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John McCain: Out of Touch, Out to Lunch and No Longer Fit for Public Office

21st Century Wire says…

As train wreck politicians go, it would be difficult to top the case study of Republican US Senator John McCain from Arizona.

Many people were shocked to see images of McCain this past week, playing video poker on his iPhone while a Senate Committee debated the very war of which he is a chief architect. After being caught in the act, he then crassly tweeted: “Scandal! Caught playing iPhone game at 3+ hour Senate hearing – worst of all I lost!”

Welcome to the wonderful world of John Sydney McCain III.

This past week, at a Town Hall meeting chaired by John McCain, an audience member stood up and proceeded to articulate his views on the hypocrisy and illegality of US foreign policy in Syria, and went on the accuse McCain and others in the US Federal government of committing treason against the American people, before finally called for the arrest of McCain and others who have been lending their support and military backing to al Qaeda in Syria. After being completely exposed and given this dressing down by a member of the general public, the Senator then tried to make a joke and defended his prestige of standing in eight elections.  He appeared noticeably shaken, and became confused and began stumbling on his words.

It was a rare sight to see: a seemingly confident, arrogant and extremely wealthy politician being knocked off his perch by a member of the public, exposing the incredibly thin veneer of credibility and status which many politicians are propped up on by the mainstream media. Below is the video of John McCain’s shocking face to face confrontation with a member of the public:

Senator McCain, who is now 77 years of age, appears to have saved his best gaffs for the end of his political career. Unfortunately, Americans are not taking kindly to a Senator who seems to be playing poker with their future.

We now know that in recent months, McCain has made multiple trips to the Middle East to meet with some of the most questionable groups in terms of American geopolitics – Muslim Brotherhood operatives in Egypt, and more shockingly, McCain sneaking into Syria on the tax payers dime for a clandestine meeting with FSA armed opposition commanders and fighters in Syria attempting to unseat Bashar al Assad’s Syrian government.

McCain has long advocated for illegally assisting these fighters with US weapons and financial gifts. The Senator had promised the opposition more military arms and more political support, but as recent events in Washington prove, McCain could have been simply informing the opposition leaders and possibly their al Qaeda fighting groups too, that the US would soon be launching air strikes against the Syrian government – defacto air cover the insurgency. What was said at those meetings, who was present and who paid for his trip? That would be an interesting question for McCain to answer under oath in front of a Senate Committee Hearing.

Somehow, if by magic, McCain’s anti-Assad crusade dovetails rather nicely with Obama’s plans to ‘punish’ the Syrian leader over the alleged use of chemical weapons last month outside of Damascus.

But some rare democracy-type symptoms appear to have spread westward from Great Britain these past few weeks. Firstly, Obama felt somehow compelled to allow his Congress to vote on the matter of military force, which was followed by closed-door discussions with McCain and his neoconservative cohort Lindsey Graham who told the President they would only back his action if it were a much bigger, and wider military operation designed to turn the tide of the war in favour of the Syrian armed opposition. McCain and Graham’s plan of aggression was curtailed slightly by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s decision to restrict the terms of the McCain enhanced, Libya-style intervention.

There’s no reference to changing the momentum on the battlefield, there’s no reference to arming the Free Syrian Army,” McCain recently told NBC News.

According to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, 70 percent of the Americans say they are against any effort by the US or its allies to supply those rebels with any arsenal, and similar numbers oppose military intervention by the US, which most Americans have figured out is nothing less than air support for a violent insurgent and terrorist confab made up largely of imported, non-Syrian mercenary fighters.

McCain’s explicit backing of these forces, and his open drive towards war, is clearly at odds with the American people and although he is certainly not alone in that damp category, his over-the-top, pro-war stance in the face of damning public opinion on a new war in Syria demonstrates how completely out of touch he is with the American public.

Patriot PR: Unraveling McCain’s War Hero Image

For years Senator McCain has fashioned his political image as that of having a huge military prowess and impeccable war-time credentials. Aside from his relationships with military contractor giants like Boeing and others, McCain’s war record has been a huge bone of contention for critics who have deconstructed the myth of the war hero image he subtly plays on at any opportunity.

McCain’s military credibility is mainly derived not from any brilliant achievement or extraordinary skill set, but rather from that of victim status.  McCain is widely known as a Vietnam P.O.W., who allegedly endured solitary confinement and torture by the enemy, the Viet Cong, for a number of years in Hanoi. This kind of profile is like a bullet proof shield in American politics, and it certainly has helped McCain over the years. But some question it. Aside from his own account of events, the only other evidence of his horrific ordeal are testimonies of his fellow surviving prisoners, and also a regrettable series of propaganda radio and film pieces in which he played a starring role, made by the North Vietnamese.

To be fair, repeated torture and solitary confinement could explain the blips of mental instability and massive chip clearly visible on McCain’s shoulder. It’s easy to feel sorry for him, and even to write off his reoccurring tirades and gaffs as perhaps that of an acute sufferer of Stockholm Syndrome. If this is indeed the case, then one should feel sympathetic to John McCain, but still question his ability to lead.

Upon closer examination however, it’s more likely that his permanent chip on the shoulder and the spoiled brat-like outbursts are a direct product of a lifetime of privilege, where mishaps and misdeeds were always tidied up to maintain the impression of a spotless record – one which enabled his relatively fast-track in the political rat race.

John McCain was one of worst students in his naval class, who graduated from the Naval Academy 894th out of 899, but because he was the son of the great Rear Admiral John ‘Jack’ McCain II, he didn’t end up as a petty officer, or in charge of the mess hall. Instead his path was clear for advancement within that branch of the US military.

It gets worse. Along the way to the Hanoi Hilton, he crashed two Navy aircraft while piloting them, and a third plane was reported to have crashed through power lines in Spain while “dare devil clowning”. A fourth aircraft was also destroyed on the deck of the USS Forrestal aircraft carrier parked off the coast of North Vietnam. That deadly incident involved McCain’s and another aircraft, as part of a larger disastrous incident and fire that killed 134 sailors and injured many others. It was by all accounts, a tragic day.

Details of what happened that day on the USS Forrestal differ somewhat depending on whose version of events you read, although McCain is said to have fled the ship by helicopter alongside a New York Times reporter to Saigon where he took a much-needed R & R, and did not even attend the memorial service of his fallen comrades in the days immediately following the tragic incident. Douglas Valentine wrote for Counterpunch in 2008:

“How psychologically twisted is McCain?  And what actually happened to him in his POW camp that twisted him?  Was it abuse, as he claims, or was it the fact that he collaborated and has to cover up?

Covering-up can take a lot of energy.  The truth is lurking in his subconscious, waiting to explode.  A number of US officials, including Andrew Card, have commented on McCain’s inexplicable angry outbursts.

In a July 5 2006 NewsMax.com article, former Senator Bob Smith (R-NH), was quoted as having said about McCain: “I have witnessed incidents where he has used profanity at colleagues…. He would disagree about something and then explode.”  Smith called it “irrational behavior. We’ve all had incidents where we have gotten angry, but I’ve never seen anyone act like that.”

So, you say, McCain has a short fuse behind the plastered TV smile.  So he calls his colleagues assholes and shit-heads.  In high school they called him “McNasty.”  That’s just how he is.  Always was, always will be.”

“McNasty” was his nickname during his formative school years, because of his willingness to get in fights and aggressive demeanor. As young man – and a man, he likes to be known as a “maverick”, but to some that might simply means coming off as aggressive, and slightly unstable at times. For a  a man holding a high public office, however, you’re expected to be in a fit state of mind. Here we might question McCain’s role in planning wars and negotiating secret deals with an armed opposition in Syria.

Was McCain actually ‘tortured in solitary confinement’ as he claims? Valentine adds here:

“However, on March 25,  1999, two of his fellow POWs, Ted Guy and Gordon “Swede” Larson told the Phoenix New Times that, while they could not guarantee that McCain was not physically harmed, they doubted it.

As Larson said, “My only contention with the McCain deal is that while he was at The Plantation, to the best of my knowledge and Ted’s knowledge, he was not physically abused in any way. No one was in that camp. It was the camp that people were released from.”

Guy and Larson’s claims are given credence by McCain’s vehement opposition to releasing the government’s debriefings of Vietnam War POWs.  McCain gave Michael Isikoff a peek at his debriefs, and Isikoff declared there was “nothing incriminating” in them, apart from the redactions.”

 In the fall of 1967, McCain was routinely bombing innocent civilians in North Vietnam from the safety of an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea. “I am a war criminal,” he confessed on 60 Minutes in 1997. “I bombed innocent women and children.”

Maybe McCain is trapped in an older universe, and still trying to extend the senselessness of previous wars into the present to somehow fix what was already broken. It’s hard to tell, as he is a very complex case study to say the least.

Friends in dirty places

McCain is also attached to one of the dirtiest financial scandals in US history, but incredibly, he was somehow let off the hook, in this case by the Senate Ethics committee. Wikipedia explains his role in the infamous ‘Keating Five’ scandal:

“McCain became enmeshed in a scandal during the 1980s as one of five United States Senators comprising the so-called Keating Five.[97] Between 1982 and 1987, McCain had received $112,000 in lawful (‘lawful’) political contributions from Charles Keating Jr. and his associates at Lincoln Savings and Loan Association, along with trips on Keating’s jets that McCain belatedly repaid in 1989. In 1987, McCain was one of the five senators whom Keating contacted in order to prevent the government’s seizure of Lincoln, and McCain met twice with federal regulators to discuss the government’s investigation of Lincoln.”

Whatever happened, or didn’t happen, to John McCain over his illustrious military and political careers, most keen observers will agree that there is something about this man who has always seemed a bit off-key at the best of times, and outright wrong at his worst. Some would go so far as to label him an embarrassment. His video poker gaff simply crystalised what many had already suspected – that McCain is out lunch, even as war is being debated in his own chamber of government.

Perhaps it’s time for this 77 year old outdated and out-of-touch political relic, for once in his lofty career – to do the honorable thing and be done with public life, for there’s surely a board position through one of his powerful corporate lobby connections, or campaign benefactors.

Do the right thing for America and for the world, for once Mr. McCain, and please retire… to the golf course.

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  • ThePurpleCrab

    This old duffer has been ready for pasture for quite some time. Besides Lieberman he gets the lion share of AIPAC money and represents Israel more than Arizona

    • Tony Binca

      With all due respect, purplecrab, pasture is too good for this traitor. Public trial and execution is what’s needed here.

      • ThePurpleCrab


      • Son of Squidward


  • JoAnn Henningsen

    Wow, this says it all. If the US strikes Syria, I wonder how our troops will feel fighting side by side with Al Qaeda ?

    • rmf0018

      We have always been at war with Oceania.

      • Tony Binca

        ROFLMAO, and at the same time I feel sad, because Orwell nailed it. Just a few years off, is all.

      • Steinerman

        Naw … We have always been at war with Eastasia.. War is Peace!

    • Tony Binca

      Shameful, isn’t it? We’re supposed to be fighting al-qaeda (al-cia-duh). Now Barry says they’re our pals. Up is down, black is white, right is wrong. OMG this is insane!

      • Ryan Payne

        It’s called Bizzaro world. Ever read Superman comics?

        • Son of Squidward

          Me am understanding all not alot of what you say! Ha! Ha! Bizzaro am love worstest Prezidennt ever because he am great horrible politician–he not want stupid peace, he am want wonderfull war full of good shooting and bomz. ALL Bizzarro smartest dumb people want this too, so we am not backing worstest Prezidennt all the way! Ha! Ha!

  • Taylor G. Moore

    What kind of dumbass would vote for John McCain?

  • disqus_dm4vxa5TUP

    retire? he should be sent to the front lines of the wars he constantly supports.

  • Tony Binca

    Don’t forget, he is also a TRAITOR going back to Vietnam, where he sold out the American Military for a comfortable apartment complete with viet-cong-provided prostitutes. When he got home, he refused to help POW/MIA veterans left in Vietnam. Why? Because they could corroborate his treason. He and Kerry should be hung on a high tree with short ropes. I would pay to see this, airfare and all. Oh what a great day that would be, and it can happen if all of us refuse their propaganda and insist on their public trials and executions, Nuremburg style.

  • Rogoraeck

    Ohh! The American Kevin Rudd!

  • hp b

    Sydney! I thought the S was for Songbird.

    • jtremain

      His S stands for shitforbrains.

  • NormVan

    I enjoyed this Video on Youtube

    ▶ SYRIA: McCain Guarantees Russia, China and Iran won’t react – YouTube

    The dear old chap’s dementia is definitely getting worse

  • Paddycakes

    McCain is senile and he has been for several years: He gropes for words and he makes stupid remarks and his logic is going to ruin this nation.

  • Helpfulhippy

    Is it any surprize that McCrazy is senator representing Arizona? It appears to me that the majority of his constituent’s dress code is sandals, socks to the knees with plaid shorts and a US flag tee shirt. Usually with a ball cap with a battleship on it.

  • robertsgt40

    McCain single handedly almost sank the USS Forrestal. He cold started his fighter by switching fuel on/spark off then igniting a fireball behind him engulfing another jet. He was immediately transferred to another carrier. Should have been tried for murder. His father was/is famous for the cover-up of the attempted Israeli sinking of the USS Liberty of the Egyptian coast in 1967 to blame Egypt(false flag) and draw the US into Israel’s wars. That took a few more decades to accomplish. While he was a “POW” his wife was in a bad auto accident and almost became an invalid. She waited for him to come home. When he did he promptly dumped her and married the Budweiser queen of Arizona. Yup. Class act.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    The U.S. elites have a way of promoting their own, even if they’re actively psychotic. Especially if they’re actively psychotic. If you had never heard of the Skull and Bones Society and somebody told you about it wouldn’t your first off conclusion be “What a bunch of sick MFers!”? Yet they (pretend to) run the country.

  • Hannon

    I wish we had more people like McCain in office, that way the NWO would fall apart quicker 🙂

  • jtremain

    This senile old man is bought and paid for by the cabal of a well know origin who likely don’t have much use left for him either.

    The same goes for Kerry and Obama; their strings are being pulled and they truly look like fools now.

    They are traitors to the American Constitution and I hope they fail so badly they become sick and perish.

  • FX ofTruth

    A traitor is in Congress that wants to give aid and weapons to our supposed enemy.
    So, is Al Qaeda our enemy or not? When McCain was a so-called, “prisoner of war” he could give the Viet Cong information fast enough for special treatment….traitor then and a bigger traitor now!

    He wants to better arm Al Qaeda with newer weapons and give them air support….he has completely turned against American Values and Human compassion. He lust to kill innocents. He needs to be jailed for aiding and supplying the enemy that has killed thousands of our soldiers in Iraq.

    Does the laws of America NOT apply to him?
    Is he so rich that he is above the law?
    America is the country that only prosecutes the poor.
    The rich are untouchable….the proof is McCain is still on the news!

  • apeman2502

    None too soon, the only reason anyone will be calling McCain ‘Ol’ Wetstart’ will be because of what they find in his Dependz every morning.

