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BREAKING: Epstein Found Dead in Jail After Apparent Hanging Suicide

Today, accused billionaire financier and convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, 66, is reported to have hanged himself in his cell in New York City’s Metropolitan Correctional Center.

A statement from the Federal Bureau of Prisons reads:

Exclusive photos have been released by the New York Post showing paramedics transporting Epstein from the MCC to a local hospital unit:

Epstein’s story broke back into the headlines in July, after Manhattan federal prosecutors indicted Mr. Epstein with a raft of new charges, including the trafficking of girls as young as 14. He had pleaded not guilty, and a federal judge had denied request for bail or to be released under house arrest.

However, today’s latest shocking development comes immediately on the heels of something much more crucial: only in the last 24 hours, a large trove of unsealed documents were released regarding Epstein’s sex trafficking case – documents which name names, many famous and powerful names. Documents pertain to the deposition of victim Virginia Giuffre, which tells the story of how Epstein and close associate Ghislaine Maxwell kept Roberts as a sex slave for two years, pimping her out for “massages” and sex with powerful men. As a result, additional excruciating details came into public view regarding victims’ accusations claiming to involve a number of Epstein’s close elite associates including of New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Prince Andrew the Duke of York, former US Senator George Mitchell, financier Glenn Dubin, French modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, and the deceased MIT and leading A.I. scientist Marvin Minsky.

Back in 2008, he conveniently avoided any federal criminal charges after prosecutors brokered a controversial “sweetheart” deal which allowed Epstein to plea bargain and serve only 13 months in jail, and more importantly – which granted immunity to any co-conspirators named in the case. Other high-profile persons named in the course that investigation, as well as the subsequent release of Epstein’s flight logs to his private Caribbean Island, included former US President Bill Clinton, former Israeli PM Ehud Barak, and celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

As yet, it is unknown just how Epstein’s death will affect the overall legal prosecution going forward, and with so many high-profile persons now attached to this scandal, it’s obvious that there are many powerful and well-connected individuals and institutions who would like nothing more than to see this case buried. Epstein’s untimely death today will certainly help the cause of the rich and powerful, as there is no chance Epstein will give any witness statements or cut another deal to inform on any of other implicated parties.

Questions still remain about the timeline of today’s event. According to the New York Times, the Federal Bureau of Prisons would not immediately respond to their requests for comment. However, initial reports by ABC News indicate that the exact time of death is still unclear.

Details of his reported death are still emerging. A previous suicide attempt was reported two weeks ago in July, but media reports were ambiguous, with CNBC and others reporting that officials were not certain whether Epstein tried to hang himself – or if he was assaulted. At the same time, critics accused him of orchestrating a ‘stunt’ to gain sympathy in order to win release under house arrest. However,It is surprising then that today’s incident should occur – if indeed Epstein was assumed to have been on ‘suicide watch’ since the earlier incident.

Washington Post has just reported: Attorney General William P. Barr said Saturday in a statement that he was “appalled” to learn of Epstein’s death while in federal custody and that the incident “raises serious questions that must be answered.”

UPDATE: ‘Prison Neglect’

Already the mainstream media appear to be closing ranks on the official narrative, with most major media outlets deciding on the ‘prison neglect’ story. In other words, it is because the prison was understaffed and guards were over worked that allowed Epstein to seize his window to commit suicide under their noses. According to AP and other news wire services:

“Guards on Jeffrey Epstein’s unit were working extreme overtime shifts to make up for staffing shortages the morning of his apparent suicide, a person familiar with the jail’s operations told The Associated Press.”

“The person said that the Metropolitan Correctional Center’s Special Housing Unit was staffed with one guard working a fifth straight day of overtime and another who was working mandatory overtime. The person wasn’t authorized to discuss jail operations publicly and spoke Sunday on the condition of anonymity.”

These name talking points are being are being echoed now across the entire mainstream media spectrum – precluding any speculation that his death may have involved foul play.

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