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American McCarthyism: Neocon Warhawks’ Plan to Kill Antiwar Dissent in Media

21st Century Wire says…

After 12 months of perpetrating one of the greatest political hoaxes in history – blaming Russia for the Presidential victory of Donald Trump – the Washington establishment is now wanting to take the lie to the next level by sanctioning not only Russian international media outlets, but any media outlet (see one of their guide lists here) who dare to violate the mainstream party line on the US war agenda by broadcasting to an America audience… forcing them the register as “foreign agents” under the FARA Act of 1934.

CrossTalk says: “The television station you are watching now and the Russian news agency Sputnik may find themselves in legal jeopardy in the United States. The drive to designate both as foreign agents under the “Foreign Agents Registration Act” is disturbing and dangerous. It would seem those in power decide who can freely speak.”

Host Peter Lavelle is CrossTalking with guests Scott Rickard, Neil Clark, and Alexander Nekrassov.

Watch this incredible discussion on how Washington is degenerating into a paranoid NeoMcCarthyist den of political scape-goatists – whose chief aim is to shut down any dissenting voices against America’s policy of endless war around the globe:

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