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Changizi: Precautionary Principle Demands Authorities Prove Their Policies Are ‘Safe and Effective’

Should parents have to prove to school officials that mandatory masks don’t work and are harmful to children, or that the experimental ‘vaccines’ carry potentially serious risk – especially considering how their kids are a statistically near zero risk of ever getting ill from Covid-19?

In his latest Science Moment, Dr Mark Changizi flips this backwards dynamic, explaining how the ‘precautionary principle‘ demands that the authorities must show how their own proposed draconian interventions are in fact safe, effective and proportionate. Watch:


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“YouTube just took down this video over there. It’s my first censored Moment of 113, and I’m not even arguing against masks, vaccines or lockdowns, but, rather, arguing at the meta level about where the burden of evidence is.

Your civil rights are at stake, and your very ability to fight for them is being eliminated.”

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue