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COVERT WAR: US Congress ‘Quietly’ Approves Arms to Rebels in Syria

21st Century Wire says…

The United States Congress has privately voted to funnel arms, anti-tank rockets, as well as financial backing to apparent “moderate” rebels fighting in Syria’s southern region.

It is suspected that the US Congress approved of the measure with some off-the-books ‘black budget’ during the passing of the defense appropriations bill back in December.

The US government previously admitted publicly in September that the CIA has been funneling cash and arms to various rebels in Syria.

IMAGE: Turkish PM Recep Erdogan with Saudi financier Yasin al-Qadi

If you remember, Yasin al-Qadi the Saudi financier, who has been linked to 9/11, the Mumbai attacks, the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings, as well as allegedly funneling millions in clandestine cash to Al Qaeda, was recently in the news for travelling to and from Turkey in the company of Recep Erdogan’s protective detail.

Even though at the time Al-Qadi was listed as being banned from entering the country. Erdogan’s son, Bilal Erdogan was also seen with the Al Qaeda ‘money-man’ in a hotel in Istanbul.

Al-Qadi is also said to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood with ties to Chicago, Obama and Dick Cheney.

An investigative agency, Operation Green Quest, was formed in October 2001, just following 9/11 and had been tracking Al-Qadi, as he was linked to a company called Ptech that provided software used by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Operation Green Quest was promptly disbanded in 2003 after a gigantic raid on 19 interrelated business under the multi-layered ‘umbrella corporation’ known as the SAAR Foundation a Saudi business venture with alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In mid January, it was reported that Turkish police seized a truck on its way to Syria with a weapons cache headed to the opposition rebels. The truck driver claimed he was transporting aid for the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), an organization that has in the past had correspondence with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Turkey has become a bastion of terror related activities, just as Pakistan has been, with its variant form of the Taliban and previous support of intelligence asset Osama Bin Laden.

During the height of the false chemical weapons allegations against Syria, it was revealed that retired Major General Paul Vallely, as well as  Arizona Senator John McCain had on two separate occasions met with the same Free Syrian Army that has been heavily linked to Al Qaeda. As tension in the region boiled over, both men immediately called for U.S. intervention to ship arms to Syria for the FSA terror faction.

Let us not forget also about the terror linked stronghold that had been found with bags of chemicals from Saudi Arabia.

The Turkish press has stated some 47 tons of arms have made its way into Syria from Turkey in 2013.

Will the morally bankrupt leaders gaming the planet with terror, ever be held accountable for their actions?

More from RT below..

US Congress secretly approves sending small arms to ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels

Russia Today

Congressional lawmakers have quietly authorized sending small arms, an assorted variety of rockets, and financial backing to so-called “moderate” rebels fighting in Syria’s civil war, according to a new report.

American and European security officials told Reuters that the US will provide anti-tank rockets, but nothing as deadly as shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles (known as MANPADs), which can be used to bring down military or civilian aircraft.

Legislators voted in closed-door meetings to fund the opposition forces through September 30, the end of the US government’s fiscal year. The decision is an about-face from congressional debates last year, in which the same committees were reluctant to supply arms over concerns that American weapons would wind up in the hands of radical Islamists fighting in the region, the Al-Qaeda-backed Al-Nusra being the most well known.

Now, though, those concerns appear to have lessened. Exactly when Congress approved the funding is not known, yet the sources speculated that it was signed in a classified section of a defense appropriations bill that was approved in December.

The Syrian war is a stalemate,” said Bruce Riedel, a former CIA analyst and current foreign policy advisor to US President Obama with the Brookings Institution. “The rebels lack the organization and weapons to defeat Assad; the regime lacks to loyal manpower to suppress the rebellion. Both sides’ external allies…are ready to supply enough money and arms to fuel the stalemate for the foreseeable future.”

Continue this story at RT

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  • John in Brum

    Nobody that carries a weapon with intent to kill or maim can be called a moderate. Fact.

  • OsNetDaily

    The “moderate rebel” tag in this context simply refers to opposition factions which are not related to Jahbat Al Nusra and the likes in the ‘Islamic state of Syria and Iraq’ which the US and Iran tried to topple (but failed) just recently in a joint military venture. Since the US and Iran are more or less allied now it’s reasonable to assume that Al Qaeda in Syria (ISIS) is now managed by Saudi Arabia exclusively, not by NATO as it used to be previously. That’s why western intelligence bosses met with Assad several weeks ago to coordinate moves against Al Qaeda. Other than that, it’s nice to see 21wire finally admiting that “the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), is an organization that has in the past had correspondence with the Muslim Brotherhood”, after several years of shamelessly supporting the very same terrorist IHH scum and its “Gaza freedom flotilla” back in 2010.

    • dougdiggler

      So which moderates will be massacring Christians, Shia and non-Sunni, non-Salafists when Assad is overthrown? Doesn’t matter, does it?

  • dougdiggler

    Oh, will these guns go to the moderate cannibals or the moderate Al Qaeda?

  • ralphie44

    welcome to the jeu world order

  • Ranger_Ric

    These scumbags are using OUR money to fund our enemies.

  • MacFly1

    Oh, puh-lease. The U.S. was the INITIATOR of this war in Syria. What do you think Benghazi was about??? They were running fighters, weapons, and money from Libya into Syria from the beginning. Still are…

  • turtle244

    We’ve been funding Al Qaeda for decades