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Ivy League Parents Fight Back Against College Vaccine Booster Mandates

Across the US, roughly 1,000 colleges and universities are requiring mandatory vaccines for at least some students and employees, according to data from the Chronicle of Higher Education. Students who refused to accept the experimental gene therapy injection are being told by authoritarian school administrators that they won’t be able to register for classes and will have their enrollment revoked.

But if young students are statistically at zero percent threat of ever getting seriously ill from Covid, then why should they be subjected to an unnecessary risk of myocarditis posed by the experimental vaccine?

Some students are petitioning, while others are taking their college to court to defend their right to bodily sovereignty. To date, there are scores of lawsuits challenging draconian coercion policies and de facto medical experimentation requirements.

However, no college appears to have reversed its policy yet.

Recently, two Ivy League parents Joni McGary and Dr. Alison Pretti have decided up to stand-up to colleges determined to impose the experimental vaccine booster jab on students. Watch: 

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