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Statistician: ‘U.S. Officials Exaggerated Their COVID Death Toll’

It’s now June, and still a number of American states are still dithering on lifting their catastrophic ‘lockdown’ policies which have decimated their economies and severely damaged society. With each passing day, more experts are going on-record to state that senseless lockdowns are actually costing lives, not saving them.

Looking at the actual data, it’s clear that the overwhelming majority of the deaths have occurred in densely populated states such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Illinois. So why are so many other states still maintaining this harmful policy?

In fact, the government and mainstream’s campaign of fear has been so successful, that it convinced the public to adopt stringent ‘mask policies’ in mid May – a full month and a half after reported COVID infections had already peaked in late March.

Sky News Australia talks with American statistical consultant William M. Briggs who disputed the government’s official figures, and went on to easily debunk the official government fiction on COVID-19.

Briggs also showed how America’s gigantic death toll was grossly overblown.

“At first, it was dying from, you had to have this bug (COVID-19) and nothing else,” he said. “And then that was moved to dying with, which you had to have this bug among a whole range of other things that were probably going to kill you anyway.”

“The people dying of this have multiple comorbidities on average, other sicknesses,” said Briggs.

He also explained how “absurd” it was that the US Federal agencies and State governors had overreacted to COVID-19 “to an unprecedented degree.”

Watch this informative discussion:

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