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RIP Luc Montagnier: “I’m outraged by the fact, that we want to vaccinate children…”

RIP Luc Montagnier

Luc Montagnier, French virologist, Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of HIV, died at the age of 89 on Tuesday in Paris, France.

Montagnier recently expressed his ‘outrage’ about the push to jab children, the risk of prion disease, and the impact the COVID shots could have on future generations.

Many may not know that after his award, he began drifting from the mainstream corporate approach to the HIV and AIDS ‘crisis’, and started questioning many of the establishment’s assumptions on the treatment of AIDS, and questioning the pharmaceutical empire which Anthony Fauci and others constructed around the dubious HIV/AIDS ‘epidemic’.

He ended up positing some controversial views on COVID, variants and vaccines, and in January of this year told the Luxembourg Parliament in a speech that the vaccines ‘were not real but poison’:

“These vaccines are poisons. They are not real vaccines. The mRNA allows its message to be transcribed throughout the body, uncontrollably. No one can say for each of us where these messages will go. This is therefore a terrible unknown. And in fact we are now learning that this is a work published over a year ago that these mRNAs contain an area that we can call prion, which is an area capable of introducing protein modifications in an unpredictable way. As a doctor I knew 21 people who received 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine, there is another person who received Moderna. The 21 died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease caused by prions. The 3 vaccines Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna contain a sequence identified by Information Technology as transformation into a prion. There is therefore a known risk to human health.”

But it was in one of Montagnier’s last sit down interviews with France Soir where he called into question ‘the science’ of governments and vaccine makers. He suggested a halt to the shots to further study the risk of prion disease, specifically to address the recent cases of at least five people who died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob prion disease:

“These are completely different people, and there is nothing in common between them, except that around April-May of this year they were vaccinated with Pfizer. Soon the first signs of the disease appeared – at first not so noticeable, but in the case of Creutzfeldt-Jakob, the condition worsens very quickly. All of these people died within 2-3 months of being vaccinated.”

In this brief clip from the interview (with English subtitles), Montagnier expresses his ‘outrage’ about the push to jab children, the risk of prion disease, and the impact these vaccines could have on future generations:

Whether you agree with him or not, you can say that Luc was still a free thinker in the end. And we can all agree that the world needs more free thinkers.

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