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MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Promotes Gay Marriage Politics by Shamelessly Exploiting Child

Krystal Ball: Part of MSNBC’s new White House agenda promotions team.

21st Century Wire

For those who haven’t noticed by now, MSNBC has gradually morphed into the Obama White House’s own political channel, openly employing the most divisive and sophisticated NPL-trained hosts, used to ram the following issues down Americans’ throats: Gay Marriage, Abortion, Gun Control, Global Warming, and Socialist Entitlements.

MSNBC can now be seen openly forcing a hardened politicized agenda onto the airwaves and into the minds of their audience. Their methods are even more extreme than previously seen notorious FOX News neoconservative agenda promotions.

Of all the issues mentioned above, the promotion to political prominence of the gay marriage issue has replaced abortion as the supreme American wedge issue used by the White House to further divide Americans along so-called ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’. Whatever your stance is on gay marriage, we’d hope that you can recognise what is truly wrong with MSNBC’s dark methods used in the clip below. Many will find it disgusting and repulsive, but everyone should agree that young children should not be used to transfer an adult political agenda.

 To call it brainwashing is no exaggeration – as we witness this political exercise conducted on a 4 year old child…

Nonetheless, MSNBC believes that this is the most important crisis facing the United States at present, and has assigned one of their actor/spokesmodels masquerading as a “Democratic Strategist”, named “Krystal Ball” (unfortunately it’s not her stage name) to go all out, making a show of her own daughter in a segment lowly titled as “Political Playground”. 

In a disgusting nudging exercise, she leads her daughter through a bizarre liberal maze by asking, “What if you were in love with a girl? Would you marry a girl?”.  Actor-cum-journalist Ball goes on to explain how “strange” it was that other states haven’t decided to allow gay marriage, concluding to her daughter, “They should change that – shouldn’t they?”.

The child replies that, ‘girls can marry girls and boys can marry boys in New York but not in other places’, and we wonder why a 4 year old girl should be pondering this latest adult trend of divisive gender legislation. Watch…

It’s beyond belief, but this clip will show you how far they will go, and ultimately, how dangerous MSNBC’s new crew of White House “change agents” really are…





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  • websuspect

    Im struggling with how to make a more fair society without attacking the institution of Marriage on a level that is Marxist, Communist and anti Sacramental. The conclusion I came to was that we can have in society civil unions in a court house. Since “Gay Marriage” Would not be a religious sacrament in most legitimate church’s. I am not gay. But i have to ask myself, if my best friend was gay and in the closet. How would i be fair towards his personal beliefs. The Main body of the Christian church teach that every person must follow their conscience. We find our selves living in a society where a tiny minority is trying to dictate the terms of societal norms to a large portion of society that sees church in childhood terms. The childhood terms of most modern adults visiting saint Patricks Cathedral in New York and Christmas and a small child saying “What is this place”.

  • Why do you need to indoctrinate and use the child for an agenda? Just let her grow up and think for herself. I think we aren’t arguing the issue of civil unions. The term ‘marriage’ has been taken and it should stay that way.
    The use of a child to promote a political agenda is disgusting. Debate the point with here when she grows up and stay out of her head!

  • Disgusting to say the least! Hopefully she never does any soul searching. Otherwise I think suicide may be in her future, if she ever figures out how sick, disgusting, and perverted she is. Wow, with her own child no less!! To pervert and pimp out your own flesh and blood for personal gain!! Did I say WOW