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Ex-Hunter Biden Associate, Tony Bobulinski, Implicates Joe Biden in Shady China Deal

Following the exposure by the NY Post of Hunter Biden’s incriminating email cache, the mainstream media went into blackout mode on the story, and instead disingenuously labeled it as “Russian disinformation” in order to protect the Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, from risking any further scrutiny on the issue.

This deflective move has prompted a former business partner of Hunter Biden to come forward to tell the truth about the the Biden family’s hidden overseas business empire. Tony Bobulinski claimed in a recent interview that he had met twice with Joe Biden in connection to their Chinese business deal involving his son – despite the Democratic candidate’s denial of any involvement.

Bobulinski also revealed how he had been asked to head a deal between several partners including Hunter, Joe’s brother Jim Biden, with a Chinese energy company called CEFC. Bobulinski also said that Hunter Biden arranged for his father to meet him in May 2017 in Los Angeles during conference.

Beside deals done in Ukraine and China, he also reveals shady deals by Biden family syndicate in the former Soviet state of Kazakhstan, as well as similar opaque ventures in Romania, Luxenberg, and France.

Host Tucker Carlson recently spoke with Bobulinski to discuss his business dealings with both Hunter and Joe Biden. Watch:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue