by the SIS and their contractors.

        I am not a troll and I`ve never been paid to do anything on the interwed!!

        War crimes in Iraq…for a start MARK RUSHING, there are far too many to list right here. but lets just cover one…even Tony Blair spoke of his concern on this one. General Kimmits surrounded Fallujah with his tanks and via PA demand that all women and children left the city for their own safety. The demarcation of people is a clear intent to murder any men and boys left in the city. Remember that young boys are culturally treated different when they are 12,13 and onwards and would have stayed with the men. A female British aid worker reported to The Guardian that she had witnessed US snipers shooting women and children trying to enter the only hospital in Fallujah!

        MARK RUSHING…one must seriously wonder where exactly you have been all these years…I am looking at your picture and you ain`t a spring chicken, are you…or maybe you are just a line of GCHQ code bot????lol

        MARK RUSHING, your last paragraph is hilarious!! “”Deny, Disrupt, Degrade & Deceive””…what are you on about? I`m really sorry MARK RUSHING, but I`ve never been one of your “troll training courses”!!LOL

        AND….wait for it…”being an outright idiot”…MARK RUSHING, you are sooooo kind. Of course, this is classic troll tactics…tell me MARK RUSHING…why would YOU make a multi point reply to an “idiot”???????

        IF anyone is an “idiot”, it`s YOU, but you probably don`t know that, because you are probably a code troll bot!lol

        • You said “when I purchased my Gateway it was a leading brand” lol.. You are an unadulterated idiot.. Look through the history of computers, which can easily be found anywhere on the world wide web and show me a single example of Gateway being an innovator or a respected brand. Look at any top tier unit or any company that relies on good and reliable computers and you will find no Gateway computers in use. Please provide some form of evidence to show that Gateway has “ever” been a leading brand. I won’t ask for any evidence of the government controlling your mind or the other things you say because I know there is none and that you are simply disrupting the discussion taking place in this forum.

          It is you sir, that are a very sad person indeed. You are a pathetic excuse for a male specimen of the human race. The reason to make a multi-point reply to an idiot is to address all of the fallacies. If you didn’t notice, I could pose the same question to you moron. As your friend below notes in Latin, Peace or War, Everyone Dies. Good luck in your delusional endeavors.

          • rikperry

            Disinformation troll.

          • Mark Rushing

            Yep, he has some serious issues and being under government mind control I have to wonder if it is the government talking or the idiot hosting them with the mega expensive, super duper Gateway computer..

          • Meltonmark

            Dunno about you guys, but I have been banned from at least one UK national daily after I started posting comments asking them to prove statements made in some of their articles [regarding 9/11, Afghanistan, and feminist propaganda]. I have also noticed how many of my comments to other online mainstream media sites in the UK go unpublished or just disappear. Others have commented online about this happening to them too.
            I posted a comment yesterday regarding the ‘photo’ of Putin kissing the little boy’s stomach and the NLP associated headline containing the word ‘paedophile’. I mentioned photo shopping and propaganda. The comment somehow never got published. Now there’s a surprise!

      • Tonya-Clay Davis

        Why is it people are more than willing to agree that our gov. has turned against us, but can still defend what our military is doing, as if those actions exist in a bubble of nobility and just cause. To my eyes, our military’s actions reveal the true intent of our gov. in a very obvious, out-in-the-open way. Hint: the military’s agenda has nothing to do with defending our freedom.

        • I agree with you in part Tonya however having served my entire life in the U.S.Army and knowing that most soldiers are patriots that believe they are defending the Constitution and disagree with many of our civilian government’s decision to deploy them in various places.

          Our military is full of great people, which is why Obama has been purging all military leaders that disagree with his communist agenda. You will see, if and when the defecation hits the oscillating rotisserie, that most of our military will stand with “we the people” against tyranny.

          • Traveler

            US soldiers killed, tortured and raped like no tomorrow in Iraq and Afghanistan . Nothing to hope from the US army.

          • Meltonmark

            Remember Phan Thị Kim Phúc ?

      • takeourfreedombak

        i agree, but would like to know when my oath keepers are gonna stand up to Washington???

      • Katherine McChesney

        Obama IS an anti-Christ.

    • Icarus

      If you get banned use a different name, proxy and email

      • Carl Jones

        Sorry, but I promised to never use this site again.

  • Rachel

    SO grateful to Edward Snowden!

