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Al Qaeda’s expense report, Penny Lane terror threats and other global ‘designs’

Eighties, I have to push, I have to struggle – Eighties, get out of my way, I’m not for sale no more – Eighties, let’s kamikaze ’til we get there.” 
-Jaz Coleman (from the song “Eighties” by UK band Killing Joke)

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

Northern Mali has become a hot-bed for terror related activities since the ‘National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad’ (MNLA) began receiving help from ‘Al Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb’ (AQIM), Al Qaeda’s North African branch.

Following NATO’s hostile intervention in Libya in 2011, we learned that AQIM had joined forces with the Al Qaeda linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) – all of which are inexorably tied to the CIA and British intelligence agencies since Al Qaeda’s inception after the Soviet war in Afghanistan during the 80’s.

IMAGE: This is the Saudi ‘businessman’ who recruited mujahedeen fighters that became al-Qaeda, the intelligence linked boogeyman also known as Osama Bin Laden. Following the end of his United States-backed mission in Afghanistan, Bin Laden, set up operations in Sudan where he apparently owned 35 companies, helping to construct much of the infrastructure around the capital, Khartoum, while also setting up a drug operation according to a report by investigative journalist Wayne Madsen.

In December of 2013, the Associated Press reported that a convoy bearing an Al Qaeda ‘black flag’ had approached a local grocery store in northern Mali, purportedly an Al Qaeda commander looking to procure some mustard for $1.60 asked for a receipt following his purchase at the same store. The AP also stated that the terror organization is set up like a corporate business model, recording all cash advances made to each individual fighter, as they are required to sign off on money they’ve received from some undisclosed entity.

More than a 100 ‘business’ related receipts were said to have been left at a building thought to be occupied by AQIM in Timbuktu earlier in 2013.  The whole concept is dubious to say the least, as we are supposed to believe that a terror organization linked to brutal beheadings, bombings and kidnappings over at the last two decades, also have – salary employees, private chefs on payroll, as well as allocated funds for dinner guests and hotels.

This type of business operation seems more akin to Westernized corporations, than that of a group in search of a Caliphate.

If Al Qaeda groups are legitimately tracking their expenses, who do those reports go too and who is at the top funding their terror?

IMAGE: Bank of Credit and Commerce International logo

In 1992 there was a US Senate Foreign Relations Committee report called The BCCI Affair. The report uncovered a cloak and dagger network involving the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) exposing their role in arms deals, terror funding, drug trafficking and prostitution – to name just a few. The report also mentioned other business operations connected to BCCI, most notably Kissinger Associates as well as the CIA, which was apparently involved in a long-term investigation of the bank but failed to derail their corrupt operations along the way:

“BCCI’s support of terrorism and arms trafficking developed out of several factors. First, as a principal financial institution for a number of Gulf sheikhdoms, with branches all over the world, it was a logical choice for terrorist organizations, who received payment at BCCI-London and other branches directly from Gulf-state patrons, and then transferred those funds wherever they wished without apparent scrutiny.”

It’s important to also mention that Skull & Bones Senator John Kerry was tapped to oversee the report on BCCI, a report which ultimately failed to implicate various intelligence operations or global elite in aiding and abetting the bank’s corruption. The BCCI had regularly avoided reviews that might have detected their clandestine activities, even though they were supposedly under heavy surveillance conducted by the CIA.

Many believe that the CIA used BCCI as its own private bank, funding various intelligence operations and ‘black-ops’ that overlapped with terrorist networks. BCCI founder Agha Hasan Abedi and former CIA director William Casey are said to have met for several years covertly.

In an article by researcher Dr. Webster Tarpley titled: “The CIA’s Libya Rebels: The Same Terrorists who Killed US NATO Troops in Iraq,” we get a clearer picture of how terror groups are used for international policy change:

The Obama method is to use Al Qaeda to overthrow independent governments, and then either Balkanize and partition the countries in question, or else use them as kamikaze puppets against larger enemies like Russia, China, or Iran.”

IMAGE: The year in picturesU.S. Senator John McCain seen here enjoying his time with Al Qaeda linked rebels in 2013, via the non-profit Syrian Emergency Task Force, under the direction of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) and Washington Institute for Near East Policy, ( WINEP) both of which have direct ties to the Israeli lobby, American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. (AIPAC)

IMAGE: Gitmo’s CIA facility ‘Penny Lane’ was a training facility for terrorists to be used as double agents.

The Pakistani terror group linked to CIA facility ‘Penny Lane’Tehrik-i-Taliban (TTP) are said to have issued recent threats against DC and New York, this past December – via a propaganda video produced by Umar Media, the apparent in-house production company for the terror outfit. Suspiciously, the video has since been removed based on YouTube’s policy on violence. 

In May of 2010, an SUV bought by Faisal Shahzad was parked in Times Square and began suspiciously smoldering but did not explode, in what we were told was a terror plot. The SUV was filled with a hodge-podge of gas tanks and fireworks, as Shahzad was eventually picked up by authorities at John F. Kennedy Airport on a flight headed for Dubai.  The media company McClatchy noted a contradiction in the Times Square plot story:

The U.S. intelligence and counterterrorism officials, however, said that the bungled nature of the bombing and the trail of clues that led the FBI to him suggest that he never received even rudimentary terrorist training or instructions on how to evade arrest.”

Shahzad was questioned for two days following the apparent foiled plot. Law enforcement initially linked him to the Pakistani Taliban, a group also known as TTP.

Is there a trail that links Shahzad back to a covert terror network alleged to be attached to intelligence agencies?

Penny Lane
was setup in the aftermath of 9/11 and in use until 2006, the CIA used it to train terrorists to be double agents
, meant to infiltrate Al Qaeda terror cells. Penny Lane was named after the Beatles tune and was connected to another secret facility called Strawberry Fields a name also taken from the british rock group. We were told that the operation had been successful in its scope but the fact is, the CIA ‘lost touch’ with many of its newly trained double agents. The Penny Lane facility was unlike any other building in the Guantanamo Bay prison area, as it was said to have beds, kitchens and a patio for its prisoners. The money to pay informants and double agents was also provided for by the CIA under the codename ‘Pledge.’

It has been alleged that the TTP have been used by various intelligence agencies including the CIA to deliberately destabilize Pakistan and the Afghanistan border. In a 2011 report by Reuters, there was an arrest made on Abu Sohaib al Makki, who was believed to be “working directly under al Qaeda leaders along (the) Pakistan-Afghan border.” 

McClatchy reported about the recent United States led drone strikes killing TTP leaders:

Mehsud is the third Pakistani Taliban chief to have been killed by the CIA as part of what a McClatchy report – based on classified U.S. intelligence documents – in April said were years of secret coordination of drone operations between the U.S. spy agency and the ISI that have killed hundreds of suspected militants.”

IMAGE: Double vision – ‘British Intelligence’ is a 1940 spy film set during WWI, a feature full of double crosses, double agents and double the terror.

In a piece titled “Pakistan’s Double Agents” from news outlet The Week in 2010, CIA and ISI terror connections were made unmistakably clear:

The (Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence) ISI and the CIA worked together to fund, arm, and train the Afghan mujahedin. When the Soviets withdrew, the ISI continued to support the militants, some of whom evolved into the Taliban. After the Taliban gained power, Pakistan was one of just three countries—along with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates—to officially recognize their government. There is also evidence that the ISI has supported al Qaida. In 1998, President Clinton ordered airstrikes against terrorist camps in Afghanistan in an attempt to assassinate Osama bin Laden. While bin Laden escaped, casualties included militants from a Kashmiri group supported by the ISI. Many U.S. intelligence analysts believe the ISI secretly supports the Taliban still.”

 Have the CIA and ISI been using the Pakistan Taliban or TTP as a proxy against China, in direct defiance over their alliance with Pakistan?

Ousted Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani believed China to be Pakistan’s “most trusted friend“. Similarly, in May of 2011, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu stated that:

In unequivocal terms that any attack on Pakistan would be construed as an attack on China.”

It has come out that Yasin al-Qadi, a Saudi businessman and alleged financier of Al Qaeda terror has been entering Turkey many times over the course of the last year. He has also been escorted by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s protective detail. Al-Qadi is also on the United States Treasury Department’s global terror list and apparently had his assets frozen following 9/11 in October of 2001.

It has also been reported that Al Qaeda terror networks have been resurrected in Iraq and have apparently taken over Falluja as well as Ramadi.

Keep a watchful eye on the pieces in this puzzle…

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