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‘They’re Going to Starve Us and Freeze Us to Death’

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

On July 1st 2020 (over two years ago) a video appeared on my YouTube channel with the title ‘They’re going to Starve Us and Freeze Us to Death.’

The video was, of course, taken down within hours and was permanently banned.

I thought you might like to read the script. It explains what I was thinking over two years ago…

UK government policies have plunged millions into fuel poverty (Image Source: Open Democracy)

Have you noticed how the unelected intellectual terrorists leading the way in the coronavirus hoax are keen on phrases to describe what they’re doing to us, and what they want to do next, when they’ve got us all neatly tied up and terrified?

I should explain, by the way, that I am perfectly serious in describing the proponents of the coronavirus hoax as terrorists.

Terrorism can be defined as using intimidation and violence in the pursuit of political aims.

Well, governments everywhere have been certainly using intimidation to pressurise us into being scared of their fashionable version of the flu bug. And if someone threatens to send uniformed men round to arrest me if I don’t obey their stupid rules then as far as I am concerned that is violence.

To get back to the phrases they have adopted to describe the world they want us to live in. First, there’s the new normal, of course, which should be the new abnormal because it bears absolutely no resemblance to anything I am inclined to accept as normal. I have nothing but contempt for people who are so supine that they willingly wear masks when popping to the shops or who would rather step off the pavement and be run over by a number 29 bus than risk sharing space with another citizen. I’ve been retired from medical practice for years and I took my name off the medical register a long time ago but I am thinking of putting it back on so that I can certify as insane anyone who wears a mask or does the social distancing dance on the pavement or in a shop. Masks dehumanise us and take away our human qualities. One of the saddest sights I’ve seen recently was that of two Ferrari racing drivers standing side by side, proudly wearing their masks. Oh, please. I can’t see Fangio, Stirling Moss, Mike Hawthorn or Gilles Villeneuve wearing silly masks.

‘Excuse me,’ I will say, standing outside one of the new vaccination centres that they will soon be building on every street corner, ‘why are you wearing a mask?’

‘Gtrjsghe kehek mumble mumble,’ they will reply through the requisite number of layers of material, too stupid to know that all masks have pores big enough to let through any imaginable virus.

And then I’ll pull out a mental health act form and sign them up for a long, paid holiday in the loony bin. Another one bites the dust.

Then there is the green recovery which sounds far less fun than the pink recovery which I intend to promote when I have a spare minute or two, and no more meaningful than the purple with yellow spots recovery. I have never had much faith in green recoveries since a racing car team painted its car green and claimed it had done so in order to make clear its green credentials. How a car driven round and round in circles and using up a gallon every three miles can ever be green is beyond me. Still, racing car people live in a world of their own. I see that the Mercedes formula one team is painting its cars black this year in some sort of show of solidarity with black people though it seems to me to be more akin to virtue signalling via a paint job guaranteed to gain some publicity. I’m not sure what good a new paint job will do to improve people’s lives in Africa though I suspect it may all be something to do with the fact a young fellow called Lewis Hamilton who drives one of these things is very outspoken about black issues and what needs to be done. I’d have more respect for Hamilton’s views if he hadn’t buggered off to Monaco or Switzerland as soon as he started earning enough money to pay decent amounts of income tax and make a real contribution to the world. You can’t expect to have a voice in social affairs if you don’t contribute meaningful amounts of tax. Mind you, Hamilton also claims to be keen on environmental issues and yet spends his life flying around the planet in order to drive cars round and round in circles. But then all celebrities live on a different planet to the rest of us. Hamilton would gain a little admiration and respect if he gave half his annual salary to poor people in Africa – in lieu of paying British income tax.

And, of course, there is the global reset which basically means allowing a bunch of bossy fascists to decide what is good for us, what we should eat, what we should do with our lives and, in due course, what we should think and what we should believe in.

There is a war going on for control of the world, our lives, our minds, our souls and our destiny.

Talking of souls, I am very suspicious, by the way, of the various religious leaders who seemed surprisingly keen to shut down their churches, cathedrals, mosques and synagogues when the flu first arrived a few months ago. Why did they not feel that their congregations might need a little solace at a time like this? Most congregations have been happily practising social distancing for years so even if there had ever been any theoretical risk, there had never been any practical risk. Was it just simple cowardice and irreligious self-preservation which led to the betrayal of millions in their time of need, or were they helping to soften us up for a new world in which traditional religion is considered inappropriate and possibly even illegal.

We aren’t going to be allowed to have any choice in these matters because these unelected folk (most of whom none of us has ever heard of) know better than we do what we want. There was a time when the people used to vote and choose politicians according to their promised policies. Of course, it was understood that the politicians would lie and that very few of their promises would be kept; but there was a semblance of democracy in the whole business, and politicians knew that if they lied too much they would not be given power at the next elections. But the unelected ones who seem to have given themselves the power to decide our future for us seem to want to take control with no mandate from the people. Prince Charles, Bill Gates, George Soros and a variety of characters at something called the World Economic Forum have taken upon themselves the authority to decide what is good for us. In my view, these people are morally empty; corruption is burnt into their empty souls. A bunch of people who probably think they are all doing the right thing for the right reasons but who are all doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons.

