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OpEd: The War on Donbass: Why We Must All Stand Against Fascism

IMAGE: US and NATO-backed Neo Nazis adorning their provocative radical nationalist symbols, march through the streets of Ukrainian cities.

Fra Hughes
21st Century Wire

For those who claim President Putin is a megalomaniac sociopath intent on drawing Europa and America into some kind of Machiavellian war in order to massage his over-inflated ego, let’s look at the facts shall we?

Over the past 8 years, Putin and Russia have avoided a conflict with Ukraine, and by extension the EU, America and NATO, through his refusal to formally intervene or annex the Lugansk and Donetsk Republics, or indeed, to formally acknowledge them as independent states.

He allowed the Minsk Agreements I & II from 2014 and 2015 to form the basis of negotiations between the Lugansk Peoples Republic, the Donetsk Peoples Republic, and the regime in Ukraine. Moreover, Russia also received a mandate for the realization of the Minsk peace process from the UN Security Council through Resolution 2202.

For over 7 years, the regime in Kiev, to include the infamous fascist Azov pro neo-Nazi, nationalist Ukrainian armed forces battalions, have continually violated the Minsk Agreements by shelling the independent Republics with prohibited military munitions, causing incredible death and destruction along the way.

President Zelensky, who is being courted by the West, took things further when he escalated tensions and violence on the line of contact and prepared in February this year, for up to 120,000 Ukrainian soldiers to invade and reoccupy the Donbass region.

He stated publicly he wanted Ukraine to become a nuclear power.

Putin had only a few choices:

1. Allow Kiev to retake the Donbass Republics, thereby placing pro Nazi Ukrainian nationalists on its border.

2. Recognise the two independent Republics and send troops to protect them

3. Recognise the two independent Republics followed by a limited incursion into Ukraine to disarm the fascists and save Europe from another war by eliminating the current Nazi threat today.

Putin has prevented that from happening again.

Here is the background you will not read or hear on western warmongering media like the BBC.

Victoria Nuland bragged in 2014 how the US spent $5 billion creating the circumstances that led to the US-backed coup d’etat in Kiev – toppling the democratically elected President. The Maidan Square protests were organised by pro-western anti-Russian Ukrainian nationalists and fascists who used guns and violence to depose the government, and orchestrate an anti democratic illegal takeover of power which was handed to the fascist descendants of the pro-Nazi Bandera ideologists who fought alongside the Waffen SS in the Second World War.

Many western readers are still unaware that some 27 million Russians died defeating the Nazis in what become known as “The Great Patriotic War”.

In Lugansk, in the city of Krasnodon, a group of anti Nazi teenagers called the Young Guard were active in resisting the German fascist occupation of Ukraine.

Weeks before the Red Army liberated Lugansk, in January 1943, the Gestapo kidnaped the Young Guard which had up to 80 members, torturing and beating them. They threw some of the Young Guard while still alive down a mine shaft.

Boulders were then dropped onto those who had survived the fall until their cries of pain subsided.

This is just one of the memories the people of Donbass remember about living under fascism.

A museum to honour the heroism of the anti-fascist Young Guard can be found in Lugansk today.

That is why they denounced the illegal American financed coup of 2014 and refused to live under an undemocratic fascist installed coup.

I have visited the mine and I have shown my respect to those who were first tortured, beaten and then systematically murdered.

I understand how the murder of Russian speaking trade unionists and others who were forced to seek refuge in the trade Union building in Odessa on May 2, 2014 , before fascists blocked the fire escape routes and systematically burned the building down, murdering men women and children many of whom had been physicality assaulted – has had a profound effect upon the Donbass and people across Ukraine, and the world.

The people of the Lugansk oblast, the Donetsk oblast, and the Crimea, exercised their inalienable right not be forced to live under an illegal coup.

The people with no army, no air force and no navy, much like the Palestinians, chose the path of resistance.

First they stood in front of the occupying tanks and when the people were murdered by their own army, then they turned to armed resistance

I have seen the mass graves were so many civilians had died, with the morgue full, the people were laid to rest together.

I have spoken with their family.

I was told the stories how Ukrainian snipers shot men women and children who went to the river to draw water as all drinkable water was contaminated.

It was either die of thirst of risk drawing water in the open.

A limited war of liberation saw a portion of the Donbass breakaway from the fascist controlled Ukraine government and set up two autonomous regions.

Crimea held a referendum where the people voted to join the Russian Federation and both Lugansk and Donetsk held elections were the people voted to support independence and the Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk were born.

I was an election monitor.

In 2014 the Minsk Protocol Agreements saw an acceptance by the government in Ukraine that both new Republics would be viewed as autonomous regions.That a ceasefire would be introduced. Large calibre munitions such as artillery shells would be prohibited.

A defacto peace, which was periodically broken by Ukrainian artillery attacks on Donetsk was largely observed . The OSCE the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe was  positioned to monitor the ceasefires.

During Donald Trump’s Presidency there was no American focus on the Ukraine.

His America first policy and the new enemy they were creating, the ‘Yellow Peril’ of China with its growing  economic global dominance, meant  there was no real American destabilisation of the Donbass/Ukraine ceasefire.

Enter Biden in 2021

There was relative peace in the region 2015-2022 but now threats of thermo nuclear Armageddon war against Russia is being openly promoted and debated by US officials .

Biden was vice president to Obama and Victoria Nuland’s boss in 2014 during the Maidan Square pro EU fascist coup.

President George HW Bush, a Republican, bombed Saddam Hussein’s Iraq army out of Kuwait. He is rumoured to have said he should have finished the job during the first Gulf War.

Enter George Bush Jr, also a Republican President, who was following in his father’s footsteps and probably after a family dinner, set in motion his father’s plan to finish off Saddam.

The untruth of weapons of mass destruction was invented and alongside Tony Blair they both lied and led us into an illegal war.

Are we witnessing history repeating itself, yet again?

Biden comes to power, Russia is the new, old enemy. Is he finishing the outstanding business of 2014, when they allowed 2 million people escape the clutches of the fascist coup?

Biden may appear to be a weak senile mumbling old fool but somewhere in his heart, when it beats, is a cold calculating politician devoid of empathy or humanity.

After initially pouring 90 tons of ‘lethal aid’, weapons of mass destruction into Ukraine and billions of dollars in continued support. The Ukraine now bolstered with EU British and NATO support feels strong enough to reoccupy the separatist areas of Donbass. And this is exactly what happened in the lead up to Russia moving into Ukraine.

A local militia of lightly armed men 18-55 are all that stands in the way of a fascist, coup-led government in Kiev, made in the image of the Bandera supporting Waffen SS Nazi era from occupying Donbass.

Fascism is on the rise all over Europe.

Nationalism is being encouraged to foment anti Russian sentiment.

We are back in the 1930’s with NATO, the new alliance, not against fascism – which they are openly supporting, but against mother Russia.

During the Cold War the fight was against communist Russia and the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union no longer exists thanks to Gorbachev and Yeltsin.

Russia is led by oligarchs and millionaires just like most other European countries and America. It has a capitalist driven economy and a capitalist ruling class.

What drives the capitalist war economy?


Where is the profit to be found in the Ukraine-Donbass-Russian conflict?

Russia has built a gas pipeline in conjunction with Germany, to supply cheap energy to Europe.

The Nordstream2 pipeline will deliver billions of cubic metres of gas from the Russian gas fields to Central Europe and Britain.

This is a win-win for Russia and Europe.

Russia exports gas at a profit, Europe imports cheaper Russian gas rather than paying exorbitant rates for US and other LNG imports from suppliers on the open market.

The new pipeline will bypass Ukraine, a country which already relies on Russian gas supplies to keep its homes warm and the fires of industry burning.

America is hoping to supply more of Europe’s energy requirements than Russia.

America is currently the biggest oil producer in the world ahead of both Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Shale gas extracted via the disputed fracking process is being transported to Europe in the form of liquefied natural (LNG) gas.

American shale gas is only extracted when the price of gas is high making the venture economically viable.

America gas companies need the price of gas to remain artificially high in order to make a profit.

The American administration and President Biden have long been cajoling the German Chancellor and the German government to abandon the Nordstream2 project and impose sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine/Donbass issue.

If we add the weapons sales to Ukraine from America, to the profits that engorge American energy sales to Europe , with the now promised continued short term and long term financial support of Ukraine with billion dollar loans from western financiers, global capitalists and the banks I think we can clearly see what is really at stake in Donbass.

The capitalist playbook.

Billions of dollars of profit for shareholders is to be made from selling American gas to Europe indefinitely

Billions of dollars is to be made by shareholders from selling weapons of mass destruction to Ukraine and possibly other former Soviet Union nations now in NATO, indefinitely

Billions of dollars of profit for shareholders is to be made from selling financial services loans to a failing Ukrainian government indefinitely.

For America the war in Donbass is no more than a vehicle to create profit with the bonus of further marginalising and isolating Russia in a continued economic war of global dominance.

Washington’s plan: Russian capitalists in charge of stealing the wealth of the Russian people are to be replaced by American capitalists who want to steal the wealth of the Russian people in their place.

On one level, everything we witness is a fight between the capitalist classes of many nations fighting over the resources of countries which are vulnerable to capitalist superiority through military and financial destabilisation.

Yet the people of Lugansk, Donetsk, and Crimea have the right not to live under an imposed fascist coup.

They have democratically elected leaders in place, mandated by the people.

They are Russian-speaking citizens with long cultural, historical, economic, and family ties to Russia.

Should the fascists in Ukraine launch an all out invasion of Donbass, we must stand with the people of the region in the face of a resurgent western armed and financed fascist regime.

America is trying to lure Russia into the conflict in order to impose sanctions and scrap the Nordstream2 pipeline.

Say no to capitalist wars of aggression

Say no to wars for profit

Say no to fascism.

Say no more Russians should die in Europe defeating fascism.

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