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Data Shows Lockdown Increases Drinking, Smoking and Obesity

After one year of the largest social and economic experiment in human history, the data has now shown that government-mandated lockdowns are actually harming more people than any lives they were supposed to save. At no point have governments or their media cohort ever seriously discussed whether COVID-19 lockdowns would cause more harm than good to the population’s ‘health and well-being’.

In the US, of 50 states ranked according to the stringency of their lockdowns policies, it turns out that the more restrictive the state the worse the unemployment rate, as well as overall negative public health, social and economic indicators.

The downside to lockdowns in terms of actual public health outcomes is virtually endless; mental health disorders, suicides, increases in home deaths, critical care patients (eg. at risk from cancer, heart and stroke) discouraged from seeking normal in-person clinical treatment. It’s now proven beyond any doubt that lockdowns are causing long-term health harms from delayed treatment and investigations.

Little concern seems to be given to the widespread damage caused by an increase in junk food diets, home alcohol consumption, drugs, and cigarettes.

Patronage increased for unhealthy fast food eating establishments and so-called ‘convenience foods’ with an increase obesity levels and general bad health. This trend has also been driven by an increased dependency on deliveries.

Lockdown has also driven a massive increase in alcohol consumption and abuse, as people are drinking more at home than ever before.

Most shocking of all is data showing an increase in cigarette smoking. WebMD reporter Robert Preidt explains:

The pandemic’s spring lockdowns last year triggered an unwelcome side effect: New research shows more Americans turned to tobacco and nicotine as they struggled with boredom, anxiety and the disruption of regular routines.

Between April and May 2020, the study authors conducted telephone interviews with U.S. adults who use cigarettes or e-cigarettes. During the survey period, nearly 90% of Americans were under some form of state lockdown. At the time they were interviewed, all the respondents were voluntarily isolating at home unless they had to go out for essential reasons.

Nearly all of the study participants reported increased stress due to the pandemic — citing fears about the virus, job uncertainty and the mental health effects of isolation – and stress was the main reason for increased nicotine and tobacco use among the respondents.

The collateral damage is undeniable, and continues to mount by the day.

Even if the policies are ended today, the negative effects of lockdowns and various social isolation measures will extend well beyond the current period.

If the policy is a proven failure which does more harm than good, will politicians and the general public reconsider those policies.

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