The World Economic Forum used to be famous only for its daft Davos conferences at which we all smiled indulgently. But now this and other organisations have shown us their true colours and we are clearly in a fight to the death. It’s them or us. The truth, to them, is what they say it is and what they want it to be. How many are using Covid-19 to promote their own financial interests at our expense? We are living in Lewis Carroll’s worst nightmare.

It is difficult not to feel impressed at the way they are managing to keep us oppressed through the constant application of fear. It’s a simple recipe and it works well with the simple minded.

And then there is the oil.

This, like the deliberately engineered coming food shortage is a big part of the future problem we face.

The coronavirus crime has now turned into a global warming crime. The two have become inextricably linked. We are told that the coronavirus appeared because of climate change and that we must therefore put all our effort into tackling climate change – although, as I explained in my video entitled `Climate Change is a Lot of Hot Air’ this whole argument is childish gibberish unsupported by science and largely promoted by publicity seeking celebrities, the ill-informed and the uneducated. Politicians, business leaders and environmentalists are all fighting one another for the high moral ground as they demand that as the economy is reset it puts climate change top of the list of requirements. The vast majority of the people around the world realise that the climate change nonsense is just that – nonsense. It’s propaganda with a sinister purpose.

The manipulators who are trying to take over the world (and doing very well so far it has to be admitted) are using people like Prince Charles, that Swedish kid and untold ignorant celebrities to give them an excuse to take control.

And so we are constantly being told that we must stop using oil and other fossil fuels and rely on alternative sources of energy. As I pointed out in my video entitled `Climate Change is a Lot of Hot Air’ this means relying on biomass – which is wood – because wind and solar don’t provide enough energy to power the laptops and mobile phones so beloved by the climate change nutters. And in the UK the wood we burn comes from trees chopped down in America, cut up into tiny bits and then brought across the Atlantic in diesel powered ships.

What the nutters don’t seem to realise is that the oil really is running out. Russia and former USSR countries provide 40% of the EU’s supplies – and they are running out. African supplies are also falling. The oil currently being formed deep down in the earth will be ready in 50 million years but I’m not sure I can wait that long.

The shortages are exacerbated by the fact that the big oil companies have been bullied into cutting exploration by 25% – so they obviously aren’t finding much new oil.

One of two things is going to happen.

Either the price of oil will soar again over the next few years.

Or millions of people are going to starve or freeze to death as energy systems collapse.

Well, maybe that is what they want.

Certainly, a lot of the unelected people who have started talking about overpopulation and the need for a global depopulation programme, would presumably welcome that.

I know that our world has been pretty well destroyed by a bug which causes a small part of the real health problems caused by flu. I know that we are being lied to constantly.

I know that our food supplies are being deliberately damaged – and if you want to know more about what is happening to our food supplies just read the transcript of my video on food which YouTube banned because it was full of truths. The video is entitled ‘Why You Should Stockpile Food – Now!’. They kept Part II but banned Part I. The video is, I think, still around on places like Bitchute. But the transcript is on this website.

As I have already said, our energy supplies are desperately under threat too and that without oil there will be hundreds of millions of deaths around the world. That’s no exaggeration. Without oil, and other fossil fuels, there will be virtually no electricity for farming or cooking. And transport will grind to a halt. That may sound all very nice to the nutters who dream of living in tents in idyllic rural parts, relying on government hand-outs and stealing turnips, but it’s a fact of life that they and the frail, the elderly, the very young and most of the rest of us will freeze to death or starve without oil.

Oh, and those who are selfish and greedy enough to be still in love with their electric cars – quite rightly claiming that subsidies mean they are cheap to run – might like to think a little more about how electric cars are made and the fact that they have been shown to make global warming worse.

Fans of electric cars tend to forget that the huge quantities of rare earth metals such as lithium, rhodium and cobalt required for the batteries have to be dug out of the ground – using machinery which is powered with diesel or petrol. An electric car can require 10 kg of cobalt and 60 kg of lithium. And huge amounts of copper are needed too.

The car industry is already struggling to find enough cobalt, lithium to make batteries for electric cars. The planet’s supply of these goodies is very limited. Oh, and there is, of course, a massive demand for copper for all the wiring. The mining required to dig up these elements requires lots of huge fuel guzzling equipment.

As an aside, half of all the cobalt needed is mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I suggest that electric car fans do a little research into the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many of the rare earths used in the manufacture of electric car batteries are dug out of the ground by children as young as seven. Sanctimonious green electric car buyers will doubtless be delighted to know that they are providing work for so many under 12s.

The price of the materials required for electric car batteries is going to soar and the mines mean much despoliation. The fans of electric cars never seem worried about this. Nor do they campaign to leave the cobalt and the lithium in the ground as they do with oil.

To get back to the electricity supplies: whatever happens I believe there are going to be major electricity outages in the next year or two. Make plans if you can. There are generators and long-term storage batteries available. And at the very least get a kettle that will run off the cigar lighter in a car – then you can at least make a cup of tea or hot soup. Or have a hot toddy when the weather gets chilly.

Vernon Coleman’s book Coming Apocalypse details the story of the coronavirus hoax from February 2020 onwards – and includes a forecast for the future. Coming Apocalypse is available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon. And if you want to know more about the global warming scam I recommend Greta’s Homework by Zina Cohen which I published and which is available as a paperback and an eBook.

This article originally appeared on Vernon Coleman’s website

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