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Hafter in Libya: ‘Decisive Battle’ to Capture Tripoli is Imminent

Antiwar.com reports…

Eight months into Khalifa Hafter’s attempt to invade and occupy the Libyan capital of Tripoli, the general has given a televised address saying this is the “zero hour” for the battle, and that he believes his forces will capture the city shortly.

This is the latest of several attempts by Hafter, a former Gadhafi-era general and CIA asset, to complete a military coup d’etat that would leave him in power. The invasion of Tripoli has mostly stalled outside the city, despite substantial international aid, but it seems Hafter believes he can soon wrap up the protracted operation.

The UN-backed Tripoli government dismissed the talk, saying they believe the situation is “under control” and that defensive forces are holding in southern Tripoli. There is no report fighting is any heavier now than in recent days.

This raises questions about if this is a serious push or just another decoy attack, as Hafter has predicted “imminent” victory before in this offensive, only for nothing to come of it.

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