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LAVROV: ‘You Don’t Need Mueller to Know Who’s Interfering in Venezuelan Elections’

IMAGE: US Neocons, led this week by VP Mike Pence, are trying to flex their regime change muscles in Venezuela, while being mocked by Russian foreign minister Sergie Lavrov.

Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov mocked the United States today in a statement which pointed out what election meddling really looks like.

Of course, Lavrov was referring to Washington’s regime change exploits in Venezuela – and a level of direct interference by the U.S. expressly designed to disrupt and destabilize the South American country. He went on the expose the complete farce of Robert Mueller’s ‘Special Counsel’ and investigation into the illusive ‘Trump-Russia collusion,’ now into its third year. He states:

The US, which is paranoid about somebody interfering in their elections, even though they have no proof of that, themselves are trying to rule the fates of other peoples. What they actually do is interfere in their internal affairs. There is no need for [US special counsel Robert] Mueller to determine that.

Earlier this week, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence delivered a bizarre bilingual TV address targeting Latin American audiences in the hopes of drumming-up political support for Washington’s choice to lead Venezuela, ‘opposition’ leader Juan Guaido, the president of the self-styled parallel government-in-opposition known as the National Assembly.” Pence issued his message of support for Guadio and urged Venezuelans to ‘take to the streets,’ assuring them that they will have the “unwavering support of the United States.”

Soon after, President Donald Trump also announced he is formally recognizing the unelected Guaido as the ‘legitimate president of Venezuela.’

The aggressive U.S. move comes just three weeks after Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro (image, left) was inaugurated for his second term. US-backed Guaido chose not to run in the election, claiming instead that he and other opposition candidates were “boycotting” the election. Oddly, Washington is using this opposition boycott as ‘proof’ that Maduro’s election was somehow illegitimate.

Maduro has retaliated against Washington’s open affront by announcing he will now break-off of diplomatic relations with Washington, and has already ordered that all U.S. diplomats and mission personnel leave Venezuela within 72 hours.


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