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VIDEO: Facebook, Twitter, Google Intentionally Suppress Conservative Content

With all the public furor about Cambridge Analytica the corporate media and political establishment has extremely careful to avoid mentioning the role of the George Soros-funded radical left-wing political organization Media Matters in data mining and advising social media monopolists on how to restrict content on their platforms under the cover of “fighting fake news”.

As it turns out, there is a clear, politically bias agenda which governs Facebook and others censorship algorithms. What these companies are doing is actually illegal and unconstitutional according to US law, but Washington’s corrupt political management class are afraid to hold Silicon Valley accountable – because the two parties are working together to the same authoritarian ends. Watch:

See the full Leaked document from Media Matters:

Diamond and Silk congressional hearing here (full version):

For clarity, https://www.statistia.com was used to get current data on the number of users on various social media platforms and nothing else.

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