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Zakharova Slams CIA Chief Pompeo: Stop Making Up Anti-Russian Fiction

21st Century Wire says…

With the ongoing hysteria constantly spouting from the American mainstream media about alleged ‘Russian meddling’ in the 2016 election which saw Donald Trump elected as president of the United States, the world is still awaiting a single shred of real evidence to support the establishment’s conspiracy theory. To date, none has surfaced. 

“The intelligence community has said that this election was meddled with by the Russians in a way that frankly is not particularly original. They’ve been doing this for an awfully long time, and we are decades into the Russians trying to undermine American democracy,” CIA chief Mike Pompeo told MSNBC’s Hugh Hewitt in an exclusive interview that aired Saturday, June 24.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, has made a noteworthy response to Pompeo’s comments.

via Russia Insider


“We could not but take note of and comment on the June 24 statement by CIA Director Mike Pompeo during his NBC interview. The statement dealt with Russia’s alleged long time attempts to undermine the American democracy and meddling in the US elections. It appears that in his opinion Russia’s longtime attempts to undermine the US democracy have culminated in the interference in US elections. As we know the issue of Russia’s meddling in the election process has become a favorite media story and an obsession in the United States. This story has been adopted by anti-Russia propagandists. This issue continues to pick up momentum and is mentioned in statements by officials who are trying to accuse Russia of engaging in unlawful actions but who have failed to produce any evidence to date.

We would like to remind them about some outstanding pages of US history. Unlike the Americans, we have real facts at our disposal, and we know what we should focus on. It is common knowledge that since the early 1990s the United States had voiced its intentions to establish a Jeffersonian democracy in Russia. But the very fact of setting such a task completely runs counter to the ideas of Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the American nation and democracy. All of us know he called for respecting various forms of government, chosen by other nations and said the United States would not impose its will anywhere. He was mistaken. Thomas Jefferson referred to the idea of dictating the form of government to an independent country as arrogant, brutal and outrageous.

It appears that the ideologists of the present-day America have very poor knowledge of their own history and the foundations of their statehood, if the concepts of “exporting democracy” and “humanitarian intervention” have become their favorite method for conducting an aggressive foreign policy as part of their national concept. For decades, dozens of countries all over the world have been suffering from US-imposed sate system formulas they are trying to equate all countries under one and the same pattern, without any consideration for what makes each of them unique. This policy and experiments cannot be called harmless. In the past few years Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Ukraine have fallen prey to this concept. Needless to say, al-Qaeda in all its manifestations, ISIS and other radical terrorist groups of all religious denominations evolved on the fertile soil created by the Americans and in fact often were the brainchildren of these forces.

Generous financial injections in the form of projects and grants through numerous foundations and NGOs is another “grey zone” through which the United States has been trying to influence political processes all over the world for many years. Russia virtually tops the list of these allocations. Various government and non-government organizations, including the Peace Corps, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute and many other similar agencies, have been planting their agents for decades in order to penetrate the Russian political establishment and media community and to influence public opinion. According to some sources, the US has spent 5 Billion dollars for these purposes in the 1990s alone. It is very strange that, while making such statements, Mr. Pompeo forgets that many decisions stipulating the allocation of funding were approved by his own agency. It is strange that Washington forgets the fact that in the run-up to the 1996 Russian presidential election, the Federal Reserve bank delivered $500 million in cash to the US Embassy in Moscow under a far-fetched pretext of avoiding frenzied demand during the exchange of old $100 notes. Operatives from the CIA’s Moscow Embassy station, headed by Michael Sulick, virtually slept on the money bags, while guarding them. Foreign-made cars delivered small batches of money from the Embassy to certain individuals.

Who did the US sponsor using this money? I believe we will also learn this someday. I do not mean our assumptions, everything is clear here… Well will know the specific names, dates and so on. Here are only a few examples of diverse US activities aiming to undermine stability in various regions worldwide and in those areas that are not ready to follow American instructions. We are in no way demanding that Mr. Pompeo should stop his rhetoric because this is in the realm of fiction. One should simply understand that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We are ready.”

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