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An Open Letter to Ilhan Omar, the Lioness Who Entered the Halls of Hyenas

Subax wanaagsan Congresswoman Omar, I am writing this open letter to you inspired by the courageous positions you staked out over the past couple of weeks. Let me preface this letter by telling you a bit about who I am, I am a former Obama uber-volunteer who fell hook, line and sinker for Barack’s brand of empty sloganeering that masked his pernicious domestic and foreign policies. I made a vow to never believe in another politician again; this is not due to jadedness but out of a wisdom that comes with age and experience. This is the understanding the school of hard knocks conferred upon me: no one is greater than the institution they serve.

However, given my reticence to believe in political personalities, I have been moved over the past month to rally to your side. Though the media-politico complex and the bipartisan Zionist caucus rushed to lynch you politically, their zest to silence you gave Americans an open look into just how much our government is owned by special interests and foreign actors. Allow me to express openly what you hinted at tepidly, AIPAC, along with a sea of special interests and moneyed lobbyists, have commandeered our Republic, nullified the “grand experiment of self-governance”, and turned the citizenry into impotent observers.

These moneyed interests are not just Zionists, who by the way are a perversion of Judaism, they range a gambit of religions and ideologies—all wedded by unadulterated avarice and their slavish worship of money.

By flogging you publicly, Nancy Pelosi and elected officials across the political spectrum showed their hands. They tried to mask their intentions by wrapping their feckless act with identity politics, but most of us know that their resolution against bigotry was actually a racist smear aimed at silencing you. Democrats are making it clearer and clearer—for those who have ears that can listen and eyes that can observe—that their party is a plantation that has perfected the art of using the pains of marginalized people to advance their own interests. In a lot of ways, the paternalism of Democrats is worse than the racism of Republicans.

The duopoly in DC is the beast Malcolm X was warning us about back in the 1960s. As Malcolm wisely noted, Republicans are like wolves and Democrats are like foxes; the former show their teeth to eat you while the latter show their teeth as they smile only to devour you like Republicans in the end. It is my hope and prayer that the “base” of Democrats, especially “African-Americans” who vote reflexively for team blue, snap out of their loyalty and seek the high ground of independence from both parties. In this way, what the Democrats did was a teachable moment, they showed us that they are neo-Dixiecrats who have perfected the con of sloganeering while they feed us to the wolves of Wall Street as they embrace and implement policies concocted by Republicans.

You have a rare opportunity to give a voice to a legion of Americans who have been driven out of political participation by the open hypocrisy and veiled mendacity of both Democrats and Republicans. Inshallah, you will pick honor over expedience. As a fellow refugee from Ethiopia, it has been a privilege to meet and befriend a lot of Somalians over my life. Here is one thing I know about Somalians: friendly as they are by default, they do not abide intimidation and they are defiant in the face of imposition.

The souls of my ancestors, who defeated would be colonizers at the Battle of Adwa, is alive and well in Somalia and throughout the horn of “Africa”.

I hope you listen to the spirit of non-subservience that is embedded in your DNA. Yet, as much as I have been inspired by your courage—to the point that I traveled to your office twice this week to say thank you and passed along a missive I wrote to Jeremy Slevin and your staff—I am nonetheless given pause by some perplexing decisions you made this week alone. After rightfully rebuking the meaningless “hope and change” trope of Obama and condemning his policies of endless wars and caging immigrants during his watch, you walked it back by saying that you are a fan of Obama. After Pelosi and company just crucified you with the bigoted measure they passed a couple of days ago, you go on to retweet her.

It says in the bible, and I’m sure this same wisdom is found in the Quran, that one can’t please two masters.

If your quest is to please political masters while honoring the master that is your soul, the end result will be to lose both. Democrats want nothing to do with you; they can’t wait to do to you what they did to Cynthia McKinney after she spoke out of turn and demanded justice for 9/11. In politics, lying is rewarded with cash and status but telling the truth is met with malice and bad press. If you go down the path of careerism, you will do a grave disservice to not only to your native land Somalia, a country that is suffering at the hands of global imperialism and neo-colonialism that is also bleeding my homeland Ethiopia, you will also squander the opportunity to speak up for the marginalized here in America and beyond. Failing a course correction, our only saving grace is for the rank and file who prop up the status quo to stop saluting chain of command and rally to the side of justice.

