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China’s New ‘Coronavirus’ Surveillance Grid: 24/7 Tracking, Big Data, Drones – A Permanent State

As the crisis matures in the West, many people, politicians and media continue to point to China as the gold standard now for ‘managing the pandemic.’ However, few in the West have stopped to consider whether China’s crisis management and authoritarian social control grid is really appropriate for democratic societies around the world. The Chinese model is now there for the world to see in all of its perceived glory and abject horror: a total surveillance police state with few civil liberties left, a color-coded system for its citizens through a ‘virus’ tracking app, digital immunity passports, and cameras and drones to monitor social distancing, with drones even barking instructions and warnings at persons spotted outdoors in ‘unauthorized gatherings’ – all in the effort to ‘fight the coronavirus.’  There are also cash payments designed to encourage people to snitch on their neighbors. Big data gives the government a real-time granular profile of each and every citizen, already with 200 million users and counting.

Shocking as all of this sounds, most of these measures are now being touted for roll-out in the western countries.

China’s ‘national monitoring experiment’ will not go away after COVID-19 is finally ‘contained.’ Rather, the measures will be permanent. Watch:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue