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America is a Banana Republic with Political Prosecutions – Constitutional Democracy is a Fantasy…

Irrespective of your views on Donald Trump, the importance of due process and equal application of laws is sacrosanct. Without them, a country edges toward anarchy or fascism.

By Mitch Feierstein

Joe Biden had  Donald Trump arrested this week. We are also meant to not think about the fact that the Biden Administration has arrested the leading candidate opposing him in the 2024 presidential election. Biden’s message is clear: The people are no longer allowed to choose the President of the United States in free and fair elections. (Here and Here).

Trump’s New York arrest was politically motivated and an example of prosecutorial misconduct by Alvin Bragg, designed to keep Trump out of the 2024 election. (Here Here).

Trump’s Miami case is also politically motivated and will be challenged by Trump’s defense team, who will likely argue that the government misused the civil statute of the Presidential Records Act to launch a criminal prosecution. SCOTUS Justice Amy Berman Jackson declared, “The [Presidential Records Act] does not confer any mandatory or discretional authority on the archivist. Under the statute, this responsibility is left solely to the President.” 

The politicization and weaponization of law enforcement and the judiciary have become existential threats to democracy. These tactics deflect attention from imminent crises like Biden’s Ukraine failures and defeat, a potential nuclear World War III with Russia and China, bank failures, and history’s most severe cost of living crisis. Under Biden’s rule, the USA has a biased dual justice system that has been designed to hide these ‘significant issues’ while manipulating public opinion with psychological operations.

Trump’s persecution and arrest have been planned since he won the 2016 presidential election vs. Hillary Clinton (HereHere, Here). Trump interfered with Obama’s passing of the USA’s Military Industrial Complex (MIC) permanent war torch to Hillary Clinton, which would have begun a proxy WWIII with Russia in 2017. This cost the MIC trillions in profits; war is big business. Victoria Nuland arranged the 2014 Ukraine coup to set the table for Hillary’s proxy war with Russia. (Here Here) Trump disturbed the Obama/Clinton/Nuland/MIC WWIII timetable. (Here and Here) Trump had to be punished for the MIC’s losses. The establishment orchestrated Trump’s loss in the 2020 election, ensuring he would never regain power and ultimately face arrest. Merrick Garland, the head of the Department of Justice, appointed by Biden, sanctioned the raid on President Trump’s home in Florida. (Here)

Prosecution of Trump banana republic style.

Merrick Garland, appointed by President Biden to head the Department of Justice, stands accused of perjury. (Here and Here) Evidence supporting this claim includes emails from an FBI whistle-blower that reveal Garland’s DOJ sanctioned the use of counterterrorism methods to track parents lawfully protesting school board members…

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