The issues confounding “Africa” are the same issues that impact us here in America and beyond. Corporatism and cancerous capitalism has indentured the whole of humanity with wage slavery while the very few live a life of opulence that makes the aristocrats who lived prior to the French Revolution look modest by comparison. Because hubris has no bounds and greed has no ends, I fear that we are headed down the path of either dystopian strife for the people or guillotine solutions for the powerful. This is the awesome responsibility before you: you have the chance to avert this fate that awaits us by using the platform you’ve been blessed with to give us an alternative.

I get it, I’m asking a young woman who has barely tasted life to ingest the bitter pill of sacrifice and potentially invite the same fate that was visited upon prophetic voices like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and a slew of truth-tellers who were silenced by the very establishment they spoke against. But Yeshua once said “whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it”. Do not take the easy path; harness the spirit of your ancestors and stand up to the principles of power who are trying to silence you.

I noted yesterday that they let a lioness into the halls of hyenas; roar and your pride—we the people—will rally by your side. Loath as I am to believe in politicians, if you choose daring over political correctness, what I did for the Obama campaign in 2008 will pale in comparison to how I will stand by your side. I am not alone in this, I am sure that I speak for an army of Obama staffers and volunteers who were mugged by the reality of Barack’s duplicity. It’s not just former partisans who desire a new day, the broader public—irrespective of ideology and identity—is thirsting for a different kind of leadership that can lead us out of the wilderness. Be that light and shine a path for the tens of millions of disillusioned Americans who yearn leaders who serve instead of being misled by the public serpents who abound the halls of power in the District of Caligula.

I was supposed to write part II of a two part article titled “Water for Fire”, the first part was published on Thursday. However, that article requires a lot of reflection and prayer for the words I articulate in them are not mere political talking points but my hopes and dreams for all of us. Moreover, I was moved by the cowardice of Democrats and the mendacity of the bipartisan Zionist caucus as they nailed you to the cross without saying your name. There is a reason I am repulsed by the camouflaged bigotry of Democrats more than the explicit racism of Republicans; better a foe who tells you that he hates you than a “friend” who puts his arms around your neck only to suffocate you in the process.

Irrespective of the fecklessness of Democrats and Republicans, in the end you came out victorious. Without realizing it, the establishment elevated your standing and amplified your voice. I pray that you take the opportunity they gave you not to be another vacuous political actorvist like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but to be a truth-teller in the spirit of Sojourner Truth. If you take the path of least resistance and decide to be a partisan sheepdog of the establishment, you will lose my support and that of millions of Americans who are inspired by your charisma, sagacity and tenacity. If you take the harder path and decide to become a voice of defiance, you will earn the support of the marginalized majority and in the process do something truly audacious.

You can galvanize a broad coalition that can reclaim our government, and the world by extension, from the hands of globalists, central bankers and capital imperialists who are bleeding our planet.

Inshallah, I pray you choose defiance over political expedience. As an Orthodox Christian, I pass this along to a devout Muslim like you. Yeshua, someone who I know Muslims have a deep reverence for, once said “greater things than I you can do”. We have the ability to change the world if we don’t constrain ourselves to the limitations of the status quo.

Let me pivot to the people, the huddled masses who are suffering the weight of economic anxieties or being mauled by indigence. We have a choice before us; we can continue being addicted to the reality show of politics, not realizing that we are the pawns who are being toyed with, or we can do something different. Stop falling for the catnip of the establishment, the idiocy of Donald Trump and the lies of his supposed opposition. Stop ingesting the poison of mainstream media. The change that we all want will NEVER come from the top; change will come from us or it will not come at all. That change is love and it starts from within and then spreads as we give it to others.

The status quo only has one source of weakness—unity. Let us put aside our differences, stop bickering with other broken souls, and unite for our sake and the sake of our children. Or else, if we keep this up, we will finally be made equal as we wait in line at soup kitchens—I speak from personal experience. Instead of sharing the drivel of CNN, the Washington Post or TMZ, use this write up to start a conversation where you live. Barack Obama once said that change starts block by city block until change arrives in America. He was a fraud who made it a practice to read words written for him; let’s start the authentic change and do so not with anger and bitterness but trough compassion and togetherness::

“Truth is powerful and it prevails.”
~ Sojourner Truth

Author Teodrose Fikre is the founder and editor of the Ghion Journal, and a former defense consultant was profoundly changed by a two year journey of hardship and struggle. Going from a life of upper-middle class privilege to a time spent with the huddled masses taught. An original version of this article was first published at The Ghion Journal.





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