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The Disappearance of Gonzalo Lira

The sudden disappearance of Chilean-America pundit Gonzalo Lira in Ukraine is now making global headlines. However, despite the volume of media coverage and pleas for information on his whereabouts, investigators have been unable to locate any hard leads about his current status.

Before he went missing, Gonzalo had stated repeatedly on social media and YouTube, that should he go missing for more than 12 hours online, that people should assume he has been abducted and detained (or worse) by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU).

Lira also publicly broadcast how the American mainstream publication, the Daily Beast and its ‘journalist’ Mark Hay had gone out of their way to publish an elaborate smear piece on Lira, and even go so far as to contact the SBU in order to alert them that he was broadcasting reports critical of the Ukrainian government from the city Kharkov, Ukraine.

This shameful and dangerous operation by the Daily Beast was complimented by other partisan US ‘journalists’ seemed to suggest that Lira was working as ‘Russia spy,’ an accusation which was certainly designed to bring harm to him

Currently, no indication of his detention has been reported by authorities in Kiev, which has also led many of his supporters to fear for his life, in the event he was abducted by prison gangs which President Zelensky released in Kharvov to provide ‘security’ alongside the President’s Neo-Nazi battalions currently being supported by NATO.

The following report is from RT International, broadcast yesterday. Watch: 


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