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British SAS Troops Already Deployed in Syria, Ahead of UK Parliamentary Vote Thurs

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British special forces have already been deployed in Syria to clear the path for a missile strike to take place possible over this coming weekend

21st Century Wire says…

The UK’s Mirror newspaper has already let loose that British SAS special forces have already been deployed in Syria to take out Syrian air defense unit and also to provide laser spotting for Tomahawk cruise missile targets which will be fired from British Navy’s nuclear submarine HMS Tireless, already repositioned in the Mediterranean.

IMAGE: Special forces preparing laser sight target positions for incoming guided pakage.

The US military has the same program in play, albeit much larger and well-equipped for a longer sustained attack than the British

The missile attack on Syria could very well be followed-up by an air strike and heavy bombing campaign shortly afterwards, which will be conducted by French, US and Israeli, and possibly with some Turkish air military assets. A large contingent of US drones will almost certainly be deployed as a first wave for any US air strike.

It is expected that the UK Parliament will vote in favour of a military strike this Thursday, as both Tory and Labour whips have already announced publicly that they have their MP’s in line on this vote already, and that the initial attack could very well happen over this long weekend, with ‘the markets opening up on Tuesday for trading as normal’.

As it is now known that at least the British have already deployed assets in Syria, then it will cast doubt over the whole purpose of the Parliamentary system, with many voters already believing that the government is simply going through the motions and democratic formalities even though the decision to go to war has already been decided in advance.

Here is the UK’s Daily Mirror, revealing the pre-deployment of British military assets, including SAS, Special Boat Service, Special Reconnaissance Regiment and MI6 spies, in Syria in advance of the vote…

SAS hunting Syrian missiles as Allies prepare for bombing blitz

Cruise missile attacks and RAF raids are expected in response to the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons

Chris Hughes

British special forces were last night hunting Syrian missiles in readiness for Allied strikes which could start as early as tomorrow night.

Cruise missile attacks and RAF raids are expected in response to the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons.

A military source said: “It is vital they find every missile site that could threaten British ships or RAF jets and they will probably be taken out by missiles fired from offshore. The risk of capture to these special forces units is off the scale and nobody can be trusted in Syria.”

The British hunt for missiles and chemical weapons – which includes the SAS, Special Boat Service, Special Reconnaissance Regiment and MI6 spies – is one of the most hazardous in modern times as they are up against Assad’s forces as well as some rebel elements.

At the top of the hit list are the President’s sophisticated long-range mobile missile batteries – some of which could be used against our jets.

Special forces troops will use laser and satellite technology to pinpoint the exact location of the key sites so they can be hit in a way that minimises the risk to civilians.

It comes after the Assad regime’s chemical weapons attack last week, which killed up to 1,300 civilians, including children.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “This regime has huge stocks of chemical weapons. We know they have used them on at least 10 occasions prior to this last widescale use. They have both the motive and the opportunity.”

Spies have already found scores of major military installations and ammo dumps in the war-stricken country.

Now the British military is waiting for the political green light as it prepares to act.

A huge force of Royal Navy warships and RAF jets could be called into action if MPs vote for air and sea strikes.

But it is likely any attack would involve a small number of precision missile strikes, launched from outside Syria.

The Navy will spearhead any UK operation against Assad, followed by the RAF, both working with US and French forces, but regular troops will not be sent in.

It is thought nuclear submarine HMS Tireless has been repositioned in the Mediterranean in readiness to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles against Assad’s military.

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  • et Setera

    The duplicity and treachery of our leaders is unspeakable. They have no proof that the Syrian government used chemical weapons, but truth and proof are easily dispensed with when it comes to destroying another middle east country on the hit list. God help us, we are controlled by psychopathic killers – and please God save Syria before it is too late.

  • Stay Tuned for PHs wag the dog article in which it is revealed that Obama is ready to attack syria because his personal popularity rating is at a long time low. Please refer to Bush Jr and Donald Rumsfelds statements that there was chemical weapons in Falujah Iraq.

  • caribbeancritic

    To all SAS troops! You are over there killing Syrian women and Children! Me I’m over here and looking at your families! Careful or you will come back after this shit and find yourself completely alone no relatives left!

    • Yves Dropper

      They fucking oblivious “patriots”! Don’t really know what they are doing. Their mothers are cringing… God help their souls.

  • Freespirit

    Don’t miss the big picture-WORLD (Global) GOVERNMENT and the destruction or submission of Syria is only a small part of the FINAL action-WW3, which will create such CHAOS,Death and Destruction that people will welcome the New World Order

  • BlatentFabrication

    SAS will be up against Vympel , Spetsnaz, who will be hunting them. This is getting stupid.

  • PJ London

    And to think that there was a time when being a British Soldier was something to be proud of.

    • rudy

      Most of brits soldiers are wankers we saw it so often during autumm manoeuvers in germany going for a pee and then playing , with themselve, veteran Belgian SF

      • PJ London

        Hi Rudy, worked for 3 years in Brussels, great town and country

        I thought that the Belgian army was pretty much like traffic cops, Prussians heading south, French heading north, Germans going south, Americans going north, …

        You are right about the wanking, they do not allow women into the combat units, as the NCOs and Officers can’t stand the competition.

    • There are many good soldiers in the forces, unfortunately they are most often made to execute an agenda cooked-up by a corrupt political class who see the military as a tool to generate political capital.

      • except for me im pretty much a scumbag.

      • LocalHero

        The are not “made” to do it.They signed up for it and freely participate in the slaughter. They are nothing but common murderers.

        • Yves Dropper

          They fucking don’t know what they are doing! Trolls! And they’ll die for it too!!!

  • rudy

    Just intox, you cant put that quick people on the ground until everything was prepared in advance chemicak attack aswell !

  • Jct: It is truly amazing to read about their plans for war crimes! How is that that genocidal maniacs keep getting elected in our democratic systems?

    • LocalHero

      Because we are not participating in “democratic systems.”

  • Jean-Pierre Damstra

    I thought Obama wanted to end all conflict in the middle east. Funny how things change once elections are over.

  • Linda

    Yet another act of Treason by Cameron/Clegg/Hague et al. We no longer live in a democracy. It’ll be Africa next.

    • chris

      it will be africa next. they have already tried to soften up the sheeple with the whole Kony bullshit. as long as the american public think there “heroic” government will save the kids, then there is nothing to stop the invasion. i normally wouldnt say “nothing” but when it comes to the government and world leaders i do because none of them have a conscience.

  • Greg Meyers

    They’re really pushing a time line on this one. Guilty even before the UN Inspectors are finished. But it’s not a matter of guilt or innocence for the Syrian Government, but rather advancing an agenda by the Global Elitist’s.

  • Linda

    I’m watching Parliament live: Cameron is lying his butt off, and the house is full!

  • tracy

    Anyone now in the military get ready for the next journey of the genocide of the middle east.They don’t want proof,they have been planning this since 2011.Obama is the equivalent of Bush,just a different skin color.

  • Yves Dropper

    Please SMS Tireless, fucking get tired and spring a leak. This is so uncalled for! Idiots inside!!!

  • Antoinette Cazalet

    Had a feeling they might be!

  • lee

    just send in the troops and end this shit once and for all

  • lee

    just send the troops in and end this shit once and for all

  • andre

    Just intox, you cant put that quick people on the ground until everything was prepared in advance chemical attack as well!