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Lendman: 2020 Election Most Recent Example of US Fantasy Democracy

Trump vs. Biden

An evocative commentary on what just happened and where things stand now…

By Stephen Lendman

First said in America’s early 1930s, the expression “we wuz robbed” echoed in various forms following losses in close sports contests.

Time and again, it’s been true as well about US elections at the federal, state and local levels since the early 1800s.

Electoral theft, coup d’etats by other means, have been commonplace throughout US history.

Today’s modern technology makes it easier than ever.

Cyber crime expert Stephen Spoonamore earlier explained that electronic voting machines “are brilliantly designed (to) steal elections.”

Losers can be declared winners and not just for president.

America’s fantasy democracy is flawed by design, the way it’s always been from inception.

Things are pre-scripted. Secrecy and back room deals substitute for a free, fair and open process. 

Party bosses chose candidates. Big money owns them. Key outcomes are predetermined.

Powers in charge of counting votes matter, not individuals casting them with no say over how the US is run or by whom.

This year, mail-in ballots are more important than ever. Around 100 million US voters exercised their franchise this way.

After Wisconsin and Michigan were dubiously called for Biden Wednesday night, he leads Trump by a 264 – 214 Electoral College margin — 270 needed to win.

Unless Trump team court challenges overturn results in one or more contested states — a long shot but possible — DJT needs to win the four remaining undecided battleground states for a second term: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada.

Here’s where things stand in those states:

Pennsylvania: With 89% of votes counted, Trump’s earlier near-double-digit lead narrowed to a 2.6% margin.

North Carolina: With 94% of votes counted, Trump leads Biden by 1.4% of the votes.

Georgia: With 98% of votes counted, Trump is ahead by a slim 0.4%.

Nevada: With 75% of votes counted, Biden leads Trump by 0.6%.

The popular vote count— that has no bearing on the outcome — has Biden ahead by around two points, a far lower margin than most polls predicted.

According to Federalist political editor John Daniel Davidson, Dems “are trying to steal the election in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania (through) vote counting irregularities.”

He maintains that Dems “flooded the election with millions of fake ballots…”

It “follow(ed) from the discovery that they LOST some 22 of 25 contested House seats, which would have been impossible had the ‘Biden voters’ voted the down-ballot races or a straight (Dem) ticket.” 

“This means they were predicting a Biden landslide,” but guessed wrong.

Wednesday evening, Trump led Biden in the above three states, especially Pennsylvania.

Overnight Wednesday, vote counts went “100 percent” for Biden, “zero percent” for Trump…not even one vote” for DJT.

Along with others like it, the following tweet was deleted by Twitter:

“So while everyone was asleep (overnight Wed.) and after everyone went home, (Dems) in Michigan magically found a trove of 138,339 votes…all…magically (for) Biden?”

According to Davidson, “another mysterious all-Biden vote dump happened in Wisconsin.” 

It let him erase a 4.1% Trump lead and go ahead, in the middle of the night getting 100% of the vote count.

Another deleted tweet noted that election day results showed the Biden camp how many votes they needed to defeat Trump in the above states — then magically created them in Michigan and Wisconsin.

In Pennsylvania, ballots received post-election in envelopes with no postmark are being counted.

Were they mailed or ballot-box stuffed by different means?

While a post-election assessment of Tuesday’s process remains to be made once results are finalized, what’s known suggests Dem shenanigans in play to replace Trump with Biden in January.

If things turn out this way — what’s likely based on results so far —it won’t be the first time a US presidential election was stolen, nor the last.

What dark forces in the country want, they get. In 2016, they favored Trump over Hillary. He won. She lost.

As things now stand, it appears that they want Biden/Harris to replace DJT.

Challenges by Trump’s team may delay the outcome for an unclear number of days or longer.

On Wednesday, lawsuits were filed to halt voting in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Ballot-counting in Georgia was challenged, along with a recount sought in Wisconsin.

Other Trump team legal action challenged voter identification procedures in Pennsylvania.

Chatham County, Georgia election officials were sued by the  Trump team, alleging that ballots arriving after the election deadline passed were counted.

Trump told supporters he won, his goal “to ensure the integrity” of the election.

Vowing to take his fight to the Supreme Court, it’s clear that if declared the loser to Biden, he won’t go quietly into that good night.

If Biden succeeds him in January — what’s likely based on results so far, but not certain given legal challenges and four undecided key battleground states — Trump will continue being a vocal public voice however things turn out.

A Final Comment

No matter which right wing of the US one-party state controls the White House and/or Congress, privileged interests will be served exclusively at the expense of ordinary people everywhere.

Wall Street, the nation’s military, industrial, security complex, and other corporate interests are winners every time US elections are held — Main Street losing out.

One more thing. If Biden replaces Trump in January, running-mate Harris may succeed him as president before end of his term because of diminishing physical and cognitive ability to lead the nation on the world stage.

Was that what Dems planned all along, as well as electoral theft to unseat Trump?

Historians one day will likely elaborate in detail on what’s known or believed so far.

In 1895, Chicago Daily News columnist Findley Peter Dunne used his fictional Mr. Dooley character to explain that “politics ain’t beanbag,” adding:

“Tis a man’s game, an’ women, childer, cripples an’ prohybitionists’d do well to keep out iv it.”

It’s clearly not for the fainthearted, not then or now.

Visit Stephen’s web site at stephenlendman.org or contact him at [email protected].

Also see his newest book as editor and contributor titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” www.claritypress.com/LendmanIII.html

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