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Douglas Macgregor & Chas Freeman: U.S. Push for War on Russia in Ukraine Will Weaken Europe, NATO

The following roundtable discussion as filmed earlier this year on the one year anniversary of Russia’s Special Military Operation and ensuing War in Ukraine.

Hosted by Mike Krupa for VotumTV, guests Col. Douglas Macgregor and former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Chas Freeman, discuss the real problems faced by Washington and their junior partners in NATO, following their disastrous proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. This strategic failure by the US and NATO may lead to an increasingly unstable, politically polarized and re-militarized Europe, as Washington struggles to see the world through a realistic 21st century lens. What will be left of Ukraine if the US-UK-NATO Axis powers continue to insist on a ‘no peace negotiations’ policy? All this and more. Watch: 

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