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California Hospitals to Require Proof of Visitor COVID Vaccine or Negative Test to Enter

Since the very beginning of the ‘global pandemic,’ the state of California has led the way as one of the most aggressive violators of its citizens Constitutional rights and freedoms. Like many governments, the state has sought to justify its authoritarian policies and coercive measures by claiming these are necessary in order to ‘stop the spread of the virus’ – despite the fact that there exists no scientific basis for such broad claims on the efficacy of such interventions. Regardless, governments everywhere are pushing forward even harder in the race to implement Vaccine Passports as a mechanism to force the entire population to accept an unending series of unlicensed, experimental corporate products – in this case, brand new COVID-19 vaccines. Once again, government is claiming these are absolutely necessary to ‘stop the spread of virus,’ and again, there exists no scientific basis for these broad claims either.

Regardless of these facts, American healthcare providers are now pushing ahead by banning visitors from their facilities who do no submit to either COVID-19 corporate PCR testing or experimental vaccine regimes.

Given the state’s already abysmal record in protecting its residents’ civil liberties, it should be no surprise that California is now leading the way in the United States in denying freedom of movement of the unvaccinated.

According to an email (see below) sent out this week to the members of Sutter Health Network, the state public health officials have issued a new decree that visitors to facilities will no longer be able to enter hospitals or retirement care homes – without a COVID-19 vaccine, or a negative COVID-19 test. The announcement began with the following text:


As of Wednesday, August 11, a health order from the state of California requires hospital visitors to provide proof they’re fully vaccinated or had a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours in order to enter our hospitals to visit/accompany a patient.
  • This policy includes partners or support persons for laboring patients. Please plan accordingly if you’re expecting a baby.
  • While the order includes ICU and emergency departments, limited exceptions are allowed for visits related to end-of-life, guardians accompanying minors or those support persons determined to be essential to facilitating care.
  • Please note that rapid testing for COVID-19 will not be available onsite at our facilities. Find acceptable proof of vaccination options and find out where you can get tested.
  • Review our updated hospital visitor policy for more information


Thank you to News From Underground for this tip:

The claims made by state health officers are simply breathtaking – in the sense that their statements do not correspond at all with the reality, even according to widely known official data.

In order to give the impression that the state is still in the grips of a ‘pandemic,’ it is relying on fabricated ‘case’ numbers gleaned from corrupted false positive test data from non-diagnostic PCR tests. Even so, it’s still struggling to show significant ‘infection’ numbers:

California is currently experiencing the fastest increase in COVID-19 cases during the entire pandemic with 18.3 new cases per 100,000 people per day, with case rates increasing ninefold within two months.

By pursuing completely arbitrary, non science-based policies, the state appears to following in the footsteps Australia’s failing “Zero COVID” policy.

State officials then go on to claim California is now under viral siege from an uncontrollable and “possibly” more deadly ‘Delta Variant’:

The Delta variant, which is very highly contagious and possibly more virulent, is currently the most common variant causing new infections in California.

The fabrications continue with the government making the now widely discredited false claim that “Unvaccinated persons are more likely to get infected and spread the virus” (official data from Israel, Iceland and numerous other regions clearly show that the vaccinated are actually driving the alleged outbreaks), a commonly repeated canard disseminated by the Biden Administration and mainstream media outlets:

Unvaccinated persons are more likely to get infected and spread the virus, which is transmitted through the air. Most current hospitalizations and deaths are among unvaccinated persons.

So at present, the only real epidemic appears to be an epidemic of medical misinformation’ being promulgated by government itself.

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