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INTERVIEW: COVID Vaccine Adverse Effects and Mortality

John Patrick Medved

In this special episode of ACR’s BOILER ROOM, host Hesher speaks with Andrew Medved and Cassie Yoder, the children of a man named John Medved, who has sadly passed away recently, and his family and doctors believe that his death may have been a result of his having been among recipients of the new Johnson & Johnson Covid shot. The discussion also covers the VAERS (vaccine adverse reaction) data in the US, and the potential for other would-be VAERS cases being missed and not included in official statistics. Cassie Yoder on Facebook adds here:

I looked through the VAERS database yesterday, directly linked to CDC website. The numbers I found are very alarming. I specifically searched cerebrovascular accident (stroke). Here are the number of reports of strokes post vaccine:

Janssen (Johnson & Johnson): 110
Moderna: 265
Pzizer/Biontech: 243

They update the reported events on the website every Friday. Which are highly under reported. If you’d like to review for yourself search VAERS database. I review through CDC Wonder. You click the CDC wonder. There are tabs at the top, go to Request Form, and enter the data you want to search. You can read the details of the event, the age, state, date vaccinated, date of onset, symptoms, medications at time of vaccine, etc. The J&J was paused because it’s causing thrombosis with thrombocytopenia, which is rare. I’m assuming there’s no way to contribute these cases to underlying health conditions or “coincidences.” Which is what’s happening to other reported events. I encourage you to review for yourself. You will learn really quick that we are the clinical trial.

Please share this important story to increase awareness and continue the fight for medical freedom and informed consent. Listen to the interview here:

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