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21st Century Wire says…

If you haven’t seen the tragic story of Kelly Thomas, the story below will get you up to speed…

Thomas, a young white homeless man with mental health issues was singled out by police in Fullerton, Southern California and then beaten to death by at least 4 ‘brave’ officers in what appeared to be a sports outing for the police. The police were then allowed to walk away from the incident freely, following a slanted court ruling in their favour.


Unfortunately, the US mainstream media and political landscape is such that pundits and politicians only react to these types of events if there is a white on black racial element – otherwise it’s back page news.

The Incident

In terms of the outcome, this incident was much worse than the famous Rodney King Incident in 1992 which eventually ended in mass riots and street violence right across Los Angeles, because unlike King, Thomas was pronounced dead shortly after his beating. Sadly, America’s race-baiting institutions do not recognize the value of Thomas’s life on par with that of a victim of colour like Rodney King, or more recently, Trayvon Martin – because there is much less political capital and sensational ratings to be squeezed out of a Thomas murder than a King beating, or a Martin death. Ask any broadcast news exec, and they’ll tell you, “Kelly Thomas’s death  just doesn’t sell, he’s a nobody”.

The lack of media attention or liberal outrage pretty much ensures that these dangerous police officers could avoid justice. Where is Eric Holder and the DOJ? Not interested. Like it or not, that is simply the way TV media and politics operate in America today.

The establishment loathe individuals like Kelly Thomas in America because, as a homeless person, he does not fit into a recognizable political compartment, or entitlement program, therefore he a simply persona non grata. The police were allowed to get away with murder in this case, in order to send a clear message to other homeless individuals in America: you are subhuman, you have no rights – and can be disposed of at any time by government sanctioned violence.

Of course, in the end, the establishment let its own off the hook of justice, but at least millions of Americans are now aware of just how corrupt law enforcement and the judiciary are..

The video footage of Thomas’s beating and murder is as horrific as anything you will see. There is clearly a problem with police in Southern California, and one which is constantly being brushed over and covered-up…

Filming Cops

CALIFORNIA — Manuel Ramos, the cop seen on video beating Kelly Thomas to death, had to leave a place of business last weekend. Nationwide outrage was sparked when Ramos and his partner Jay Cicinelli were found “not guilty” of murder, despite beating the mentally ill homeless man to death as he begged for his life.

Last weekend, Ramos had the nerve to show his face in public.It happened when families and patrons were enjoying their dinner at Denny’s in California.

Ramos guzzles a drink before leaving the establishment. “Killer cops aren’t welcome here,” read the caption.

The last thing they expected was to be interrupted by Ramos waddling inside with a “So Cal” shirt stretched around his stomach.

They were immediately uncomfortable with his presence and began complaining.

As the complaints were made Ramos “got up and left,” according to a patron who snapped a photo of him guzzling his drink before leaving

“Killer cops aren’t welcome here,” was captioned with the photo, which is going viral online.

The patron explained what happened as follows in a report sent to We Copwatch:

“So last night at Denny’s we saw this “cop” (the one that killed Kelly Thomas) his ass SHOULD be in jail.. & thank fully the people next to him complained and he got up and left .. I hope it is like that the rest of your life going places, Kelly Thomas has no choice of doing anything he wants to do cause of you .. Enjoy your “freedom””‘

The action has been met with strong support from thousands across the country.

As a documented murderer and coward, Ramos will certainly face this situation over and over again.

He will be forced to leave establishments, businesses will refuse him service and kick him out, and American citizens will shame him in public.

Many officers commit suicide due to intense stress levels.

“Domestic terrorist.” remarked one commenter.

Another commenter suggested “Maybe he’ll get jumped leaving a place like this someday.”

Any American who enacts justice upon Ramos would surely be hailed as a hero and honored for generations.

Before beating Kelly Thomas to death, Ramos can be heard on video saying “See these fists? They’re about to fuck you up.”

As Kelly pleaded for his life and begged for help, Ramos showed him no mercy and continued pummeling him until he died.

Watch the video here (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC):

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  • Karmacomesaround

    All 5 mother fucker cops should be held for murder.

    • jcalex

      Along with everyone that help to set him free.

  • 1WiseMa

    No excuse. None. Terrible injustice for any of those police to be free, & horrifying the are still emploed.

  • Roy Lanigan

    Stand up people and catch these pos and give them what they deserve.

  • Marcus127

    Thank the Progressive Movement for emptying the Mental Institutions and failing to put in place adequate Treatment Programs. This is what happens when you put the Mentally Disturbed out on the the Streets. The Cops were wrong to use Strikes after three…four…five of them were involved. They simply could have restrained the guy until he tired. Using the Taser should have ended the use of Strikes.

    You Liberals don’t like the results of what you cause….but refuse to take any blame which is morally reprehensible on your part.

    Read the history of Mental Health issues and how Liberal policies turned the system upside down and left the Mentally Ill in a very bad situation as a result. Saying this I know it is completely wasted effort as the standard Liberal refuses to let facts get in the way of their views.

    You want to stop these kinds of incidents….do something about the Mental Health Laws in this Country….and get the Mentally Ill into the situation that fits their needs and protects them.

    Blaming the Cops is not the answer and they are not the cause of the problem….they in too many instances are the Victims right along with the Mentally Ill thanks to the Progressive Movement in this Country.

    • Christina Mccauley


    • Roger Smith

      You have to be one of the biggest idiots on the internet to say it’s not the cops fault.All those cops are cold-blooded killers and should be treated that way.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      You sound like someone who would like to justify this crap. Your big point seems to be that this happens because not enough people are locked up in the first place. You’re a damned psychopath. It is actually you and your kind who belong in those mental institutions.

    • JustSayin

      Don’t thank the crappy progressives for emptying the mental institutions, that started under that POS Reagan’s watch!
      P.S. ALL the trash in charge are the SAME elitist filth!

  • Dwightmannn

    This is too hard to watch. It is murder, and God will have his day with them. We as people should be holding all these police accountable. It is so despicable. No humanity amoungst our PEACE OFFICERS. . .

  • Christina Mccauley

    I can NOT even watch this !!! OMG that poor man !!!! Has OUR country lost its fuking mind ? How are these cops getting away with this MURDER ? God help us all & help the cops cuz people WE NEED TO LOCK & LOAD AND START FIGHTING THIS KINDA LAWLESSNESS !!! ITS COMING TO BE THAT, ITS GOING TO BE US ( THE PEOPLE ) OR THEM ( the government ) AND IM PUTTING EVERYTHING ON US !!! A COUP IS GOING TO BE THE ONLY THING THAT WILL STOP THIS MADNESS & IF WE THE PEOPLE DONT DO IT SOON , WE MAY NOT GET TO DO IT AT ALL !!! THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ALL OF US !!!!

    • JoBrown85

      These cops are getting away with it because the people are letting them get away with it. Never mind that the so-called “justice” system lets them off the hook, the video evidence is all you need to see that these cops do not deserve to part of society. Don’t wait for any officials to bring justice to these cops, do it yourself! Either shoot them dead outright with a sniper rifle, or shoot them with a tranquilizer dart to take them captive (handcuffed), wait for them to wake up, then beat them to death like they did to Kelly Thomas. Then leave their corpse to be found with a “For Kelly” sign attached.

      • whodowetrust

        And just how many evil doers have you ended recently?
        God will bring justice in his own time and his own way.

        • Jo Brown

          I’m fortunate not to live in Yankistan. The police in my country are generally decent folk. Should they start acting like yours, and should the justice system fail to hold them accountable, I would help justice along a little bit.

  • Liniborn

    Cops are all Otraitors gestapo now, I would not help one for anything, the cops family could be dying and I would laugh and go on my way.

  • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

    OK, just a couple of points. Fullerton is on Orange County, not Los Angeles. The cops didn’t murder anybody. A jury of citizens (just like you and me) said so, in spite of all the media hoopla before and during the trial. The “homeless man” was the meth induced scizophrenic son of a successful family who kicked him out of the house after he attacked his grandfather with a fire poker. He weighed 210 lbs at the time of the confrontation and died because his heart was so scarred up from a lifetime of drug abuse.

    • Predrag J. Maranovic

      Oh, so it’s the victim’s fault. You’re shilling for Dirty Cops then. Nice.

      • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

        I wouldn’t call him a victim. Neither did the jury of citizens.

