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Hungary’s Viktor Orban Wins in Landmark Election

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban secured a fifth overall term as the country’s leader, after his Fidesz party won a two-thirds majority – a result which has rattled the ruling liberal power base in Brussels, who are now worried about Orban’s overwhelming conservative mandate.

Orban outmatched opposition challengers, despite being repeatedly attacked by the entire mainstream media, the international left, George Soros, and even Ukrainian leader and actor Zelensky.

Under Orban, Hungary, a NATO member, has also adopted a policy of neutrality in regard to the war in Ukraine, and has forbid NATO from trafficking arms through the country en route to Ukraine. This move has angered the anti-Russian war hawks in the US and UK, as well as former comedian President Zelensky, who has heaped scorn on Orban for not being more supportive enough of NATO’s war effort.

Europe’s election monitoring body, the Organization for Security and Co-operation (OSCE), has criticised Orban’s victory, claiming he had an ‘unfair election advantage’ which they claim gave Orban a landslide win.

According to the FT, Orban is “the EU’s longest-serving leader after 12 years in power, has extended control over most walks of life in Hungary on the way to forming a self-styled “illiberal democracy”, in which checks and balances have been weakened and the prime minister’s associates have become the business elite.”

Meanwhile, Orban has clashed publicly with the EU on the issue of how to handle the incoming flow of mass immigration, with Orban refusing to let in asylum seekers from Asia and the Middle East. He has also been accused by his opponents in the western media of alleged ‘antisemitism’ due to his criticism of US-based billionaire NGO mogul and colour revolution funder George Soros.

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