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Australia Vaccine-Mandate Protesters Compare State Gov’t to Nazis

This week, tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Melbourne, Victoria State, to oppose their government’s new pandemic laws and vaccination mandates. Mainstream media outlets appear to be upset that attendees are daring to compare the decrees of their government to that of the Nazis, specifically citing state policies of targeted discrimination and medical apartheid. 

The latest round of protests comes after the government’s push to enact new draconian legislation meant to ‘fight the pandemic.’

Australian public health authorities are claiming that vaccinations are voluntary, and that 83% of its population aged 16 and above have been ‘fully inoculated’ against the coronavirus. However, states and territories have had to deploy coercive and intimidating policies in order to enforce vaccine mandates, including threats by the state to prevent any employee from the right to work if they refuse to accept the experimental gene-based pharmaceutical injection, as well as policies which prohibit ‘the unvaccinated’ from participating in basic activities such as eating out and attending concerts and other public facilities.


Reuters reports…

The Melbourne demonstration against the vaccination mandate that came into effect on Saturday – requiring construction workers in Victoria state to be fully inoculated – was peaceful, with no immediate reports of unruly behaviour or arrests.

But a reporter at The Age posted video on Twitter of a protester carrying a mock gallows with three nooses hanging from it, and the newspaper showed a protester carrying a poster depicting Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews with a Hitler moustache and the hashtag #DictatorDan.

“We’re being governed by insane medical bureaucrats,” Craig Kelly, former Liberal Party member of parliament and now the leader of United Australia Party, told the rally, media reported.

The Age said some protesters called for violence against politicians but did not offer specifics.

Australia has captured global attention as one of worst violators of human rights, and where governments have all but abandoned any pretence of civil liberties and rights, and regularly deploying police forces in violent attacks against protesters, and to break up any pro-freedom rallies.

Victoria Premier Dan Andrews MP

Since the beginning of the alleged ‘global pandemic’, Victoria’s Premier Dan Andrews has enacted no less than six COVID-19 lockdowns, totalling nearly nine months – despite the fact that there was never any significant number of deaths from COVID-19 among the general population outside of the elderly with comorbidities.

Still, the main justification for continuing anti-democratic policies is the state’s ongoing coronavirus testing regime. Authorities in Victoria are claiming there have been 1,221 new coronavirus “cases” (PCR positive tests) and 4 deaths ‘from’ (or ‘with’, officials will not specify precisely which) COVID. In New South Wales state officials are claiming to have 250 daily ‘cases.’

Recently, Victoria State’s lower house had passed the latest version of its disturbing coronavirus state of emergency law, the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021, which gives the government near unlimited power to declare a ‘pandemic’ at any time and for any reason. The draconian legislation also gives the state new powers to levy crippling fines against any individuals or businesses who do not obey the state’s new restrictions, and also gives the state the power to send its residents to internment facilities – which the individual will be forced to pay for.

Presently, the controversial new pandemic laws are being debated in the Victorian parliament, as protesters gather outside calling for their elected officials to “Kill the Bill.”

This unprecedented power-grab by Australian government officials has been met with silence from international human rights charities.


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