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Zelensky: ‘There Will Be No War’

(Image: Wikicommons)

This morning, the breakaway republics in Donetsk and Lugansk have ratified a friendship and assistance agreement entitled, ‘Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation with the Russian Federation’, a binding treaty with the Russian Federation, a move which formally opens the door to receiving both military and financial support from Moscow.

Meanwhile, US and other western leaders are crying foul and are promising to impose crippling economic sanctions against both the people of the Donbass and the entire Russian Federation.

This follows yesterday’s televised national address by President Putin where he announced that, “I deem it necessary to make a decision that should have been made a long time ago,” and to immediately recognize both as independent and autonomous states.

However, should a military conflict break out, Ukraine’s President Zelensky has indicated that he is still prepared to impose martial law on his people.

RT International reports…

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has described as unlikely a scenario in which a “full-blown war” would break out between his country and Russia. However, should “military action against Ukraine and an escalation of the conflict begin,” his government would impose martial law, he revealed in a major address to the nation on Tuesday.

“We believe there will be no war against Ukraine, and there will be no broad escalation on the part of the Russian Federation,” Zelensky announced.

Kiev is calling on Moscow to assist in resolving the conflict through dialogue in any format, the president said. He went on to emphasize that Ukraine had to defend its sovereignty.

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