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Democrats Admit Using National Guard to Compel Trump to Concede Election

Even before Trump assumed office in 2016, the political and media establishment have obsessed over one issue more than any other – demanding that Donald Trump admit his guilt by acknowledging and accepting their official ‘consensus’ narratives. Whether it’s fabricated tales of Russian hacking, Russian meddling (“17 agencies all agree, so what won’t you…”), Russian bounties, or most recently, official Washington’s assessment that the 2020 Election was complete fair and above board – Trump’s refusal to accept these narratives seems to be the one thing that continually draws the ire of Democrats. As political sins go, it is the most unforgivable.

During this week’s round of Impeachment struggle sessions in the US Senate, Democrats are once again railing against Trump, and let slip that they real reason there are still tens of thousands of National Guard troops occupying the Capitol – is because former President Donald Trump won’t recant his previous public statements, or publicly endorse their version of events.

We have truly entered a bizarre phase in American politics…

National Pulse reports…

Ted Lieu said the quiet part out loud, and perhaps has done more damage to the entire Democratic Party case to impeach President Trump than any other of his fellow impeachment managers.

Speaking on the floor of the Senate today, Lieu shockingly admitted:

[Trump] does not say that one sentence that matters. He does not say the one sentence that would stop future political violence: ‘the election was not stolen’. He still has not said that sentence. That is why National Guard troops in full body armor still patrol outside.

This is a leading Democrat impeachment manager admitting to the fact that the National Guard has been utilized for political ends, with a view to forcing someone to make a political statement. With a view to erasing someone’s opinion.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue