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US Congressman: ‘We Don’t Owe Zelensky ‘A Damn Thing’

This week has seen a number of lawmakers in Washington condemning President Joe Biden’s open-ended proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, and are now calling for an end to the financial blank cheque being offered to the regime in Kiev.

US Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) is calling on Washington to cut its foreign aid to Ukraine, which he believes is being used to fund an unwinnable conflict which America should have “no involvement in.” 

“Biden and his crime family may owe Zelensky, but America doesn’t owe him a damn thing,” Gosar tweeted on Monday.

“NO MORE Foreign Aid, especially not to fund a war that we should have NO involvement in,” he added.

As a dedicated anti-interventionist and advocate for the GOP’s unofficial ‘America First’ caucus, Gosar has emerged as a voice of sanity in challenging the bankrupt foreign policy agenda being pushed by the Biden administration.

Gossar had previously voted against a $40 billion military and financial aid package for Zelensky’s regime back in May, as well as rejecting the recent $12 billion offered to Kiev in a wild spending bill last month.

“The border is open, fentanyl is killing hundreds of thousands and inflation is raging,” said Gossar.

“Yet the left and the establishment right just voted to send another 12 billion to Ukraine? This is more America Last policy.”

Gosar’s mentioning of Biden’s “crime family” owing Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensy a favor is likely a reference to the theory held by some US conservatives that Zelensky aided Biden’s 2020 election win by refusing a request by former President Donald Trump to reopen a corruption investigation into Biden’s son’s lucrative position on the board of a Ukrainian energy firm.

In addition to Gosar, other Republicans are now calling to shut off cash to Kiev, as well the unprecedented trafficking of weapons into the conflict zone by the US.  Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said that US aid to Ukraine has actually “killed thousands and thousands of people [and] drastically driven up the cost of living all over the world,” and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz stated this past Sunday that, “maintaining Ukraine as an international money laundering Mecca isn’t worth” the threat of nuclear war.

If this exodus from the war party continues, then expect this issue to push many centrist voters over towards the GOP.

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