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Zelensky Says: ‘No Elections in Ukraine Until War is Over’

Yesterday Tucker Carlson took to the airwaves of Twitter to point out what may be the biggest hypocrisy of western nation-building yet. During the opening minutes of Episode 7 of “Tucker on Twitter” he points out that in their valiant ‘war for democracy’, the Western virtue-signalling war alliance is actually enabling a dictatorship in the newest NATO protectorate in Ukraine.

Former Fox News presenter asks the fundamental question: why exactly are we now at war with Russia? The answer seems to be:

“The war against Putin and for Ukraine is in fact a war for democracy.”

Carlson goes on to point out the obvious, that, “we are currently fighting a war for democracy on behalf of a leader who just casually announced he’s happy to end democracy and our democracy and supporting leaders have no problem with that.

He rightly points out that during ‘wartime’ politicians become more powerful, and thus they will always justify any extreme anti-democratic action at home as necessary. In the case of Ukraine, the Western-backed proxy war against Russia has allowed the Zelensky regime to suspend elections indefinitely, bring all media under state control, and shut down any independent media outlets which will not comply, shut down churches suspected of not supporting the war effort, silencing political opponents, and force-conscription of any male between the ages of 18 and 60 years old.

That means the collective West can now boast how it’s fighting a ‘war for democracy’ to prop-up a leader who just canceled democracy.

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Dave DeCamp of Antiwar.com writes…

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told BBC last week that there will be no Ukrainian presidential election in 2024 if martial law is still in effect, The New Voice of Ukraine reported.

Zelensky’s five-year term is due to end in 2024, but his comments suggest that it will be extended indefinitely if the war isn’t over by then. He made similar comments about Ukraine’s parliamentary elections, which are due to be held in October of this year, in an interview with The Washington Post last month.

When asked if parliamentary elections will be held this fall, Zelensky said, “If we have martial law, we cannot have elections. The constitution prohibits any elections during martial law. If there is no martial law, then there will be.”

Ruslan Stefanchuk, the speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, also said this month that elections can’t happen in Ukraine under martial law, which Zelensky declared when Russia invaded. “Ukrainian legislation stipulates it is impossible to hold any elections during martial law. And this makes sense,” he said.

Stefanchuk added that if elections happen, it could “lead to the rupture of the state, which our enemy is waiting for. That is why I think the most correct and wise decision is to hold elections immediately after the end of martial law.”

After declaring martial law, Zelensky took steps to consolidate his power, including banning the main opposition party in Ukraine’s parliament, Opposition Platform — For Life, which held 44 seats at the time. He also banned ten other opposition parties and nationalized the media.




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