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Coronavirus Facts Over Fear: US, UK Gov’t ‘Experts’ Exaggerated Deaths by 131 Times

Amid the mass panic of the coronavirus, governments in the UK, France and the US automatically went for extreme lockdown measures, and then proceeded to voluntarily destroy their economies and societies. As it turns out, their scorched earth policy was largely based highly dubious “scientific” computer-modeled claims produced by a very small cadre of government-appointed experts.

So how just far off were the government’s hand-picked ‘science experts’?

Independent analyst Andrew Mather says…

“Imperial College Covid-19 Response Team are responsible for the 80% infected, 530,000 British deaths estimate that has sent the UK into lockdown. There’s only one problem: the worst hit province in the region in the world, Hubei, where the contagion is already over, would if translated to UK population generate only 3451 deaths. Italy, Germany, Norway are already at peak according to WHO data and have experienced Hubei-like levels of contagion. There is no possible ground for exaggerating the risk 131 to 148 times”

In short: before you buy into mainstream fear, always check the facts.

Watch the following video, published on March 28, 2020:


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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue