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20 Things to Remember About Russia’s Takeover of the USA…

Teodrose Fikre
21st Century Wire

Those damn Russians! How much longer are we going to abide their continued maliciousness. At what point are we going to say enough and stand up to these insidious gangsters? To count the number of times they unleashed heinous plots to destroy America and kneecap the people would require a team of mathematicians armed with spreadsheets. If Putin and his associates were to be indicted for the ways they have exacerbated social inequalities in our country, the evidence would need to be trucked by the boxful.

For the sake of brevity, I’m going to list 20 developments in the past ten years alone where Russians went out of their way to hijack our democracy and poured gasoline on the fire of corruption that is consuming our nation. Consider the following:

  1. Remember when Russians bailed out the criminals who bled our country and told their victims to kick rocks?
  2. Remember when Russians rigged the primaries to favor Hillary Clinton?
  3. Remember when Russians said “let’s see how this plays out” while protesters at Standing Rock were getting brutalized by the police?
  4. Remember when Russians gave $14 trillion to Wall Street by way of Quantitative Easing and Zero Interest Rate Policy which were actually massive wealth transference schemes?
  5. Remember when Russians passed a $1.5 trillion tax cut that favored the very wealthy while tacking on debt that our children will have to pay for?
  6. Remember when Russians passed a supposed health care bill that was really a kiss to Big Pharma and Insurance companies by forcing Americans to be customers of a broken for profit health scam corporations?
  7. Remember when Russians kept starting wars for the sake of oil and to enhance the fortunes of the military-financial complex instead of investing those trillions to fix our country?
  8. Remember when Russians spied on Americans by collecting metadata through telecommunications and internet companies?
  9. Remember when Russians purged voters during the New York primaries?
  10. Remember when Russians deported a record number of immigrants and demonized Muslims?
  11. Remember when Russians kept shooting unarmed “black” men like it was a turkey shoot?
  12. Remember when Russians made the prison-industrial complex a cash cow by reinstituting slavery through penal codes?
  13. Remember when Russians refused to take care of homeless veterans after they came back from wars broken by PTSD?
  14. Remember when Russians refused to prosecute one banking CEO who fleeced tens of millions of Americans of their life savings?
  15. Remember when Russians codified the extralegal assassination of US citizens and combatants alike without a hearing?
  16. Remember when Russians poisoned people in Flint, Michigan?
  17. Remember when Russians allowed corporations to flood our elections and our government as a whole with billions of dollars which effectively nullified our votes? #RememberWhenRussians Click To Tweet
  18. Remember when Russians kept forcing treaties like NAFTA and TPP which wrecked our economy and enriched corporations at the expense of workers?
  19. Remember when Russians passed one economic policy after another that allowed the vast majority of wealth to go to the 1% while our incomes regressed?
  20. Remember when Russians turned America into a pyramid scheme?

Oh, right, that was OUR GOVERNMENT.

It is a lot easier to point at manufactured bogeymen than it is to look in the mirror. Don’t let politicians and pundits in the media-politico complex fool you, our enemy is not external, the enemy is greed and it’s killing our nation from within. If you are tired of hacks in the media and our elected officials parroting the Russia line, use #RememberWhenRussians on social media and come up with your own list of heinous actions committed by our own government.

Patriotism is not parroting the talking points of politicians and pundits; patriotism is demanding better of your government and standing up to corruption when you see it.

Author Teodrose Fikre is the founder and editor of the Ghion Journal, and a former defense consultant was profoundly changed by a two year journey of hardship and struggle. Going from a life of upper-middle class privilege to a time spent with the huddled masses taught.

An original version of this article was first published at The Ghion Journal.

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