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U.S. Data Reveals How Lockdowns Have Ended More Lives Than They’ve Saved

As self-preening politicians continue swooning over their own alleged pandemic achievement, few in mainstream politics or media have dared question the efficacy and harmful consequences of the unprecedented public health interventions we have seen over the last 12 months – and for good reason. What politician would ever admit they got it so badly wrong.  While TV doctors and public health mavens insist that the experimental lockdown policies have somehow ‘stopped the virus,’ almost no high-profile official is willing to acknowledge the mounting collateral damage suffered as a result of the experimental policy – including an unprecedented overnight spike in unemployment, the collapse of public education, a spike in child abuse, suicides, the new mental health epidemic, and also inequalities in intervention benefits.

Any serious questions about whether the interventions did anything to actually reduce the spread of the virus seem to off limits, with government officials only offering more guesswork and ornate computer models inferring the public health benefits of proposed interventions.

However, after one year, the data is now clearer than ever – revealing how radical interventions like lockdowns have only increased the very adverse outcomes they were supposed to prevent.

New York Post reports…

Now that the 2020 figures have been properly tallied, there is still no convincing evidence that strict lockdowns reduced the death toll from COVID-19. But one effect is clear: more deaths from other causes, especially among the young and middle-aged, minorities and the less affluent.

The best gauge of the pandemic’s impact is what statisticians call excess mortality, which compares the overall number of deaths with the total in previous years. That measure rose among older Americans because of COVID-19, but it rose at an even sharper rate among people aged 15 to 54, and most of those excess deaths weren’t attributed to the virus.

The Post’s report highlights how excess mortality has resulted from obvious lockdown-related factors, stating:

There was a sharp decline in visits to emergency rooms and an increase in fatal heart attacks because patients didn’t receive prompt treatment. Many fewer people were screened for cancer. Social isolation contributed to excess deaths from dementia and Alzheimer’s. Researchers predicted that the social and economic upheaval would lead to tens of thousands of “deaths of despair” from drug overdoses, alcoholism and suicide. As unemployment surged and mental-health and substance-abuse treatment programs were interrupted, the reported levels of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts increased dramatically, as did alcohol sales and fatal drug overdoses.

Moreover, the report dispelled the popular mainstream media myth that their were less road accidents because of lockdown. In fact, the opposite was true – and for reasons largely ignored by mainstream pundits and public health ‘experts’:

The number of people killed last year in motor-vehicle accidents in the United States rose to the highest level in more than a decade, even though Americans did significantly less driving than in 2019. It was the steepest annual increase in the fatality rate per mile traveled in nearly a century, apparently due to more substance abuse and more high-speed driving on empty road.

Martin Kulldorff, a professor at Harvard Medical School, said:

“Lockdowns have protected the laptop class of young low-risk journalists, scientists, teachers, politicians and lawyers, while throwing children, the working class and high-risk older people under the bus.”

More shockingly, the effects of the government’s disastrous lockdown policies aggressively promoted by officials like Dr Anthony Fauci, and billionaire vaccine financiers like Bill Gates, will continue to haunt American society:

“The deadly impact of lockdowns will grow in future years, due to the lasting economic and educational consequences. The United States will experience more than 1 million excess deaths in the United States during the next two decades as a result of the massive “unemployment shock” last year, according to a team of researchers from Johns Hopkins and Duke, who analyzed the effects of past recessions on mortality.”

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