        • Alfredo Vazquez

          I am a master-at-arms for the US navy (Military Police) and while Im not familiar with the laws in Cal, I can tell you that if I where to do this I would be rotting in jail right now. 5 trained police officers against 1 unarmed man no matter how you spin it, there is absolutely NO need to beat him to death or even severely injure him. You only use the force necessary to restrain him if needed. At any point during this video they could have stooped restrained his arms, legs, and head, cuffed him and called it a day. As far as the jury of citizens I have no idea what kind of evidence (aside from this video) they could have been shown to find these killers not guilty.

          • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

            Alfredo, if what you say is true, then you know that a violent, drug addled suspect can really make it hard for five trained, fit officers to subdue him without overt violence. These cops are minimally trained, not fit and had a history with this particular suspect. Look closely and listen to the video. Yes, some stupid things were said (probably in an attempt at tactical deployment of language to gain compliance), but his injuries to his face were more consistent with being thrown to the ground and piled onto, not struck with an instrument. I AM familiar with CA law and know they would have been hung out to dry if it was possible. But the jury saw all allowable evidence, and found them not guilty. I issue you this challenge. Take 5 of your best officers, and one of your smallest officers. Tell the 5 to take the 1 into custody WITHOUT hurting him or her in any way. Then tell the one to not let them touch him or her. Video the event, and lets have a look. I will bet that your officers will look brutal and will inflict at least some injury to the “suspect”.
            Oh, and the suspect died days later, from an enlarged heart not being able to pump blood, much like John Belushi. Not from any injury at the incident.

          • JustSayin

            Guess cops in danger always put on their latex gloves first….

          • whodowetrust

            They were swayed by hearing he died of a heart attack and that use of drugs may have weakened his heart.So what I say.If you beat a man into a coma you must assume that his death was a direct result of the beating.If they had been involved in a robbery and shot someone who was left in a coma and that person later died ,that would be murder-plain and simple.The jury was looking to somehow make Kelly Thomas the wrong doer.This makes me sick! I hope it’s one of THEIR loved ones next time.Perhaps we should give false evidence that would result in a late night no -knock warrant at their homes? No,I’m letting God work it out in his own way.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      You can watch that video and say it wasn’t murder? Fuck you.

      • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

        Tu Madre

        • JustSayin

          Loser Troll/Pig

    • Chicquila Cox

      Um a jury of MY peers found me guilty of assault for pulling off one of the people jumping a friend of mine that’s an army soldier.They also convicted my friend of assault and she was the one that was jumped and did NOT initiate the fight. During the trial they also used MY military training against me and I’m 70% disabled. Thus ending my future career as a GOV civilian, because this charge affects my background investigation and security clearance. So pardon my language when I say fuck the justice system. FYI, I have NO prior record….

      • whodowetrust

        I am sorry.Justice is no longer found in the courts of America.I pray you find a way to make an even better living working while being self employed.God bless you and your friend.

        • Chicquila Cox

          Thank you for the kind words honey. I’m all too sure that God’s got it worked out already. Stay blessed yourself.

    • davecad

      lets hope you never get in to the same position as Kelly Thomas and meet the same police officers .or then again lets hope you do and see how you feel then when they are beating the life out of you because one thing is for sure they do not care who it is they will beat anyone to death now they know they can get away with it .

      • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

        1. you are right. I would not be snooping around a parking lot, checking cars, so the bartender would call on me.
        2. If stopped by officers, I would comply with orders, provide ID, and not be a smartass.
        3. It would never come to violence, because I would not even passively resist their lawful orders.

        • davecad

          so beating him to death is ok . were does it end . you never know what situation you are going to find yourself in none of us do . I am not against the police but what they did was wrong and anybody who says otherwise cannot be sane .

          • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

            Wow. How strange is it that the prosecution apparently helped find 12 insane jurors (plus 4 backups) in Orange County. And it’s spelled “where”, not “were”. And no, I won’t find myself in that situation.

          • davecad

            the video is proof enough of what happened that day and if you or anybody else thinks that those police officers acted lawfully then you are either posting messages without watching what happened or you are just as bad as the police officers who killed him. also nobody knows when they could find them in a situation like this . as for my spelling mistake it shows what a petty smart arsed person you really are . get a life

    • Viagravated

      He didn’t die because his heart was scarred, he died because he was beaten to death by a couple of worthless thug cops. His death didn’t have so much to do with “years of drug use” as it did with his skull being cracked by the butt end of a taser. Had the taser been used as intended he could have been simply cuffed and put into the back of a cruiser, or, better yet, just left alone. Problem is, it takes a REAL MAN to handle a situation with a schizophrenic, not this new breed of overgrown steroid-induced man-child pig-headed thugs that run the beats now.

      • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

        That’s not what the coronor said. And you apparently haven’t seen the butt of a Taser. They look like and weigh little more than a kid’s squirtgun.

        • Viagravated

          The taser is lightweight but is made from a much higher quality plastic than a squirtgun. How about we try a voluntary experiment – you lie down while a couple of big muscular scumbags hold you down, then somebody with the strength of the roid-puffed thug that beat the guy to death will taser-whip you – and we will see which one cracks first – your skull’s eye socket or the taser butt. I know where my money is. Let me know when you’re ready to do some science.

    • JustSayin

      So, this was a court-ordered stomping to death? Also, if that skinny-ass schizo weighed 210lbs. that fat tub ‘0 shit pig must have weighed about 400lbs.!

  • Jamal OscarHabadashery William

    Wow but why make a racial caption, Im black and feel these bastards should pay. This man didnt deserve to be beaten. But to the writer dont compare 1% to 99% thats degrading. You prick.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      I’m a little sensitive to the somewhat racist outlook of Americans generally but don’t get your point this time brother. Nothing in this article is comparing “1% to 99%” it refers to the media imbalance of reporting of white on black crime, which is rare and black on white crime which unfortunately is much more frequent. You don’t do your ‘race’ (you made the point) any good by coming on here and acting like a twit and going off half cocked.

  • Elaine Kelly

    Truth !! No one is safe with this man walking free.. Bravo to those brave citizens who spoke up. We have the voice !

  • Jimmy Theranger Johnson

    Vigilante justice is what is needed here they should be held accountable and the only price for their crime is death to each man involved…..

  • Muhammad Abbass

    Justice is running a bit late but inshallah it will arrive eventually.

  • Badger Badgerism

    ALL the TIME

  • Bluecardinal

    There have many stories California cops are corrupt. Did the beating happen because the cop was hispanic and he was beating a white man? It is a shame there are corrupt cops because they cause people to lose respect for cops. When I was young, people looked up to the police. If the police don’t feel respect and trust, they become fearful and we could end up with Marxist type policing. This is another reason I am fear of illegals becoming citizens, they will be our new cops, mayors, governors, etc. We will have Mexican justice.

  • Defiant

    Police officers are our friends. They’re here to help us. You can always feel free to approach a police officer for help…that is IF you want to get raped in the back of a squad car…tasered to death in your own home…or beaten to death under a bridge…or arrested for using a video camera…

  • Uncle_Meat

    Phuck all you cops! There is no love lost with the public anymore. The hatred for you punks is at an all time high. Soon you will be hunted down and eliminated. You asked for it and soon you will get it. No mercy punks!

    • JoBrown85

      Soon? What are you waiting for? Do it NOW!
      I’m still waiting for a report about some scumbag dirty cop getting his just deserts from a vigilante citizen.

    • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

      Yeah well, fuck you back.

      • Uncle_Meat

        This goes for cop lovers and snitches too.

  • Gus Mueller

    It has to be said. Officer Ramos should be violently raped and killed. Over a period of days.

  • ND52

    Ask any ten people on the street the score of the last Super Bowl and I’ll bet that at least half could tell you right-off-the-top-of their heads. Ask the same people who Kelly Thomas was and none of em would probably know.


  • davecad

    these men give even the good police a bad name and any good officer should refuse to work again with these men . they would never beat up on someone who would fight back because they are cowards so they pick on easy targets they should be in jail . what goes around comes around I hope that it is true in this case with the officers involved .

  • equipment1111

    I don’t want to make this a race issue, but if Kelly had been black, this would’ve been all over the mainstream media and Obama himself would’ve gotten involved and had these cops fired… sharpton and jessie jackson would be screaming on every liberal station in the country !! These cops should be fired and pay the family of Thomas from their own pockets

    • HahashkeeDahsziiYahaiJii

      Bull-shit, equipment1111. The writer of the above article is race baiting. Trying to turn the righteous anger of white people against black people, instead of the pigs.

      • equipment1111

        The cops wrongfully murdered (caught on video ! ) an innocent man… and got off scott free. My point was if Kelly was black, there would have been a media outcry as well as Sharpton and Jackson would have been all over it (like the Trayvon Martin case) Are you denying this ? I’m not race baiting, just stating a fact

        • HahashkeeDahsziiYahaiJii

          White people don’t burn down the neighborhood where a White man is beaten to death by the pigs. White people don’t riot outside the court-house after the pigs get away with murdering a White man. If White people had more self respect, then the murder of a White man at the hands of the pigs would be more news worthy. I’m sorry, that’s the way it is. It has nothing to do with the victim being Black. Flowers and Hallmark cards just don’t do it.

  • willery

    I’m 60 years old, and these are not the cops I grew up with. They used to be human.
    These animals are not human. They are weak of mind and must have been brainwashed somehow. The human species does not act like this.
    It will be a sad day when people will feel more safe being near a gang than cops.
    If you are a cop and do nothing to stop these bad cops- you are just as responsible- remember that! These bad cops are making your job much more dangerous as people will get fed up and start targeting you as well. If you do nothing- may God rest your Soul.

  • HahashkeeDahsziiYahaiJii

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  • HahashkeeDahsziiYahaiJii

    Right about now NWA court is in full effect.
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  • HahashkeeDahsziiYahaiJii

    I love the police. But, the problem with police brutality against white people is that white people won’t burn down the neighborhood where a white man is beaten to death by the pigs. The problem with white people is that they won’t form the white version of the Black Liberation Army and assassinate cops. Let me state again – I love the police and advise against any and all harm to members of law enforcement. But, whoever wrote this article is stupid and trying to turn white anger against black people. He or she is just plain wrong. It’s not a racial issue, it’s a riot issue, it’s a sniper issue.

  • Adam Evenson

    Yep, this one is over the top. What a sorry scum bag cop. But Justice does exist, and they will get theirs.

  • Please God Why

    Someday that demented porker will die. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Hopefully in the same way he killed Kelly. Karma is a bitch.

  • Viagravated

    Follow these worthless fucks around and make sure they are not EVER comfortable ANYWHERE. Pursue these bastards and make sure they are known for who they are everywhere they go. They should not be able to set foot in an establishment without everyone knowing who they are and what they did. They should be burning in HELL right now.

  • cldyswft

    Should this narrative be accurate, without naming and indicting the judiciary which did the judging [via its nuances of excuses aplenty] leading to Da Krazee outcome, the coppers , aka “Law Enforcement”, will be able to continuously hide behind that “Judiciary Wall” and continue with their Business As Usual of hiring sadistic and criminal elements within society – and all because the small time criminal elements are the brush the big time criminals use to tar all with the same brush in order to facilitate Da Bigge Crooks to not only get away with The Looting time and time again, but to also get away with murder – time and time again.

    “The Populace” ought to realise that their “Catatonic Acquiescence” is the means the malevolents use to express their malevolence, the so-called “Democracy” of using The 51% to bury The 49%, Truth being that which is not only applied to all and not merely to the privilege, entitled and Membership of Strange Bedfellows, but Truth also has a Beginning/History/Legacy AND an Ending/Consequence/Progeny – unless one is a part of The Middling Truth which malevolents like politicians and propagandists love so dearly. You know, those who merely poof into Da Middle disarming all with their egotism/futurism of whiter than thou teeth of Wanting/Controlling This, That & The Other thereby enabling the liberation of their conditioning/mesmerism/past-inclinations of being able to Waste/Abandon like having an “Updated Kollecshion” of PhonyPoddyPaddy kept locked within their glass palace for the day when Tulips will, once again, cost more than houses. Pleeze g_d. No wonder these types would like to keep their mouths shut when The Other is being abandoned beecuz one’s “Investment” has to payola. You now, those moments of robbing the Patsy whilst he’s still asleep.

    Perish those Thoughts because, as they say, You ain’t seen nothing yet. More so when The Periodic Table had existed long before Egotism and Conditioning are able to tango to their Waste & Want tune of going nowhere real other than relatively round and around – so long as The Bookie, oka Malevolence, is able to collect His commission from The Disagreement – any ole disagreement will so so long as the profit is there, be the profitting emotional, material, intellectual or even spiritual.

    It is benevolent to realise that Malevolence’s other name is Devolution. That of turning a human, who has the potential of becoming Infinite, oka Of Energy Creativity, into a fully thinking animal or a fully feeling vegetable. Just imagine, a carrot who is able to make the other cry about sump’fing really dumb or the polar bear who can outwit your typically stupid-dumb human. Laughing or crying already? You haven’t looked at the mirror yet, have you. This is because Cruelty & Cunning, oka “Evil and Company”, is merely one’s inability to deny one’s addiction to self-damage other than to excuse that addicition as being meant for The Other. How coveniently expedient. As such, how were those “peegs” able to kill another and get away with it? Beecuz Da News is able to “report” it successfully, that’s why. Just like when they’d successfully reported about Da War – any war will do so long as The Profiteering, oka Fame, Fortune & Immortality, flows. Into one’s coffers first, directly or indirectly. Pleeze g_d.

  • Doubleutf

    If Kelly Thomas would have been black, all five of those Officers would have been put under the prison…

    • JustSayin

      Don’t believe that, whites don’t riot, but even when blacks do the pigs STILL get away with it!

  • whodowetrust

    I live in California and am sick of seeing police abuse our citizen with impunity.While their job can be dangerous,so are a lot of other jobs.Too give them free reign to murder without consequences is so sickeningly evil.I hope they understand that Kelly Thomas was the son of an ex law enforcement officer.The next person to die just might be THEIR SON,or daughter,or wife,or mother,or other loved one.God is a God of justice.

  • Daves Justuson

    The real question is-Why is there one police officer in this piss-ant town still alive. What kind of people allow that kind of injustice and tyranny to be inflicted upon them and merely show only rightous indignation? The problem lies with the tyranny-loving worthless moron citizens, not the corrupt, oppressing, impovershing, murdering government(s), of and within the U.S. These government(s) should have been eradicated decades ago.
    Wothless moron citizens begit this type of oppression. They are the ones that should have their asses beat.

  • Ða̷ℜʞ₴†ɐЯ

    I cried. How can you be so damn twisted?

  • SittingMoose Shaman

    …understand THIS you idiot fellow Americans
    – when WWI ended and Germany (& elsewhere in Europe) began to clamp down on opposing socialist academics and those scholarly, socialist theorists over THERE…

    Those bastar*s came to H-E-R-E!

    The “Banks” of the old blood, old money family dynasties over in Brussels…were already here for a long, long time.

    Now, would come their ‘muscle.’

    They were NOT necessarily “communists” …so into New York (New School for Social Research – an umbrella sponsor cover-group [then in 1919 – & so too, today]) …they came.

    Between the wars…and following WWII (“Operation Paperclip”) in a tsunami of NAZI academia/intelligentsia right into the USofA’s future-mind…our UNIVERSY!!!

    Drop-kick brains for you jocks and/or kick ’em to Coda for you long-hairs – back to the 60’s – for when their fruits began to bloom and those blooming plants began to drop seeds…and have those gnat-see ‘seeds’ ever grown then, BLOOMED!!!

    Gnat-sees hire small-time hood-criminals as cops – because hoods like to f-up folks…the ‘government’ [Party] sanctions it and protects them from prosecution – as the “system” sees it advantageous for the advancement of the (theoretical) socialist ideology…this is EXACTLY what was done in Germany…and subsequently in Occupied Europe. Sanctioned extortion, thuggery and corruption…for the ‘politically correct’ nation. State-by-state.

    From all over this arena came those socialist theory-packing academics, scholars and intelligentsia…escaping Hitler or Rohm even, Stalin as theories clashed and political enmity grew to a point of “there can only be ONE!”

    Or…the retribution from those people who had to exist under that determined and organised socialist regime led by the then defeated Adolf H.

    We are in this deep, folks. Even before the War the USA and UK government and industrial establishment supported the mainland European socialism.

    Hitler was the one who took it to war…THAT IS the problem with “socialism”, It is a theoretical, political system where there exist no buffers or checks against a person taking party dominance…then, through manipulation of popularity, the media and/or force…dictatorial powers!

    ALL dictators are of this form and function.