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(VIDEO) CHIPs Akbar: Dubai Police Unveil New ‘Hoverbike’ – But Can’t Get Lift-off

Its almost science fiction, only it’s not quite off the ground yet. If they can make it work, Ponch and Jon may be getting a run for their money as the Emiratis attempt to make the highway patrol cool again.

Dubai police are pushing the envelope on this new idea: the new Hoverbike S3 police vehicle – designed to skip over highways, roads and walls.

However, during a recent flying lesson, technicians were struggling to get lift-off for more than a few seconds. Not only that, the officers legs seem to be dangerous close to the vehicle’s propellers spinning at dangerously fast RPMs. Perhaps the tech isn’t quite there, or the police dept will have to start recruiting shorter, lighter officers built like jockeys. Watch:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue