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CIA Social Control Through Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll

21st Century Wire says…

(Police photo: A young Jim Morrison)

It’s more than just an urban legend now, the story of how the CIA created the “Hippie Movement”, and introduced the counter-culture via the Laurel Canyon scene in Los Angeles.

Links with with the underworld of organized crime and the mob, this is about well-established channels involving drug dealing and distribution, murder, prostitution, child pornography, snuff movies and black magic – all part of a system of control and manipulation of high-profile personalities – a system which still thrives to this day…

Neil Sanders author of “Your Thoughts are Not Your Own”

Brasscheck TV

A surprising number of rock and roll stars of the 60s came from military and military intelligence families. 

For example, the father of the Doors Jim Morrison was the chief naval officer involved in the manufactured Gulf of Tonkin Incident that led to the Vietnam War.

And then the artists started dying like flies: Jim Morrison, Jim Hendrix, Janis Joplin and many others.

As for LSD, the military and the CIA had been playing with it extensively since the 1950s. Then they unleashed their supply on the youth culture with a well orchestrated promotional media campaign worthy of Madison Avenue via agents like federally-funded Harvard Professor Timothy Leary and former (?) Army Intelligence officer and crypto-fascist Stewart Brand (“Mr Whole Earth.”)

It’s literally true that the roots of the drug culture and rock and roll are in the Pentagon and Langley.

Why did they do it? 

To disrupt the anti-war campaign.

As any peace activist active in the early pre-LSD 60s will tell you, the introduction of hallucinogens shattered the energetic and broad based Bay Area peace movement. The Pentagon boys needed bodies and they didn’t want an effective peace movement to get in their way of getting them.

If you attribute the murders of JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King to their opposition to a US war in Vietnam (and there is good reason to), then a little cultural monkey-wrenching is lightweight stuff in comparison…

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  • Charlesrocks

    This article was brief but I’ve followed this thinking for awhile. I think many people forget the central tenet of the “60’s”: We were not our parents and sought to wreck their fascistic plans. Still do. I, and many others, are certainly not our Dads. I agree there are many many serious issues raised about not only the Laurel Canyon kid’s military families, but also the Taverstock connected English, and certainly with this latest bunch of semi naked semi talented illuminati hand signing pop kiddies, but not all music is connected this way. Not all rock/pop music is from Satan, nor doing his work.

    If you look at the ones that aren’t (won’t name them because I don’t want them hurt) the un-connected have a longer lasting legacy, and are fresher in mind and music, if you’re lucky to even hear them presently. They don’t become young dead, and do not simply rehash their creative years, like the Stones. Many of us are black sheep to our ex-miltary fascistic families, and will never do what they wanted. Satan might control society presently, and often poses as “God” (look at the so called christian churches supporting Isreal-hell) but a more radical than any hippie movement is coming that may set the whole apple cart on its side and juice it up baby.

    • Dave

      People should look into the LSD experiments conducted in and
      around the office of Dr. Oscar Janiger, as well as, the Stanford Research
      Institute and the Esalen Institute.

      Ken Kesey was among many that underwent through LSD
      experiments. He went on, through the
      Merry Pranksters and the “Acid Tests”, to mass distribute LSD.

      Members of the Grateful Dead also underwent LSD experiments,
      and they functioned as the house band for these acid tests. One should note that Alan Trist was the
      shadow manager of the Grateful Dead.
      Trist, along with his father, was a social engineer at the Tavistock Institute
      of Human Relations in London, which was really the center of the massive CIA
      project: The Congress for Cultural Freedom.

      The key here is to look at the various excluded sections of
      the Situationist International in Paris; specifically, the British, Dutch, and
      American Sections. These sections
      largely fell under Alex Trocchi, who, through his Project Sigma, fell under the
      control of the Tavistock Institute.

      From this vantage point, look at the following:

      – The Situationist
      provoked student protest movement.

      – The launching of
      the hippie terrorist movement: Weather
      Underground, Baader-Meinoff, Red Brigades, Angry Brigade, etc.

      – The phenomenon of
      various media provocations: The
      attempted assassination of Warhol; the kidnapping of Patty Hearst, etc. Solanas was associated with Ben Morea of
      UATWMF (American Section of the Situationist International). Hearst, in an interview with Katie Couric,
      referenced the Situationist International in explaining the whole phenomenon.

      – The development of
      the 1969 hippie movement: the Dutch
      Section of the Situationist International developed the Happenings and Be-Ins,
      as well as, the LSD.

      – The development of
      Punk Rock: Malcolm McLaren and Jamie
      Reid were Situationists. They created
      the London SS, which split into various punk bands, as well as, the Sex

      – The development of
      Techno Dance music through Situationist Tony Wilson.

      To get a sense of all of these developments, see “The Battle
      for the Mind”, by Sargant. Here, he
      outlines the Tavistock Institutes method of mass psychology and brainwashing.

      The purpose of all of this is to create a Lord Gordon Riots
      type of mass destabilization. It is also
      to create a type of “Gang and Counter-Gang type Hegelian Dialectic, along the
      lines of Kitson and Hegel. It is also, strangely,
      an attempt at a long wave affirmation, from the top down, of the Wagner Cult at
      Bayreuth and the Nietzsche Cult, on the one hand; and the Schwabing bohemian
      movement of Munich, which spread into Ascona, Zurich, and, then, the world. This ideology has been the fetish of aristocrats
      and establishment figures for over a hundred years.

  • Anthony Barrett

    Richard d hall brilliant and so is neil sanders

    • et Setera

      They are indeed, good to see ‘Rich Planet’ featured on 21st Century Wire. Great minds think alike, and it’s great when they come together like this. Next step ‘The People’s Voice’, maybe?

  • brtanner

    See the work of Dave McGowan “Inside the LC (Laurel Canyon) at http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/

    • So CAL Snowman

      Dave McGowan also destroys the Apollo program and 9/11.

      • brtanner

        Oh yes he does!

  • abinico

    Prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or both?

  • Whatsgoinon333

    De-moralization seems to be a key. We have seen the occulist Alister Crowley’s influence in the cultural space, he was also a British agent. We can see the same tactics used by cultural-Marxists, the book Rules for radicals a Marxist handbook is dedicated to Lucifer. To crate the New World Order the old one needs to be destroyed and the people need to be demoralised enough so they will except it. In modern times we have seen the biggest spender on social sciences the Rockefeller foundation and their links to the music industry through J.Z. The occult manipulate the cult through culture.
    In Universities all over the world students are being indoctrinated with Luciferian ideology wrapped up in nice cuddly words like progressive and equality.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    The lesson of it all for me was and is that you have to seek your own enlightenment, follow nobody, triple check all your sources, believe nothing and nobody unless it is from your heart, be an arrogant sceptic, keep your mouth shut, maintain a low profile, and always have faith that there is a truth out there for you and only you to discover and practice.

  • travib

    this article is absurd. Just because children rebeled against their parents does not mean they were spies. LOL

  • Tattooed

    The leader of the old source family in California has CIA ties…