    • ChipsAhoyMcCoy

      But then again, maybe he’s a Russian spy and all the leaks are lies.

  • grassroot

    All Commie tactics, and advised no doubt, by the Fabian Socialists. Need more of these ” Snowdens.”

    • Every one of these tactics can be read about in Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler & Democrat treatises.

    • The Fabian traitors should never have been allowed to set up shop in the United States but in our rush to promote diversity, multiculturalism and equality we have allowed the communists to gain a government foothold and spread like a disease.

  • iodine333

    So … monopoly power is illegal and is punishable by law. How about monopoly of power – can we make THAT illegal next?

  • Mind Control Victim

    @Carl Jones you are quite right about your views and my views maybe quite similar to yours, we also have censorship in common.
    This is just the beginning of discovering what others are doing in the names of national interest and national security. Humanity is being taken to a dip down the Mariana Trench.
    Finally the people with conscious are coming together waking up, I say prepare yourself for anything because those who ask questions usually get the answers and they are priority targets. Nothing is off limits to these lot as my situation would testify. My mind being hijacked is not exceptional, they intend to wipe put out individual thought process and make us into a common thinking zombies!

    • Carl Jones

      Interesting points and you speak in riddles. I know I am on the list and I am being targeted for what you suggest. One day as my daughter was leaving for collage, she spotted a very smartly dressed guy taking pictures of my home. She didn`t make a fuss but rang me. When I went out he was nowhere to be seen. Then my daughter said he was now out on the main road at x location, so I ran down there to confront him. Let me explain, to take photos of our house, he would need to pass man others, in fact, he`d need to reach the furthest point, take specific photos of our house, then retrace his footsteps. This was around 8am and it was a bitterly cold day. When I caught up with him I challenged him as to why he was taking pictures of my house…he said, “I have only been in the country a few days and I am doing it to learn English”!lol He was as I said, casual, but very smart in expensive clothes wearing flash sunglasses. I definitely had the impression he was casing our home. He looked Italian-ish or from the Middle East. Maybe they are constructing a sort of database?

  • Ron Chandler

    Death to spies.

    • ChipsAhoyMcCoy

      Only a spy would say that.

  • I have personally been in several battles of the wit and facts in conservative discussion groups being assailed by DNC paid trolls as well as some of these traitors. The four D’s of the Democrat Party have always been Deny, Disrupt, Degrade & Deceive. That is all liberal have to work with because they cannot rely on truth and facts. I am actually happy to see them put it on paper for everyone to see. These people are not true Americans, they are as anti-American as one can get.

    Now that BHO has done the mission that he set out to do, which he intimated in his first books (lower America’s global power and influence “i.e.” ability to project that power); he has divided this nation along racial lines as well as ideological lines and pitted the public school indoctrinated socialists against Americans while at the same time destroying our economy, the value of the dollar, effectively ended the rein of the dollar as the world reserve currency, aided our enemies with tax dollars, installed enemies of the United States throughout the government and its agencies and promoted big government socialism above the freedom of the Republic.

    Now that he has done all of this and destroyed our healthcare system to boot, we have Russia reasserting herself and what can only be described as another Cuban Crises. Americans realize that the Muslims and Communists have temporarily teamed up to work toward their mutual goal of destroying the United States and capitalism but the question remains to be answered as to whether Obama and Putin (former KGB) are working together to provide the false flag national emergency that Obama needs.

    I personally would like to think this is not true because I have come to actually like Putin more than our own usurper err president. The question of how deep the communist infiltration of our government goes has been answered and we all now see that the only thing that stands between the destruction of our country and its Constitution are the three percent of us that will take up arms against this corrupt government.

    • Carl Jones

      You are bonkers. The US economy was bankrupt along time ago, way before Obama came to power. It appears to are drowning in yours and theirs political dogma.

      • Not at all. You are the one that is “Bonkers” I know this country was technically bankrupt many, many year ago. Having said that, the dollar is the reserve currency of the world and our GDP is leveraged. There is much more to economics than what you apparently understand but as usual, stupid people like you can only “Deny, Disrupt, Degrade & Deceive” Good luck with that.

  • rodneystich

    How about 40 years of retaliation after being given a life-and-death assignment in the days of frequent aviation disasters. http://www.defraudingamerica.com/life-and-death-assignment.

    • Lots of startling revelations regarding our airline industry but just off the top of it, I personally do not see that entering Korea or Vietnam was a bad thing in their attempts to stop communist aggression. What I see as bad is that our corrupt politicians sent our troops there then refused to allow them to win the wars. Just as you would not place your son in a boxing ring and tell him not to win, I do not believe in a country that does this to its soldiers. I served in the military my entire life and most in the military are honest, honorable, and patriotic men and women. It is our civilian government that is full of scumbags, thieves, murderers and crooks.

  • I set up the Zider Party. on facebook, it the wake of the Labour party’s plan to add an extra 10% on cider tax. Like the USA tea party I was for lower taxes and for smaller government. I had over 500 members. I put out a press release, was in local papers and ended up on BBC news. Then over night just before the election all my members disappeared. GONE. I now only have 33 members. Could this have been this unit at work?

  • Active Measures. KGB, Stasi, CIA.

  • terryparkerjr

    Message for Ed Snowden, Ed, can you give me a idea as to who is behind this unauthorized classified Manchurian Candidate developmental research at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children? Medical records and X-ray at http://www,thewhyfiles.net/mkultra4.htm#update disclose unauthorized lobotomy and brain implant experimentation, (Dec. 9,1969 & Jan. 27,1972, at 14 & 16 years of age) without informed consent,nor parental knowledge, while under the guise of treating epilepsy. (ie-“scar tissue removal”) This info correlates with Manchurian Candidate developmental research according to The Mind Stealers by Samuel Chavkin and The Mind Manipulators by Alan Scheflin. along with further suggestion from UFO researchers that these implants originated from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico. With the authorities aiding and abetting in this medical child abuse at Sick Kids, it’s been difficult to disclose this mess. Also wondering if JFK’s brain tissue was subject of MK-ULTRA classified research. I hope we agree that the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society. Terry http://www.thewhyfiles.net/mkultra4.htm#update

  • Schlomo Shekelberg

    I’m CIA

    • ChipsAhoyMcCoy

      Pfff… CIA. NSA is where it’s at.

  • ChipsAhoyMcCoy

    I could be payed for doing this?!

  • You can choose to believe or perhaps a disbelieve whether it was a chance if ever the same saturday or sunday was acquired to introduction Hillary Clinton’s entire parents. (account Clinton affects Iowa one on sunday, and as well Chelsea lost phrases which unfortunately she’s going to be back in the Hawkeye assert with your ex-girlfriend boyfriend past replacement summers. selection wedding venue dropping most crucial development?).

  • erte4wt4etrg

    Little Eddy Snowden bringing light to the idiot masses. Gimme a break, enemies of empire end up dead, not star attractions. This guy stinks just like Assange.

  • Steve Wickenden

    The real issue is illegitimate authority, no moral compass from our civil service employee’s, that is a clear indicator of APD [sociopaths and psychopaths]. 1% of the population have Antisocial Personality Disorder APD [ref DSM5] that is 230,000 psychopaths in Australia alone. Worldwide 70,000,000. APD [psychopaths] is why we are always at war, they are genetically flawed, disposing them to be criminally and morally insane. So where are they all, Terrorist States, ISIS, socialist states, civil services? Seems psychopaths gravitate to positions of power it is their nature. Please ask the [our] government 1. Do they employ psychopaths in civil services? 2. How many psychopaths are employed in or civil services? 3. Why are they employing psychopaths in civil services? 4. Have they warned the people they are employing psychopaths in civil services?

  • Leonard Bremner

    just type strool in conversations i have one that tryed to play mind games on a post about nuke wepons being fake it wen on to 25 conversations whare he was looking for key ways to put you down now i wil just posta commet as strool secret troll

  • Liam Sanders

    I’ve been the victim of this type of harassment for four years now. In my case members of my family are behind it, as they have powerful connections. The tactics are absolute evil, and have no place in a democratic society. I’ve lost everything, and they’re still not finished. I’ve started a blog to document my experience and I’d be grateful if you’d take a moment to look at it.



  • Liam Sanders

    I am a target of these techniques in the UK, in my case orchestrated by members of my family who have powerful connections. The power and resources spent on this are incredible, and it does seem almost as if someone is trying to instil psychopathic values within the population. These tactics cannot coexist with democracy, that’s for sure; there can be one or the other. Please take a moment to look at my blog, where I’m documenting my experiences: