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End the Madness: ‘It’s Time for a Government Shutdown Fight Over COVID Measures’

This is one sure-fire way to kill the government’s addiction to COVID restrictions once and for all. If this happens, it will be a historic victory for freedom and liberty in America.

By Daniel Horowitz
, Senior Editor of The Blaze

They are experimenting on our babies. They are destroying people’s jobs, creating apartheid, and blocking medical treatment for people who don’t receive expired, dangerous shots. They are criminalizing doctors who use treatment that would save many people from COVID. They are criminalizing our ability to breathe while traveling. With everything we know now about the crimes committed by our federal government against humanity over the past two years, if Republicans fail to take this fight to the brink, then they don’t deserve to be in the majority.

It’s embarrassing that Canadians are fighting more forcefully for liberty and basic human rights than those in the supposed “land of the free.” With the federal budget deadline looming in two weeks, why not create our own trucker convoy to D.C. with the demand that Republicans block any budget bill that fails to defund all of the vaccine and mask mandates and change FDA/NIH policies regarding treatments, as well as approval of the now defunct and discredited shots on babies and toddlers? We already have a convoy that plans to ride from Ottawa to D.C.; now we need a political party on the inside to take up the cause.

Democrats need 60 votes in the Senate to pass a budget bill and send it to Joe Biden’s desk. They only have 51 votes with the vice president and therefore need nine Republican votes to secure passage. How can any Republican vote for a bill that funds such fascism and malfeasance without proper redress for the people?

Madison wrote in Federalist #58 that the power of the purse vested in Congress is “the most complete and effectual weapon with which any constitution can arm the immediate representatives of the people, for obtaining a redress of every grievance, and for carrying into effect every just and salutary measure.” If this grievance is not worthy of using the leverage of this power, then Republicans should all resign from Congress.

Moreover, as we head into the election season, such a brinksmanship over Democrat policies that are increasingly unpopular would force Democrats like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to finally stop straddling the fence. These red-state Democrats reject just enough of the far-left proposals to manipulate their voters to keep them in office, but if they had any integrity and desire to represent their constituents, they should have no problem joining with Republicans to block the mandates. Thus, even if Democrats threatened to abolish the filibuster during a budget fight, these two senators could be pressured to either deny them those votes or make it more likely they will lose their seats.

Republicans like Mitch McConnell will abrasively reject this idea because they’re concerned about a “government shutdown.” But what we have experienced the past two years is the ultimate shutdown, a shutdown he tacitly voted for by shepherding the most expensive trillion-dollar bills in American history through the Senate. They shut down our physical health, mental health, economy, schools, ability to breathe, small businesses, and bodily autonomy and destroyed the mental and emotional health of children. Republicans failed to lift a finger while they still controlled the Senate, and in the many states where they command supermajorities, to fight the issue of our time when it mattered and in the way it mattered. Now is the time to repent.

Rather than question the official narrative of the shutdown in March and April 2020, Mitch McConnell, who was then the Senate majority leader, bragged about embarking on a WWII level of “investment” to basically reward, incentivize, and praise the lockdown governors. We now have Johns Hopkins admitting that none of these measures worked and caused so much collateral damage.

But some of us knew that from day one. On March 20, 2020, I wrote of the first $2.2 trillion bill, “How can Congress treat the fallout of a problem it has failed to define and whose solutions are helping to drive the problem?” I noted, “Panic mixed with shameless pandering is a recipe for a bigger crisis than the coronavirus itself. It’s time for real men to stand up and be counted.” Well, one man stood up.

Rep. Thomas Massie took a brave stance against Trump and the other Republicans promoting these bills…

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