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Election Meddling: Hunter Biden Email Scandal Censored by Silicon Valley to Protect Joe Biden

Could this be the October Surprise the Trump campaign has been hinting at for weeks?

After the New York Post released its story about a damning cache of emails from Hunter Biden, son of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, about his corrupt dealing in the Ukraine during the Obama Administration – Silicon Valley executives then made the unprecedented decision to censor the story across their platforms in order to protect their candidate.

Facebook has since admitted it intentionally throttled the story on its platform by labeling it “partially false.” Twitter blocked the story completely, claiming it was illicit and to allow the public to see it would be an ethic violation on their part. Twitter executives even went so far as to suspend the account of the NY Post – a major US newspaper carrying the story. They also suspended the account of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for sharing the story.

The Biden campaign has not contested the authenticity of the emails in question.

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This is a shocking level of meddling in a US Presidential election by Silicon Valley corporations – who are now directly intervening to prevent the public from seeing a proven factual news report, and one which is certainly in the public interest. Much worse though, partisan social media corporations are doing so to protect the candidate whose Presidential campaign they are financing.

One of the few mainstream broadcast television pundits talking about this story honestly is Tucker Carlson from FOX News. In this recent report, he lays out the particulars of this story and shows how systemic the corruption within the Democratic Party and Silicon Valley is – now an affront to a viable democracy in America. Watch:

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