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U.S. Federal Agencies Instructed to Now Use the Term ‘Biden-Harris Administration’

This week the White House codified into official policy henceforth the Biden Administration will be referred to as the “Biden-Harris Administration.”

Never before in history has a US President signaled the devolution of equal executive power to a vice president. Critics believe that this latest PR move is designed to ease the way towards the 78 year-old Joe Biden’s early departure from the White House, a shrewd maneuver by Democrats which gives additional credence to those warned before the election that a frail Biden is not in charge and was merely a ‘placeholder’ for succession of an unelected Kamala Harris or some other high-profile Democrat selection to assume power before the end of Biden’s first term.

Perhaps Biden’s decommissioning could come sooner than later. Already this week the White House announced it is now putting Harris in charge of the current border crisis which appears to be a direct consequence of Biden’s executive orders reversing all southern border and immigration containment policies put in place during the Trump presidency. Putting Harris as the front person for the migrant crisis could be a potentially risky tactic for the White House.

Host Tucker Carlson reacted to federal agencies being told to use term ‘Biden-Harris Administration’, as well as comment from noted historian Victor Davis Hanson. Watch:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue