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Israel Attacks Damascus on Christmas, SAA Air Defenses Intercept ‘Hostile Targets’ Over Capital

REVEALED: Israel’s IDF Used Passenger Airliners as Cover During Christmas Day Attack on Damascus

Reports are still preliminary, but it does appear that Israel is once again in violation of international law, as it violates both Lebanese airspace and Syria’s sovereignty by launching another belligerent attack against Syria’s capital city of Damascus.

According to multiple reports including Syrian state media SANA, the Syrian Arab Army’s ground-to-air missile defense systems around Damascus were deployed against incoming targets.

Thus far, reports of any casualties in Syria are still unknown.

According to Israeli military sources, Israeli air defenses were then “activated” against anti-aircraft missiles coming from Syria to target Israeli jets. Israel claims no damage was done, nor any injuries to IDF personnel.

According to Syrianna Analysis, a Lebanese National News Agency reported that Israeli warplane flew at low altitude over the Sidon area south Lebanon, and proceeded to fire towards Damascus.


Watch another stunning video here showing of SAA defenses repelling incoming Israeli missiles.

Today’s Christmas Day attack by Israel is just the latest in what has become an endless string of air strikes and missile attacks against Syria during this 8 year-long conflict.

As a general rule, Israel will neither confirm nor deny its aggressions against neighboring states, so expect the same thing with this unprovoked attack against Syria. Typically, Israel will justify such strikes as targeting either Iranian or to Hezbollah targets or weapons caches – although Israel has never presented any evidence to back up its arbitrary targeting policy.

Trouble in Tel Aviv

Why is Israel risking the bad optics on by attacking multi-denominational Syria on Christmas Day? Pundits are speculating at a few possibilities.

After his failures in Gaza, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is desperate to regain his credibility as Israel’s strongman. This latest desperate move by Israel comes on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that Netantuyu’s fragile coalition government has fallen apart, forcing a call for new elections scheduled for April.

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Also, Trump’s recent announcement of pulling US troops out of Syria has angered many pro-war Zionists who were expecting the US to maintain its illegal occupation of northeastern Syria in order to prop-up the shaky Kurdish ethno-state project which Israel sees as its long-term strategic footholds in both Iraq and Syria, but also to justify the existence of Israel’s own European settler state in the Middle East.

Watch footage of Syrian air defenses in this video highlight clip from Syrianna Analysis:

21st Century Wire Syria Files




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