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk


      • apeman2502

        McCain is one crooked piece of something. I wonder if he was lobotomized to get that emotional flatliner psycho attitude. I am betting that is how the CIA prepared Obama for his comprehensive betrayal of all who supported him. The weird thing about Obama is that he sees absolutely no reason to explain why he changes and reverses his stance on various issues. I think he changes because he is told to, and as a pathologically lobotomy subject, direct, 100% guaranteed obedience would result.
        Subject: Re: New comment posted on John McCain: Out of Touch, Out to Lunch and No Longer Fit for Public Office

  • bilejones

    It’s time he retired back to his native Panama.

  • craigdc

    Who is spending the money to back McCain’s campaigns and who determines which candidates have the money to run. We saw Ron Paul closed out of the last election so telling to guy to run for office is s red herring. Why doesn’t McCain have his beanie on today?

  • Ken Martin

    I wonder if McCain is getting any money from the Saudis? Are there no provisions to unseat a senator due to mental instability?

  • William Burke

    I despise “Mad John” McCain, and do regard him as a traitor, but really, how does one “bomb North Vietnamese civilians from the safety of an aircraft carrier”? I am under the impression that one has to drop bombs from a space over the air being bombed…

  • Ken

    McCain definitely needs to be voted out. I hope the Tea Party in Arizona makes him their special project.

    I have one quibble with the article however. As bad as the Keating Five scandal was (and I agree that McCain should have been put in jail over that) it isn’t the “worst financial scandal.”

    That honor goes to the 2008-09 meltdown caused by the derivatives and credit default swaps that bailed out bad bets by Wall Street insiders and attached their debt to the American people.

    No one ever went to jail for that whole fiasco, mainly because unlike with the S&L scandal, those Wall Street bankers bought off and infiltrated large segments of the American government.


  • Freespirit

    McCain is nothing but a stooge or minion for the Rothschild Establishment. Punishing him is like punishing a persons hands for murder rather then the BRAINS behind the murder(s). Punish him by all means BUT until we go after ,arrest and punish the HEAD(Brains) of the MONSTER called the Establishment, Criminal Psychopathy will continue as evidenced by the MURDERS of Women and children in WARS, Vaccinations, Poisons in our Water, AIR and Food etc. Destroy the Rothschilds/Rockefeller CABAL and the rest of the Establishment will run or surrender like the cowardly RATS they are

  • David McElroy

    Having lived in Phoenix, Arizona many years, and seeing Senator McCain at close range addressing groups that did not always swallow his bilge, I can attest to John McCain’s temper tantrums. He should be tried for treason. His true military record is not honorable.

  • Mike Latoris

    It’s time to recall that RINO Jackass McCain and elect a Constitutionalist instead of the Manchurian McCaindidate.

  • weareallhuman

    he’s the rainman of us politics..minus the autistic talents

  • Richard Einstein

    I am calling McCain and fag boy Lindsey Graham’s offices. I will ask them to resign and leave the USA as they don’t belong in our nation. They both should move to Israel as that is who they have sold out to, the zionist cockroaches have total control over them. Israel is not our friend, they have attacked America many times and its about time for Israel to pay for their crimes against humanity.

    We all should call these scumbags and tell them what what we think of their criminal activity. Inform them they deserve to be arrested, stand trial and hung immediately after the guilty verdict for High Treason.

    It is time these criminals are dealt with in a proper legal manner, enough is enough.

  • agcw86

    Great article. Wouldn’t it be better if he retired and started the Purgatory Club for fellow political psychopaths to join to wait until they can enter directly into hell to receive their earned rewards from the real boss?

  • anna miller

    When one considers the accumulated hostorical behavior of McCain, even the fact that his father was involved in the nefarious and traitorous USS Liberty scandal, it clearly becomes obvious that John McCain is a full-blown psychopath. I applaud the very strong valor of the man who read the accusations to McCain. That was behavior of a real man. McCain on the other hand is a coward. Psychopaths will NEVER admit when they are guilty of crimes,even when caught red-handed. This is the sad and alarming truth, as a nation we have allowed psychopaths to gain control of our government.