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SYRIA: Washington, Tel-Aviv and Riyadh Working Hand in Hand to Prevent Arab Unity

Syrian army south
Syrian Arab Army. (Photo: For Mother Syria Facebook page)

Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, Political and Media Advisor to Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad

Do you remember the main objective that was announced by ISIS in Syria and Iraq? Was it not the creation of an ISIS state in the region between Syria and Iraq? Wasn’t this the main purpose of its presence in Anbar, Mosul, Raqqa and Deir, along the Iraqi-Syrian border, and to cut off the means of communication between these two countries?

There have been many stories about a Kurdish state that communicates with Kurdistan, about the possibility of similar states in Turkey and Iran, and of other readings promoted by the makers of a project and its planners within the Greater Arab Spring project. Today, after Syria and its allies have taken a strategic decision to focus on fighting to open up the Iraqi-Syrian border, this will be reflected positively on Syria and Iraq economically, politically, and culturally.

After both the Syrian Arab Army and the Iraqi People’s Army have won important victories to achieve this goal, what happened?

United States and Israel, began to bomb the forces of the Syrian Arab Army every time the Syrian Arab army and its allies get close to defeating the terrorists in these areas.

The Syrian army has developed a plan and followed a path that leads to any point of contact with the Iraqi brothers. The United States took a step further and installed missile bases in the Syrian south, using its agents from the Arab Spring revolutionaries to target the Syrian army and try to prevent it from communicating with Iraq.

The question is: who wanted to establish a separation state between Syria and Iraq to ensure that these two countries do not communicate? Obama and Hillary? Secret documents recently released by the CIA revealed that it was US intelligence that asked Saddam to mobilise his soldiers on the Syrian border and weaken Hafiz al-Assad.

At the request and approval of the United States, Saddam was the first supporter of terrorist Muslim Brotherhood gangs in the early 1980s, who attacked Syria and tried to overthrow its government and replace with an American-friendly one.

The other question is how could ISIS pull out of Raqqah without fighting, while the popular liberation forces in Iraq are still fighting in Mosul for months. This is happening because the United States wants to hinder the liberation of Mosul in accordance with its own interests while it wants to handover Raqqah to loyal forces.

It is becoming clear that American political goals are to dominate the region and plunder its wealth. The United States has been seeking to preserve and develop it for its own benefit for decades. It uses various tools from the Muslim Brotherhood, gangs and supporters to the reactionary regimes.

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies are at the heart of these equations.

One of America’s aims is not to allow for real territorial contiguity between the two countries until Jordan becomes a homeland for the Palestinians, Jerusalem becomes the capital of Jewish Israel, and Egypt and Saudi Arabia are divided into marginal weak states.

Hence, we also conclude why no Security Council resolutions have been applied, which provide for the accountability of States or parties that finance, arm and facilitate the transit of terrorists.

There are videos showing the role of Israeli and American officers in the leadership of terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, and we no longer need proof. The only beneficiary of this sinful Wahhabi terrorism, which, for six years now, has wreaked havoc in our land with corruption and murder, is the Zionist enemy and the American administration.

The same thing applies to the recent developments in the Gulf. These include the sale of the islands of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia, which the Israelis applauded and considered that even fifty years later they got their revenge against Nasser, who closed the Tiran straits in the face of Israeli ships, which was followed by the 1967 war against the Arabs.

The causes of this unjust war on Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya are crystal clear. It is indisputable today that the United States and its allies in the region are the sponsors and allies of terrorism. The axis of the resistance and its ally Russia are working to defeat this terrorism.

There is no doubt today that the battle fought by the heroes of the Syrian Arab army, the Syrian people and their allies and the high prices paid by each of the martyrs and wounded, are the price paid for independence and freedom.

It is enough to ask questions about the root of terrorism, and enough questions about the reasons for what is happening: the causes are old and modern; the Zionist domination of the entire Arab region and the plundering of its wealth.


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